おかやまマラソン、実行委が設立総会=岡山県〔地域〕/ 15日吉備線開業110周年祝う

おかやまマラソン、実行委が設立総会=岡山県〔地域〕/ 15日吉備線開業110周年祝う

Tour of the citizen participation type full marathon is inaugural "Okayama Marathon" in November next year, Executive Committee of the Inaugural Meeting was held in the prefectural government. In greeting Yue Munetaka Akira chairman (San'yoshinbunsha chairman) includes a "sport of force, to bring the dream and pride in residents, leads to increase the love of local", and emphasized the significance of the tournament.

General Assembly to, about 50 people, including Italian wood Ryuta governor and Omori Masao Okayama Mayor attendance. Such as courses and schedule, I was confirmed the implementation plan of the convention.

In addition, as a special ambassador to PR the tournament, I was appointed the Arimori Yuko native province in the medalist of the Olympic women's marathon.

Ihara tree governor stressed that "It's a great opportunity to introduce the province across the country. Want to detonator to make healthy the province". Omori mayor also said that "I want to work hard hard for success".

Okayama marathon held in next year November 8. In the course set over the attractions of the city, and are expected to participate from outside the prefecture of about 15,000 people.




I celebrate the 15th Kibi Line opened 110 anniversary

JR Kibi Line April 15, marks the opening 110 anniversary. In an attempt to Moriageyo the celebration mood, commemorative Executive Committee to make in the public and private sectors of Soja City, expand the preceding events, such as photo exhibition in the city outside. 15 days opening anniversary, I unfold the main events in Soja Station whole area.
Preceding events, commemorative exhibition, photo exhibition, 3 pronged of Painting. Memorial exhibition, being held on a street corner local museum of the city Soja. Wayside stations of new and old station building of the photo, the ridge-end tile of the former East Soja Station beginning, the museum and railway enthusiasts have exhibited about 250 points holdings.
Once it branched from Bitchū-Takamatsu Station, and Inariyma line that carried the worshipers from the top Inari, the old China Inariyma funicular railway (cable car) which had signed the main hall and the inner shrine also introduced in the map and photos. Asano Tomohide director (54) speak as "want to feel the weight of 110 years". Up to 30 days. 17, 25 days is closed.
Photo exhibition until the 15th, has been held in Soja Station and Bitchū-Takamatsu Station. Posted divided the 94 points were the public "that day" the theme to the two stations. Soja 70 points that captures such as steam locomotive which runs up the smoke are aligned in the station, the city's women (73) is the smoke gets into your eyes and opened the well and went out. Window to Okayama in "steam locomotive it was not a recall "and nostalgic.
Painting exhibition, Tenmaya Happy Town ribs Soja shop of commercial facilities for up to 82 points 14 days that children drew the theme of Kibi Line (city Kadota), is the 15th overhangs Soja Station.
Kibi Line 1904, opened as China Railway Kibi Line. Has signed a 20-4 km of currently Okayama? Soja, it has been utilized as foot of commuting.
Main event is at 3:00 on the 15th 10:30 - morning and afternoon, held in Soja Station whole area. Ceremony or "Mamatetsu blogger" Toyooka Masumi's and the original manager Minamida Yusuke's talk show, there are such as the sale of memorabilia. Folk Tales trains are operated.
Soja Chamber of Commerce youth part of the query execution Commission Secretariat (0866-92-1122).

岡山市消防団が小型ポンプの部で優勝 全国消防操法大会
Won the National Fire Misao method tournament in Okayama City Fire Orchestra of small pump part

A small pump parts of was held earlier this month on the 8th in Koto-ku, Tokyo "24th National Fire Misao Law Competition" (sponsored such as Fire and Disaster Management Agency), Okayama City Fire Brigade of county representatives won.

The tournament because of the exaltation of technology improvement and the morale of the national fire brigade, has been held once every two years, this was attended by 24 prefectures. Winner of Kensei is Following the victory of the pump car department of Wake Fire Brigade of March 20, 24 fiscal year, the third time.

Italian wood Ryuta governor announced the comment that such "" Amid growing residents of expectations for safety and security ", the pride of the county fire department in truly gratifying thing that has raised a great performance."
岡山市消防団が小型ポンプの部で優勝 全国消防操法大会







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