岡山県で「ご当地グルメフェスティバル」開催 - 肉料理29分食べ放題も

岡山県で「ご当地グルメフェスティバル」開催 - 肉料理29分食べ放題も
Okayama Prefecture "Gotochi Gourmet Festival" is held - also meat dishes 29-minute all-you-can-eat

In Okayama Prefecture Tsuyama Tsuyama Castle (Kakuzan park), you can enjoy the your local gourmet Tsuyama "autumn of Tsuyama Castle! 2014 Gotochi Gourmet Festival (http://pocketbusiness.jp/mypage/?=6&v=1844&p=0&type= 0 & mc =) "will be held. Dates are November 22 to 23, until 9:30 to 15:30.

○ Tsuyama hormone udon and ramen Kagamino also

In the same event, beautiful fall foliage to enjoy autumn of Tsuyama Castle (Kakuzan park) in Tsuyama of various Gotochi gourmet taste to things. Cow hormone and udon involving "Tsuyama Hormone Udon", easily taste of ramen "Kagamino ramen" of salt soup, wild yam with plenty "Yamakake Udon", addition of such a condensed taste of cow "Tsuyama Zeng shear pot", booth that can be enjoyed by all-you-can-eat variety of meat dishes for 29 minutes is also opened.

In addition, a collection of Tsuyama specialties "Tsuyama local products Festival" also held at the same time. JA Katsuhide-Saku-shu black Promotion Committee of "cattle skewers, black people tea, black bean flour ice" or, "gelato" cherry Daigo, is Niino Yamagata life Exchange Group to exhibit "YokoSen rice with red beans, Ohagi-Tuna miso", such as "wild boar pot" or "grilled meat of wild boar and deer meat" of Makio shops, Desorou is diverse product.

Furthermore, in addition to know 10:30 "Tsuyama Castle exploring tour" is performed, and established the "Chibikko Square" throughout the period. Twice o'clock 11:00 to 12:00, 13 of November 23 to 14 in the stage, "Mario Music Live" will be held.
岡山県で「ご当地グルメフェスティバル」開催 - 肉料理29分食べ放題も

岡山県津山市の津山城(鶴山公園)で、津山のご当地グルメを味わえる「秋の津山城!2014ご当地グルメフェスティバル( http://pocketbusiness.jp/mypage/?=6&v=1844&p=0&type=0&mc= )」が開催される。開催日時は11月22日~23日、9時30分~15時30分まで。





横溝正史の恩人に光 倉敷であすからイベント「巡・金田一耕助の小径」

横溝正史の恩人に光 倉敷であすからイベント「巡・金田一耕助の小径」
"Small diameter of Meg Kosuke Kindaichi" from tomorrow in light Kurashiki to benefactor of Seishi Yokomizo events

Mystery writer to represent Japan, from the 22nd in Kurashiki Mabi district that had been evacuated during Masashi transverse groove (1902-81 years) is war, unfolds event "Meg Kindaichi small diameter of Kosuke" is. Sixth year of this time the original teachers were involved in the birth of a masterpiece such as "Gokumon-to" in the benefactor of transverse grooves, one (Hitoshi) Mr. Kato (1909-95 years) I shed light. Special exhibition that took up the friendship of the masters will be held.

Transverse groove Showa 20-22 years evacuation in Okada village of previous inaugurated Mabi pre-merger and Kurashiki. Because of the extreme motion sickness, not be outing to collect subject of novels, and inflated the imagination from such as "tradition of uneven society" which was heard in Shuseki of the neighborhood residents, and was working on creative activities.

The name detective, Kosuke Kindaichi to debut "honjin murder" is '21, announced during the evacuation. The stage is set and the riverside village of the old post town adjacent (at that time), the depiction of the scourge of the field also remains description reminiscent of the evacuation home.

Gave the most impact on the creative was Kato. Kato has Manabeshima the work experience of Niimi and Kasaoka off the coast with a limestone cave, the story is and gave a big hint to the epic birth of after such as "Village of Eight Gravestones" "Gokumon-to".

Kato was a big reading who has also read the initial lateral grooves work, I believed to have strengthened the sense of intimacy with each other. Place the transverse groove on the bike, even memories that you transfer to the barber of Mura-gai has been introduced in the lateral groove after the death of the memorial Proceedings.

Lateral groove is followed by friendship with Kato after bellflower, in January-October 1970 all 10 volumes of "Seishi Yokomizo Complete Works" (Kodansha) were sent to Mr. Kato. Scrawls had been placed on the inside front cover with each volume. Amihon Yoshimitsu's Kasaoka staff, known as "Kindaichi Mania" (54) "in Kato's opener, I read in multiple memoirs and Kindaichi series did not. I think of the benefits is also evident from the letter addressed to Mr. Kato" I as possible says.

Kurashiki this year's "Meg Kindaichi -" "benefactor of Seishi Yokomizo and evacuation era, Kato, one" special exhibition at (22 days to next year January 25) held at the same evacuation home. Display about 20 points to center the related books (including not for sale), such as the complete works.

Kato's son of the daughter-in-law, Hisae's century (75) has said, "as if to elicit a more untold story from the father-in-law, a little regret. Gift from the transverse groove teacher want to cherish as a family heirloom."

"Meg Kindaichi -" is on the 22nd of the first day held the "1000 people of Kosuke Kindaichi". Fans dressed in character of Kindaichi and works, to march the Mabi district with the aim of the evacuation home. Such as paper recital of works transverse grooves on the 23rd, related events are scheduled during the period.
横溝正史の恩人に光 倉敷であすからイベント「巡・金田一耕助の小径」










<月の輪古墳>歴史見つめ生き方探る 「真実を」戦後と今、重なる心 岡山映画祭であす2作上映 /岡山

<月の輪古墳>歴史見つめ生き方探る 「真実を」戦後と今、重なる心 岡山映画祭であす2作上映 /岡山

history staring explore way of life "the truth" after the war and now, overlaps mind tomorrow two albums Screening / Okayama in Okayama Film Festival

About 1 Misaki-cho, people participated thousands Iioka of "Tsukinowa tumulus" excavations of documentary film (1954, 29 minutes) from researchers to elementary school with, documentary film 22 days followed the officials this summer, Kita-ku, in it is the first time simultaneous screenings in Okayama Film Festival being held. Ogawa Takao's Film Festival Committee who served as the director of the documentary (61) "excavations, values have changed dramatically after the Second World War, many people have been made to the era that was looking for a way of life. We but you are talking that it might be of even a hint "to think about now.

Tsukinowa mound, fourth century late around the circle mound (diameter of about 60 meters). Clay image (Haniwa) is placed to triple the stone floors slope, found the grave goods such as a plurality of ashes and bronze mirror and sword.

After the Second World War, the old Iioka village residents is "I want to rebuild the wounded village in war. Different from the idea to proceed to war, you want to know the true history of the village," said the researchers at Okayama University consultation the investigation of the ancient tomb. Workers of farmers and nearby Yanahara mine, elementary school students from a wide range of generations of human sympathy beyond the position, and took part in the excavations.

Record movies, or many of the scholars and residents is to discuss the learning meetings, chasing a like figure to the excavation work in Takebera, go wearing the power to grab the "children with their own hands (of history) truth I tied in the words of as is ". Been screened through such schools across the country, that saw more than 500 million people.

This year, Ogawa, who was planning a documentary film, Tsukinowa ancient tomb is in the '53 born that has been excavated, has been involved in such as movies of voluntary screening in the prefecture. I think the "documentary film of the era, which became possible after the war to free expression is, wants to reflect the reason that attracted a large audience", and the concept documentary. Itself served as a director, I began shooting.

Title is "journey that starts from cinema trip movie" Tsukinowa tumulus' "(62 minutes). Other residents of the excavation, was also featured youth group that emigrated to the next-Mimasaka of Misaki-cho, as "one of the new way of life now that half a century from the excavation". Emigrated from Okayama City representative, Fujii Yuya-san (27) also has the experience was singing in residents were called "Tsukinowa choir".

The location in Mimasaka of June this year, and screened the documentary film in the parlor of share house where some of the young people to live together. About 10 people I've taken a figure which tells such impressions. Mr. Fujii et al., "Re-discover the history of the region in the excavation, probably was looking for its own way of life," he said, such as. Ogawa "can not be the same approach as the excavation at the time, those that overlap with the mind that at that time people were cherished, and the in or not has led to new dreams Mimasaka of young people challenge" feels.

Screenings from 22:00 3:00 pm, Okayama City Museum (Motomachi Kita Ward Station). The day of admission is 1300 yen. 60 years of age or older 1000 yen, university and vocational school student 800 yen, 500 yen teenagers, such as elementary school or less free. Inquiry movie-related goods store "adventure of the movie" (086, 252, 7606).
<月の輪古墳>歴史見つめ生き方探る 「真実を」戦後と今、重なる心 岡山映画祭であす2作上映 /岡山









岡山城に現代アート=岡山市 /イオン駐車場 開業時は料金高め

岡山城に現代アート=岡山市  /イオン駐車場 開業時は料金高め


「イオン駐車場 開業時は料金高め」では、なく「イオン駐車場 開業時は料金かなり高く」がいい!
(回遊性・自転車を推進している岡山市(岡山県)だけに未来に向けて、人にやさしい「心も晴れの国」になりたい。 岡山駅中心部に車が集中し、渋滞するのは、好ましいことではない。 周辺までマイカーで、公共的な乗り物にのるという「世界基準の都市」に挑戦して欲しい。渋滞しては「晴れの国 岡山」になれない! 晴れの街、晴れの「イオンモール岡山」になれない! ぜひ、検討して欲しい!)

(イオンモール 店舗内の 駐車場 )
開業1週間目は、・・・・・・・・1時間 1万円
開業2週間目から3週間は・・・・1時間 5千円
開業3週間目から4週間は・・・・1時間 3千円
開業2か月目からは・・・・・・・1時間 千円

という具合の「メッセージ性」を出したほうがよい。(世間状況を見て、「値段は徐々」に下げる という風にして欲しい。 おそらく、「宣伝効果(全国ニュースにもなるだろう! ワイドショーも取り上げるだろう! 批判もあるかもしれないが・・・! )」もあるだろう! 値段を下げるのは、どのタイミグでもできるはず・・・。)その分、公共交通利用の増加を増やしたい。

(イオンモール 店舗内の 駐車場 )
開業1週間目は、・・・・・・・・1時間 2千円
開業2週間目から3週間は・・・・1時間 1千円
開業3週間目から4週間は・・・・1時間 500円
開業2か月目からは・・・・・・・1時間 300円
道路の交通渋滞ほど「迷惑な話」はない!  (これだけ、渋滞が予想されているのであれば・・・)

Modern Art = Okayama City in Okayama Castle

Exhibition to showcase contemporary art in the center city of Okayama City "IMAGINEERING (Imagineering)" is being held until December 25. Ping pong table that has been exhibited before the castle tower of Okayama Castle in the mirror tailoring, while the sight of the castle tower that reflected on ping-pong table, it's work that you can play the actual table tennis.
Exhibition, the exhibition city of apparel manufacturers, the 20 points, including the country's first exhibition from "Ishikawa Collection" to holdings Ishikawa Yasuharu Mr. Cross Company President. JR and along the road leading from Okayama Station to Okayama Castle, so that it is possible to watch for free at schools of the site in the peripheral Doshiro.
"IMAGINEERING" will, imagination and (imagination) in the coined word that combines engineering the (engineering), "and making full use of imagination, to realize a better future" that the message has been put that.
One of the exhibition, the social experiment by Okayama, which aims to migratory improvement of the central city area. The December 5, at JR Okayama Station "Aeon Mall Okayama" is open plan, Omori Masao mayor has said, "to encourage the migration, I want to connect to the activation of the entire central city area".


岡山 後楽園.jpg
イオン駐車場 開業時は料金高め

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