Geishun preparation steadily in Okayama Prefecture temples

As will be happiness Oki one year?. Each temples and shrines of Okayama Prefecture cleaning preparations and precincts of good luck before the New Year, is promoting the Geishun preparation and installation of Shimekazari.
Okayama, Kita-ku, Takamatsuinari best Inari in length about 12 meters staff was handmade of, Decoration in the main hall a large rope weighs about 1 · 5 tons. Sweeping of precincts to greet the prefecture most of Hatsumode customers also go to elaborate. Kibitsu Shrine of the same Kibitsu also I proceed with the preparation of awarding offices and bill of temporary to pass such charm.
In the same Ishizeki the town of Okayama shrine Hisayama Shintaro rights leek (Gonnegi), Miko-tachi mounting the Emma to Hamaya, I went a final check of the presence or absence of scratches and dirt. Hisayama rights leek have said, "such as natural disasters was the hope to become a little gentle one year".

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ネットやスマホ 適切な使い方議論 岡山 倉敷

ネットやスマホ 適切な使い方議論 岡山 倉敷

Net or smartphone appropriate use discussion

The second meeting of the 25th of the student volunteers of all 26 junior high school of Kurashiki City is discuss the appropriate use of the Internet and smart phones "Kurashiki children meeting" (City Board of Education sponsored), was held at the city hall. Toward the resolution of problems such as long-term use of cyberbullying or smartphone, held of whole school debate rally, students themselves, such as production of enlightenment video devised, practice to have initiatives were announced from 5 junior high school.
Higashinaka is on you talked net benefits, disadvantages in each class, held a discussion meeting of the whole school. Smartphone is a scene in which the rules ask the need or? Pros and cons, etc. is allowed to intention displayed set a color paper of red and blue to use, touch the point where all the discussion has been devised that can participate, "consciousness with their problems is growing I was reported to have ".
During middle and Kotora Shimotsui is summarized skit about information morals to enlightenment video, screened at the venue. North and Central, while the south was introduced the results of a questionnaire on the net use of reality that was carried out jointly.
Attendance centered on a total of 63 people the student council. Participation each school is to explain the activities and future policies in handouts, was information exchange. Tsurajima culmination 2 years of women's (14) said, "unique efforts of each school they were very helpful. I want to incorporate from the possible ones."
Meeting, opened the first meeting in July to try Engaging Our children of proactive efforts to troubleshooting. Plans to put together a "child declaration (tentative name)" on the net use in the final meeting to be performed in three semesters.
ネットやスマホ 適切な使い方議論

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クリスマスに「イオンモール岡山」を考える  “黒船イオン”の翻意  地方経済、対立から共生へ 

クリスマスに「イオンモール岡山」を考える  “黒船イオン”の翻意  地方経済、対立から共生へ


(注意: 現状の状態である。未来は、変わる可能性はある。)

どこかで、聞いたような・・・ そうか 「アベノミクス」「安倍ノミクス」と同じ構造があるかもしれない。
アベノミクス トリクルダウン.jpg


Hon'i local economy of "Black Ships ion", to symbiosis from conflict

Ion is multiplied by the company's prestige, I opened the city Station shopping mall in Okayama. Ions which are ridiculed and Black Ships from local business community, for inclusion in a big way is "regional coexistence". Success or failure in Tianjin, the divine also to the future of the regional cities of the future.

December 5 hectic atmosphere began to drift into the town of Shiwasu, to JR Okayama Station, commercial facilities newly opened that dominate the topic of this place local residents.

"Aeon Mall Okayama". There from the east exit of Okayama Station Shinkansen stop at just a 5-minute walk, total leased area in the two-storey above ground 8 basement is 92,000 square meters. Ion of huge distribution group, it's a large shopping mall for the first time in earnest maker in the previous station of regional hub city. Before opening the 7300 people were without a matrix.

That day, was lined with eminent members in opening ceremony which was held at the hotel. Okayama prefectural governor and Okayama Mayor on stage one after another, I will continue to showcase the speech that was hopefully to the ion Mall.

Then, in the ceremony, there was originally also figure of was not the person in attendance list. Okada bundling ion group Motoya president, but that person.

The attendance of President Okada was decided just a few days before the opening. Okada president himself not only decided to attend the ceremony, also on a document of greeting that read aloud at the ceremony, plus his own hand.

"Aeon Mall in Okayama, was born also 65 stores employment of local businesses Contains .4000 people"

And was stressed that until then rework, it was a contribution and cooperation to Okayama economy.

In the vicinity of Okayama station, there are three commercial agglomerations roughly.

The first is, the station area centered Takashimaya, consumer electronics retailer of Bic Camera, the "best city" in the underground mall department stores. Here, there is also a shopping street of the region called "Station mall" in local.

Second, Omote-machi shopping street in the east from the station about 1km. In the heart of the era that flourished as a castle town of Okayama Castle, is here local capital of long-established department store, Tenmaya also. And the third is, but Hokan-cho shopping district in the west across the station.

Aeon Mall Okayama is in the right direction out of the east exit of the station. Hokan-cho, and shopping district of west entrance, not to mention the Omote-machi shopping street with a little distance, even in the same east exit station area, if the "best city" of underground shopping center that is directly connected to the ion, with the exception of ions from the station the flow of people towards the is different from that of Takashimaya and Station shopping district.

"If we ion, or not than will be no people from other regions." Immediately after the opening of the ion has been published, such concern was strong.

Of more normal times "earthmoving"

Black Ships invasion ──. When the ions to advance to the district, this expression has often been used. The ions that have built a huge facility Japan, seen from such local mall and destroyer of the local economy, because was not less likely antagonize.

Of course, there is no possibility that the ion itself so far showed hostility to overtly local merchants. But, as this time of Okayama, also true that never showed the friendly relationship with the local.

The Takeda Hisakazu general manager in charge of coordination with local has Okayama filled, the two and a half years before the opening. Normally, ion mall is to be opened in about one year from the planning of store openings, over the more than twice the time in Okayama, it has been the earthmoving.

"Does not mean it was relationship and people of local shopping street, from the beginning," Let's shake hands, "" and Takeda general manager recalled. But it has deepened patiently relationship with local officials.

Himself Okazaki bilinear ion Mall president born in Okayama, visit the local for many times consultation. From another municipality chiefs who had promoted the store opening plans in the past, "executive class is not come even once, there was no good faith" and is sometimes referred to as the attitude, it seems to have differed greatly.

The glimpse consideration to the region, it's congestion measures. Okayama Station is due to the narrow, one-way many roads, easy congestion occurs. Ions, from the pre-open period intended for the local residents, has been repeated publicity to the effect that I want you to refrain from coming to a store in private cars.

Junko Fujiwara who visited the ion to December 5 the official opening (58 years), If you come by car at the time of the "pre-open, I'll I had been careful went by train, if possible. There is also parking fee are, speak and "just because it may be congestion.

Both Okayama prefectural police and Okayama City Hall, discuss countermeasures from about two years ago. Parking several places of municipal, in addition the customer to the mall has to be able to use, and provide such services to the shipping if shopping for more than 10,000 yen free. I made a mechanism that is easy public transport.

"Big traffic jam did not see. I want to thank everyone of media and stakeholders." At a press conference held on the first day of opening, Okazaki president of Aeon Mall said so very beginning.

Aeon Mall Okayama, store configuration also a different color. Of the 356 stores of specialty store in the mall, 65 shop Okayama Prefecture of companies. In other words, less than 20% of the total and it comes to local businesses. But can not be stated for not taking out the the "local ratio" do this in other facilities, ion official also opened number of local businesses, that's a size not in the percentage of the entire past of.

This time, ion why was blurring the consideration of the local up to here. Detailed background the company has been forced to make a decision, please refer to the special report of the Nikkei business December 22, 2014 issue.
“黒船イオン”の翻意  地方経済、対立から共生へ 

























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