<2014衆院選>きょう岡山4区予定者討論会--倉敷市民会館 /岡山

<2014衆院選>きょう岡山4区予定者討論会--倉敷市民会館 /岡山

岡山4区 いいね

倉敷青年会議所 で実現! 倉敷のパワーを感じる!

よい政治家が生まれる 予感?!
<2014 election> Today Okayama 4 wards prospective debate - Kurashiki civic center / Okayama

Kurashiki Junior Chamber one day, open a public debate by the House of Representatives Okayama fourth arrondissement of candidacy prospective in Kurashiki Hon Kurashiki civic center second floor of. This Liberal Democratic former Takeshi Hashimoto that ran expressed by (40), moral Mr. Yuzuki democratic former (42), Kakiuchi Yuichi Communist rookie (50) attended, consumption tax and energy policy, diplomacy , or express opinions on the theme of such fiscal reconstruction, and for example, to question the other attendees.

6:45 Doors open afternoon, the 7:20 opening. Admission is free. Up to 300 people first arrival.
<2014衆院選>きょう岡山4区予定者討論会--倉敷市民会館 /岡山





<2014衆院選>あす公示 政策訴えに疾走 各陣営、「本番」に向け /岡山

<2014衆院選>あす公示 政策訴えに疾走 各陣営、「本番」に向け /岡山

House of Representatives election is advertised two days. 29 and 30 both days, which became a weekend of public notice immediately before, each candidate plan's towards the "election production", complained of a policy in the street and gatherings.

◇ 1 district

Ichiro Aisawa's Liberal Democratic former participated in such encouragement rally by alumni volunteers. "Although there are fair wind and headwind in the election, and what the House of Representatives lawmakers overcame tempered are" Aizawa Mr. braced with. Takashi Takai of Restoration Genshoku also open the meeting on the 29th, I eager to be "of the original Democratic I want to be a detonator of opposition reorganization by which ran from the Meiji Restoration." Mukuya plover's communist newcomer, energetically tour the election wards in Sound truck, complained that "even though is not only a part of the large companies benefited in Abenomics, is funny to impose the burden of consumption tax increase" .

◇ 2 wards

Liberal Democratic former of Takashi Yamashita the 30th, held a national briefing that led to medical personnel. "The thought of the site where you will tell, I want to play a role to convey to the National Assembly" to about 80 participants he said. Democratic former of Keisuke Tsumura Mr. 29 and 30 both days, appeal the policy in the event to attend beside Sound truck of regions such as Eastern District and Tamano. Complained that "the investment in health care and child care rather than the public business." Communist rookie of element Inoue 30th, such as the House of Councillors Mr. lawmakers Sohei Nihi cheer narration "to stop the consumption tax increase" and was soapbox.

◇ 3 wards

Liberal Democratic former of Toshiko Mr. Abe and workshops of support groups, efforts to Aisatsumawari etc. Tsuyama and Nagi. Takeo Mr. Hiranuma the next generation of former 30th, Tsuyama city of election meeting, it faces the uprising rally in North Ward, I put the force is "I want to fight respectable as new party" set a such as the enactment of voluntary Constitution. Kuniaki Mr. Komatsu communist newcomer stood to the streets in such Bizen and Akaiwa, complained of such as primary re-running opposite.

◇ 4 wards

All three of candidacy scheduled 30 days showed a face to it was Mizushima green Fukuda park in Kurashiki "Kurashiki agriculture Festival". Liberal Democratic former Takeshi Mr. and Yuzuki moral Mr. democratic former Hashimoto, after attendance is aligned to the opening ceremony, was around to be shaking hands with "work hard you" while handed out flyers that such policy has been written. On the other hand, Kakiuchi Yuichi's communist newcomer, had been devoted to shake hands and "do not know flyers to distribute in the event is read."

◇ 5 wards

2 people candidacy prospective, the Tour of the broad constituency from mountainous areas to sea, was the office opening and pep rally. Katsunobu Kato of the Liberal Democratic Party former is to the election for the office opening in Kasaoka city on the 29th, attended the caucus of support group in Takahashi city. 30th I have revolves around the Soja. Bimi Yoshiaki Mr. communist rookie 29th, propaganda activities around Asakuchi city. 30 days to open the uprising rally in Takahashi city, was sued policy in Yakage town.














AMDA, international contributions overlaid '30

International Medical Volunteers "AMDA" (Headquarters, Okayama, Kita-ku, Ifuku Town) is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year founded, celebrate Kai the 30th, was held in Okayama. Attended by about 470 people from such cooperation organizations at home and abroad. It has continued in disaster affected areas and conflict areas around the world to reflect on "international contributions of Okayama departure", vowed the leap.
One of the call who had organized a meeting, Ohara Museum of Art's Kenichiro president Ohara (Kurashiki Central) is "a lot of comrades from all over the world gathered is testimony AMDA has been continuing it only activities. Tied with the same aspirations ask want "and greeting in the talk opportunities people have. Omori Masao Okayama mayor was also encouragement that "I want to walk with the aim of 100th anniversary to breast the noble mission".
Shigeru Suganami representative of AMDA Group and determination "I want to continue the activities as mutual aid of our mission to keep up to spread the idea. The" Getting Help when the spirit of Japan that is each other-sama "becomes a common sense of the world." said. Slide photos to introduce the activities are also screening, attendees were back on nostalgically.
AMDA is, Suganami representative was founded in 1984 "Asian doctor Liaison Council" will begin. Is NPO Incorporated in 2001, it became the current name. Activities to deepen cooperation with doctors overseas to each succeeding, currently, there are overseas branches in 30 countries and regions in Asia. Dispatched the doctors and nurses in nearly 70 countries so far. It has worked in the business of more than a total of 160 items to medium- and long-term projects such as education and peace building from emergency medical support.

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イオンモール岡山 ついに完成!356店舗が入る巨大モール、大半が岡山初出店 /イオンモール岡山がプレオープン

イオンモール岡山 ついに完成!356店舗が入る巨大モール、大半が岡山初出店

ここに注目!  東急ハンズ、H&M がいい

ここに注目!  「イオンモール岡山」内の高島屋「フードコーナー」がいい!

ここに注目!  グルメの充実度がスゴイ!飲食店舗総数66! がいい!

ここに注目!  「岡山一番街」も面白い!

ここに注目!  オシャレな「イオンモール岡山」から親密になれる「商店街」めぐり


イオンモールに高島屋?! 他社施設に初テナント 岡山

Aeon Mall Okayama pre-open

JR Okayama Station south of a large shopping center (SC) · Aeon Mall Okayama (Okayama, Kita-ku, Shimoishii) is the 29th, pre-open (soft-open). In an attempt to catch a glimpse of the SC of the largest in Shikoku, which was born in the entrance of Okayama Prefecture Metropolitan, a large number of families et al packed from the first day.
As well as pre-open have them around on buying in early-site to nearby residents, opening of December 5 and towards the (grand opening), the objective is to carry out such as an employee of hospitality training and traffic induction of inspection. Period until the 4th.
This day neighbors et al one after another visit that received the invitations, clothing and miscellaneous goods, carefully evaluating a chef in the floor, such as food. Restaurant Street at lunch time, was able to matrix in each store. Friends and the city, Naka-ku visited, housewife (34) had said, "it but was going to the preview charming shops a lot, bought clothes and cosmetics. Order to enjoy slowly at family".
8 basement second floor above ground, floor space 92,000 square meters. Out of 356 stores of tenant Okayama Prefecture first foray is 238 shops, local businesses accounted for 65 shops, a cinema complex (multiplex cinema) and multi-purpose hall, a local TV station studio, also nursery. Development management company of Aeon Mall (Chiba City) to set the prefecture throughout the trade area, it is aiming to attract 20 million people a year.
The company of SC in the domestic 140 stores first in Okayama, location is the first to Terminal Station before the ordinance-designated city. The company in order to avoid traffic congestion, has called for even the use of public transport during the pre-open period.

周辺道路 公共交通機関を使ってね.png
Aeon Mall Okayama finally finished! 356 store enters huge mall, most of Okayama first opened

West's largest ion Mall to open in December 5, 2014 Okayama (Okayama) is November 28, was premiered in the facility for the coverage. I will deliver early pair its appearance before the grand opening.

◆ Lots appeared in Okayama first opened, new business!

One of the points of interest as Okayama first appearance store, H & M, large stores such as Tokyu Hands. And established the recommended corner on the theme of "re-discovery where local is nice" in the Tokyu Hands. Selection of has been collected local items, local businesses of Okayama Prefecture has gathered 356 specialty stores, including 65 stores, Okayama Prefecture, first opened 238 stores.

◆ adequacy of gourmet is awesome! Food store total number 66!

The food court all 13 stores gathered, approximately 800 seats. There are 39 stores in restaurant district, the scale has become the Shikoku largest middle.
Bonito bashing specialty stores and black pig cooking Japanese and likely lost Would you like to which a variety etc. Chinese, Thai food from such. Such as Honolulu coffee, also has been enhanced cafe. Food store total number in the entire including a food court, restaurants, cafes ※ 66 stores!

◆ The television commercial facility! ? Japan's first attempt

In addition to the shopping zone, the ion Mall Okayama to create and disseminate the culture "Okayama future Hall", Japan for the first time of the "OHK Okayama Broadcasting" that fall within the commercial facility studio and also entered the office, of program production of feature all have gathered here.

Furthermore from haremachi Studio of ion mall own net television broadcasting stations (Halle Machi studio), I will be calling in the video information in the Okayama of information Mall.

◆ The break-healing spot is rich! Rooftop greening

The hotel is released feeling is lined with shops in the center a huge atrium from the first floor to the fourth floor is referred to as the "future Square". First floor also such events can be held in the square, you can be viewing from each floor (above).

And on the fifth floor and a roof garden called "haremachi Garden (Halle Machi Garden)". Upper floors you are cafes and eateries are made so as to surround the courtyard, there are many shops that can eat while watching here.

In addition, the wide wide shopping the middle of a break space to place throughout the hotel (bench) is has been installed, that the number also in 1100 seats in the Central. Each has a theme, taste I enjoy the different atmosphere.

Meal from shopping, healing, and my polish, entertainment ... everything is aligned to cause ion Mall and Okayama. Those new goods and local is clogged tightly, I was very fulfilling.
イオンモール岡山 ついに完成!356店舗が入る巨大モール、大半が岡山初出店




おススメ 「東急ハンズ」






さらにイオンモール独自のネットテレビ放送局の haremachi Studio ( ハレマチスタジオ )から、岡山の情報・モール内の情報を映像で発信する。





そして5階には「haremachi Garden(ハレマチガーデン)」という屋上庭園が。上層階はこの中庭を囲むようにカフェや飲食店が作られていて、ここを見ながら食事ができる店も多い。




イオンモールに高島屋?! 他社施設に初テナント 岡山


 タカシマヤフードメゾン岡山店は「みんなの デパチカ」がテーマで、デパートの地下食料品売り場をイメージ。西日本初の出店で、売り場面積約1900平方メートルを5つのエリアに分け、高級食品やカフェ、生鮮食品、スイーツなど31ブランドを展開する。

 ベーカリーカフェ「フォション」や横浜中華街の中華総菜「重慶飯店 GIFT&DELI」など百貨店初の10ブランドのほか中国地方初の2ブランド、岡山県初の7ブランドなどをそろえる。初年度売り上げ目標は20億円。


コックス/「ikka LOUNGEイオンモール岡山店」、12月5日オープン

イオングループのコックスは12月5日、JR岡山駅直結のショッピングモール「イオンモール岡山」2階に、「ikka LOUNGE(イッカラウンジ)イオンモール岡山店」をオープンする。

<ikka LOUNGEイオンモール岡山店>
ikka LOUNGEイオンモール岡山店

「ikka LOUNGE」業態として中四国地区への初出店。「ikka」のブランド10周年に際し誕生した新業態で、京都桂川店に続きこの度の出店で6店となる(ZOZOTOWN店含む)。







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<2014衆院選>  衆院選、岡山県は14人出馬予定 /5区 保守基盤、揺るがず 自共、初の一騎打ちに /岡山


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House of Representatives election, Okayama Prefecture 14 people ran plans

47th general election will be advertised on December 2. The ruling and opposition parties 9 party enters the election campaign of 12 days towards the 14 days Tokaihyo, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe (LDP) economic policy "Abenomics" the continuation of the Come other, debate Tour of the such as security policies and primary re-running me unfolds. Small constituency 295, for a total of 475 seats in the proportional representation 180, 1150 people than is scheduled to candidacy. Since December 2012 the last election, it is the referee for the first time in two years.
Okayama prefecture 5 small constituency of the House of Representatives election, scheduled for candidacy the least 14 people in the current system. It is a few fierce battle is completely changed from the last time that 19 people lined up in the most past ran. Breakdown of the Liberal Democratic Party five, Democratic two, Ishin one, the next generation one, communist five.
LDP, communism is made a candidate to all small constituencies, Democratic abandoned the fielded in the first time all five wards since founding of 1998, and squeeze in district 2, 4. Restoration to compete in District 1, the next generation stand in District 3.
District 1 is the Liberal Democratic Party before job, Restoration Genshoku, three-way battle of communist rookie. Both 2,4 district in the Liberal Democratic Party before job and democratization of the proportional former showdown, is involved communist newcomer. District 3 is the Liberal Democratic Party of proportional former to the next generation before positions, challenge the Communist rookie. 5 wards at the prospect that becomes the first duel, the Liberal Democratic Party before jobs and communism rookie contest.
Hiroshima Prefecture ready 22 people in 7 small constituency. Breakdown of the Liberal Democratic Party seven, Democratic three, Ishin one, three next-generation, communism seven, independent one. 6th district is centered on the battle of independents former and the Liberal Democratic Party of proportional former aiming the 13 election, composition, which was sprinkled with communist rookie. 7th district in the Liberal Democratic Party before job, the next generation of proportional former and democratization, each rookie of communist challenge.
Poised 9 helpful ran the 3 small constituency of Kagawa Prefecture. Breakdown of the Liberal Democratic Party three, two Democratic, Communist three, Social Democratic one. 1, 2 district LDP, axes former confrontation democratic. Communism is all small constituencies, Social Democratic rookie is to run for District 3.

<2014衆院選>5区 保守基盤、揺るがず 自共、初の一騎打ちに /岡山







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岡山「もんげー」が全国区? 「妖怪ウォッチ」きっかけに

岡山「もんげー」が全国区? 「妖怪ウォッチ」きっかけに

Okayama "Mon-ge" is national constituency? The "specter watch" opportunity

Okayama Prefecture of dialect which means "great", "Mon-ge" is, but name recognition of national constituency among children even though not likely to be used in the local. Such as games and anime started when I appeared in the "specter watch" in the popular Ken began to take advantage of the PR, "Why this word?" And also go up calm voice in the local.
According to the Okayama Prefecture, originally dialect of limited areas, now at least be in the ear, when you say, "amazing" is that most able to use the "Day rate" and "Bokkeー".
One of the Characters in the specter watch, specter of top dog "piece-san" in the dialect tone, the emit a "Mon-ge" was received in a child when I was surprised. Has created the game "level five" (Fukuoka) is set to "scenario writer was devised in order to to is charming character". Catchphrase that Okayama Prefecture you gave an eye on popular devised dialect seems also as "Mon-ge Okayama!". Logo to make, was available to anyone.
岡山「もんげー」が全国区? 「妖怪ウォッチ」きっかけに

コマさん もんげー.jpg

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・マイブログの【設定】 > 【広告設定】 より、「60日間更新が無い場合」 の 「広告を表示しない」にチェックを入れて保存する。