ベネッセホールディングス 約300人削減へ 

ベネッセホールディングス 約300人削減へ 
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Benesse Holdings, in response to that performance is deteriorated in the outflow incidents of personal information in the subsidiary, as part of the rationalization measures, clearly Island plans to reduce the approximately 300 people of personnel in the entire group during the current fiscal year was.

When announced in you more, Benesse Holdings, among full-time employees who are about 2 million people in the entire group, we have to reduce the approximately 300 people in the form to recruit voluntary retirement by next March.
In the Benesse, and personal information is flowing out of the approximately 40 million persons in the Benesse Corporation of the subsidiaries, and business performance, such as from such that it has postponed the new operating activities, the prospect of the final profit or loss of the year to next March is deficit but I'm worse.
For this reason Benesse is intended to carry out the reduction of personnel as part of the rationalization measures, since of the the 1955's solicit voluntary retirement establishment, has been that it is for the first time.
Furthermore Benesse, and integrate the sector, such as general affairs and personnel of certain approximately 40 companies in the group companies, reduced to half the personnel of this department did on restructuring, we have a cell placed converted to such future, nursing care business growth is expected. Benesse the future, from the fact that costs swell to security measures related to personal information, is the idea that you want to measure the improvement of business performance through the review of a series of rationalization and business structure.



時論公論 どうする? 情報セキュリティ技術者不足

時論公論 ベネッセ事件・個人情報保護制度の見直しを
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<2014衆院選>14人、論戦スタート 前回選より5人減 /岡山

<2014衆院選>14人、論戦スタート 前回選より5人減 /岡山

House of Representatives Okayama District 1 candidates first word

Two days election has been advertised, candidates of Okayama Prefecture 5 small constituency raised the first word before the supporters in such election office. As of remark contents of the following each candidate of Okayama District 1. (Notification order. Career name, main title, the final educational background, the order of the current address)
■ High Takashi candidate (the Meiji Restoration, former)
Continue making this remains primary, or to the country that must be to go to war. In life temporary employees, pension is also not get, and how to can not be put also society in nursery school. I want to be your option of "no". Party of Restoration is to achieve regulatory break regional sovereignty reform and central government. Now is opposition to Daidodanketsu, we must again made the regime change possible two-party system. Changed the country of institutions and regulations, in order to happy town Japan Okayama, I want you to lend force.
IT company president ▽ Tokyo Daikei ▽ Okayama
■ Mukuya staggered candidate (communist and new)
It's election asking two years of the Abe administration. If me to large corporations and the wealthy to the burden of reasonable enhancement and economic recovery of social security can be realized. Re-tax increase to 10% of the consumption tax should be stopped rather than postponed. Peace is also threatened. Japan at an exercise acceptance of the right of collective self-defense is to become the country to war again, might young people are sent to the battlefield. It is time to make a referee of war no. Primary re-operation is also opposite. Fukushima still suffering from radiation contamination. Aim the primary zero.
And · to Mukaida zigzag
Party Okayama district woman director ▽ Itami Kita-daka ▽ Okayama
■ Ichiro Aisawa candidate (LDP-ago)
Two (2) years from the regime recapture of New Komeito, I've been doing in Japan economic recovery. The yen is correct, stock prices soared, were hired also be improved. But, deflation's mid-way. And to postpone the hike to 10% of the consumption tax rate, go to real economic regeneration in deregulation and fiscal measures. I create a situation in which people of salary to work hard in the provinces of small and medium-sized enterprises is increased. With all your force to diplomacy and security, pension, medical care, nursing care also stabilize. Like to ask the support so that it can be overwhelming victory in the constituency.
Aizawa Ichiro
Former House of Representatives member Steering Committee length ▽ Keio carpenter ▽ Okayama

House of Representatives Okayama District 2 candidates first word

Two days election has been advertised, candidates of Okayama Prefecture 5 small constituency raised the first word before the supporters in such election office. As of remark contents of the following each candidate of Okayama 2 district. (Notification order. Career name, main title, the final educational background, the order of the current address)
■ Yamashita Takashi candidate (LDP-ago)
One this time of dissolution is said that there is no cause, but my cause that grew up in Okayama. Abenomics, ie thing bring to Okayama the growth potential of Japan. Okayama local representative players. Okayama is not well and Japan is not well. When viewed from the Tokyo not where it was blessed enough Okayama. Local creation to deploy the Okayama to model. Although become really tough fight in a large battle, firmly to collect the thoughts of everyone, I want to do my best to desperate as to be delivered to the national.
Yamashita Takashi
Lawyer ▽ Tokyo Dafa ▽ Okayama
■ Keisuke Tsumura candidates (Democratic-ago)
Abenomics Although the two years was promoted rose is price is set a deflation, wages of workers not keep up with inflation, pension for the elderly was reduced. It's one that people's lives will be painful. I want to change this trend Now. Protagonist of aging era elderly and children. Was converted to Abenomics, and focus on social security and child care support by citing the country, it is necessary to generous investment in people. And won a small constituency, you want to raise the beacon of two-party system regeneration.
Tsumura & Keisuke
Former Cabinet Office Parliamentary Secretary ▽ Tokyo Dafa ▽ Okayama
■ Inoue element candidate (communist and new)
This election that country's politics and political parties of the way is being questioned. Consumption tax hike is allowed to once and for all stop, go make a financial resources that do not rely on consumption tax. Rather than Abenomics that spread disparities and poverty, and to be converted to economic policies that support the livelihood of the people. Is not allowed to absolutely be fed the people on the road to war. I promote a dialogue in peace diplomacy protect Article 9. I should reconsider also politics and money problems. I want to send out to the National Assembly in order to discourage the dirty politics.
Inoue Motoko
Original Tamano City Council ▽ Nihonshakaijigyodai social welfare ▽ Tamano

House of Representatives Okayama District 3 candidates first word

Two days election has been advertised, candidates of Okayama Prefecture 5 small constituency raised the first word before the supporters in such election office. As of remark contents of the following each candidate of Okayama District 3. (Notification order. Career name, main title, the final educational background, the order of the current address)
■ Toshiko Abe candidate (LDP-ago)
Candidacy and of aiming a fourth term. Come and let me win a small constituency. Medical, pension, but there is a welfare and various problems, is to support the social security's job creation is the best. May remain not even people if there is no work. Now, small farmers are you observe the hilly and mountainous areas, which account for most of the country. Only in Japan city does not hold. But between regional Okayama District 3 also Nakayama, but as there is no that because the remark force drops to say that few people, we work hard towards the local creation with everyone.
Abe · Toshiko
Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Deputy Minister ▽ Illinois State University Graduate School of ▽ Tsuyama
■ Komatsu Kuniaki candidate (communist and new)
And to stop the consumption tax hike and politics that has been promoting the nation-building that war, you want to convert to politics hope can have in the future. Even in wealthy and large enterprises to ensure the financial resources in the tax reform that seek the burden of fair share, to achieve a breakthrough in the enhancement and financial crisis of social security. Has spread anxiety on the lives of the elderly in the reduction of the pension. Stop using reduction, you want to raise the level. Contact evacuation life continues even now in the nuclear accident in Fukushima. Re-running of the nuclear power plant is not allowed. If mobilize the voice of public anger, politics is changed.
Old pine Kuniaki
District 3 national measures chairman ▽ Takuma radio waves high ▽ Bizen
■ Hiranuma Takeo candidates (next generation-ago)
Opposition to this election I have to say that it just cause defunct disbanded. I also thought initially so, but cause in the sense that there is dissolution general election in the world of democracy. Valiant It is determined to rise in response to it. It becomes a political party that intends to enact voluntary Constitution that has been appealed to this, have a young parliamentarians also effort. Abenomics it is evaluated in a sense, but there is no its benefits in rural areas. I want to go the politics that is for the people firmly captured the country of the blind spot.
Hiranuma, Takeo
Leader ▽ Keio University Law ▽ Tsuyama

House of Representatives Okayama 4 district candidates first word

Two days election has been advertised, candidates of Okayama Prefecture 5 small constituency raised the first word before the supporters in such election office. As of remark contents of the following each candidate of Okayama 4 district. (Notification order. Career name, main title, the final educational background, the order of the current address)
■ Yuzuki moral candidate (Democratic-ago)
2 years since the last election was the frustrating think. Japan's Prime Minister Abe has regained became gap society rich become more wealthy. Pension is cut, prices will rise, was also increased insurance premiums. People one of the tax increase, lawmakers not to cut yourself. Shall not allow forced politics of the number of forces. If you do not go to vote it would be carte blanche to the Abe administration. With all your Shiryoku order to regain the political people eyes, to get the seats in absolutely small constituency. I want to empower.
Yuzuki-accepted meaning
Former Finance Parliamentary Secretary ▽ Okayama statement ▽ Kurashiki
■ Hashimoto Takeshi candidate (LDP-ago)
We've been running at full power the Abenomics. Exchange (height of the circle) is correct, stock employment also expanded rise. Pulling 2 percent after the consumption tax rate now, it would be to hurl the Hiyamizu. It is first necessary economic recovery. Able to work everyone, it is possible to enhance the social security by so earn can also invest in education. I like Motel attractive by local is not lost to Tokyo. I do policy in infrastructure and soft surface so as to Kurashiki is supported western Okayama Prefecture.
Hashimoto calyx
Health, Labour and Welfare Parliamentary Secretary ▽ Keio University Graduate School of ▽ Kurashiki
■ Kakiuchi Yuichi candidate (communist and new)
I will appeal the reform to change the Japan. Consumption tax hike of first to 10% quit once and for all. Large companies, review the preferential taxation of the wealthy, you should ensure the financial resources. Then from Abenomics to widen the gap, to switch to public life first of economic policy. Asked the Cabinet decision withdrawal of the right to collective self-defense, it is converted to peace diplomacy was taking advantage of Article 9. Was primary to zero, to achieve even solve Okinawa US military base problem. And to stop the runaway of Abe Cabinet, let Susumeyo a political move in the voice of the people together.
Party Kurashiki chairman ▽ Kobegakuindai method ▽ Tamano

House of Representatives Okayama District 5 candidates first word

Two days election has been advertised, candidates of Okayama Prefecture 5 small constituency raised the first word before the supporters in such election office. As of remark contents of the following each candidate of Okayama five wards. (Notification order. Career name, main title, the final educational background, the order of the current address)
■ Bimi Yoshiaki candidate (communist and new)
Whether to allow the consumption tax hike is the biggest issue. Liberal Democratic Party was created a tax increase recession, democratic, let Kudaso the strict referee to 3 Party Komei. Consumption tax, nuclear power plant, the Liberal Democratic Party in Okinawa US military base, such as every problem voice that useless has become to many. Democratic there is no pivot foot to confront the Liberal Democratic Party. Also third pole repeatedly Rigo collection and distribution, it is not Ninae the public's expectations. Anti-war peace To stop the runaway of Abe politics, is the Communist Party to cherish the sovereignty rests with the people stretched out seats, it must be given a shock.
5th district national measures chairman ▽ Himejiko carpenter ▽ Tsuyama
■ Katsunobu Katō candidate (LDP-ago)
The past two years, breaking away from deflation, the economic recovery and efforts as a top priority, the environment surrounding Japan has changed greatly. Anxiety of right shoulder down is completely dispel (dispel), employment and wages, corporate profits have come to soaring. Expansion of wages and employment, expansion of consumption, I want to make a good circulation leading to the growth of sales of companies. Also tournament the election campaign in order to move forward to further before this flow, we will take the economic measures to ensure Abenomics.
Kato Katsunobu
Deputy chief cabinet secretary ▽ Tokyo Daikei ▽ Kasaoka
衆院岡山1区 立候補者第一声


衆院岡山2区 立候補者第一声


衆院岡山3区 立候補者第一声


衆院岡山4区 立候補者第一声


衆院岡山5区 立候補者第一声

<2014衆院選>14人、論戦スタート 前回選より5人減 /岡山






 共産新人の向谷千鳥候補はJR岡山駅近くで出陣式。街頭演説で「庶民に増税を押しつけるのはおかしい。今回の選挙で税制にメスを入れませんか。増税勢力に議席は許せない」と、消費増税中止を掲げた。集団的自衛権には「戦場に送られるのは誰? 安倍首相でもなく、大臣や自公の議員でもない。私たちの家族や恋人です」と反対。「安倍政権の暴走に正面から対決する。国民の声で動く政治に切り替えていきましょう」と呼び掛けた。

























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