イオンモール岡山 開業 前後の「回遊性」調査 らしいが・・

イオンモール岡山 開業 前後の「回遊性」調査 らしいが・・
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老舗百貨店を“飲み込んだ”! “都市型イオンモール”の衝撃

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イオン、JR岡山駅前に大型モール開業 356の専門店
Ion is the 5th, was opened a flagship shopping mall in western Japan "Aeon Mall Okayama" (Okayama). The first time the company has opened before Terminal Station of ordinance-designated cities. Specialty stores, such as a total of 356 stores food sales floor of Takashimaya enters the nucleus tenant is set up the department. On the first day about 7300 people from before opening was crowded with shoppers from outside the sequence prefecture. I expect the visitors of year 2 million people.

Same mall was opened in the south of the old Hayashibara headquarters site JR Okayama Station. Sales floor area of about 92,000 square meters and second floor underground, above ground eight-story. Comprehensive super "ion" and food sales floor of Takashimaya "Food Maison" total 356 stores specializing in addition to including the local businesses 65 store nuclear tenants such as lined. City of university students, Yuki's Uchimura (20) said, "Many shops for young people, want around on many things look".

Such as TV stations and about 600-seat multipurpose hall I also includes other facilities product sales. It plans to cooperate with such co-promotion and a shopping district around the future. Motoya president Okada who attended the opening ceremony "We thoroughly close contact with the region, it will do for the region," he said.

I was followed by open intended for neighborhood residents from November 29. Number of visitors of 6 days until December 4 reached 430 005 thousand people. "Exceeds the number of visitors of the year 20 million people of goal if this pace" that (the company).



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TV よみがえれ!教育県岡山 (残念な内容・・・)


旧来からの「思考」にととどまった内容だった。気持ちはわかるが・・・。私立ではなく、公教育としてどう取り組むか? の視点、行政の行動としてどう取り組むか? 具体的な具体例が「アピール」感が強い。
(ちなみに、県知事の考えや行動は、評価している。なんらかの「制約」でできないのだろう。それが、想像でわかるだけに・・・  現在、岡山県の教員 を 秋田 や 沖縄 に 常駐派遣は実施しているのか?)

会場にいた人が「 やることが、中途半端なんだな!」と話していた。

インプット と アウトプット しかない「視野の狭い?」議論に思われた。

今は、インプット と スループット と アウトプット で考えたい。


「今日学校どうだった?」「楽しかった」 子どもとのこんな会話はNG!?


中学受験・併願での合格術 新聞要約、LINE活用も

学びの多様性! “高2レベル”数学検定2級に小1男児合格

ふと、思う。 秋田や福井の人口減少? との関係はあるのか?
Revive! Education Prefecture Okayama

Elementary School # 38, # 42 junior high school ... the national achievement test, it's a result of this year of Okayama Prefecture.
Further led to the delinquency rate of boy and three consecutive years the national first place, now education of Okayama have screamed. Guardian we also spread anxiety "Do all right by deposit their children to Okayama of school."
Former appearance of "education Prefecture" has gone even now to see shadow.
How does academic achievement of Okayama to improve if, or can you rebuild the education field to collapse.
Experts of education, and Ihara tree Okayama Governor was also thorough discussion with participating "Okayama Japan Association of Corporate Executives and education forum".
The pattern of education reform in Akita Prefecture Okinawa Prefecture as an advanced case, I will introduce also to efforts in the schools of Okayama Prefecture.




Net lecture in adults and free

This is the online lectures on the net that is showing the spread recently. Today, exceptionally talented excavation project was open the opening ceremony. Students with such University of Tokyo researchers about the areas of interest you learn while exchange on the net. New learn how using the net has spread to society. In 2012 began in the United States large-scale public online course "MOOC (Muku)". This Japan version is JMOOC. Will receive a course in anyone free if you register your favorite lecture. In addition, the Secretariat of JMOOC is, our policy is to expand the higher-quality courses, to expand the students.
US universities have been known to have high tuition. Therefore free online class you are born from the idea of providing in economic strength and geographical free learning opportunities regardless of the conditions, in the United States is a very familiar presence. Submitted a challenge to take classes online classes, Upon completion by the University is also where you get a completion certificate, but you can obtain a degree in principle, it does not or become a unit of the University. However, there is also a practical things such as programming in the class, there can be utilized in resume and interview also examples or lead to entrepreneurship you can work for, such as Google and IBM. While there are sites that increase the tuition to increase the knowledge, there is also a site that align such help lesson like a business school, seems subdivision is progressing.

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2014 Disney animated feature, which became a big hit movie "Anna and The Snow Queen". Theme song hum to "Let It Go ~ ~ in the truth" "Rerigo phenomenon" occurs around the world, many of cover and arrangements have been up to the video site.

The comical Governor of stiff likely appearance "Let It Go ~ ♪"

Among them, "Let It Go ~ ~ by parenting alliance in truth" that is up to YouTube on July 15, 2014 was a lot of attention from immediately after the public (see: 11 people "hole governors are in high spirits of video that plays the snow "is to YouTube).

3 minutes to 55 seconds of video Miyagi, Nagano, Mie, Tottori, Okayama, Hiroshima, Yamaguchi, Tokushima, Kochi, Saga and Miyazaki a total of 11 people governors are swapped appearance. They are members of parenting alliance, had complained of parenting you do not work too hard in front of the camera.
Reputation of the net, "Mecha interesting! Nice governors lot!" Generally favorable "We laughed high quality", "Eewa, I'll have seen over once a day.".

But the video can not be currently viewing. The following message is displayed when you access to YouTube page.

"Let It Go ~ In truth ~ by child-rearing same ..." This video has been removed because there was a claim of copyright infringement from WMG.

WMG in the message is assumed abbreviation of Warner Music Group.

With respect to this matter, website and Facebook parenting alliance has not been specifically mentioned.
Editing unit in order to ascertain the truth, I signed up for a telephone interview to the person in charge of Saga children future Division which is in charge of the video.

The fact that the above-mentioned video is removed were grasp representative. Last month, in that I noticed that it has been deleted.
Upon video creation and publishing, parenting alliance side had to consult with Walt Disney Japan. And "Certified (up to the official channel) I can not but ......", because it was reply to nice to say connivance, it was decided to publish on YouTube.
Although alliance side is doing the Disney and consultation, the nature of acquiescence content, did not go even to mean that get explain the situation from Disney, re-up prospect does not stand.

"Where you have published the video, that there was pros and cons, we have know. There are approximately 300 000 PV, parenting purpose of getting to know the (support) is were able to achieve" (person in charge)

"Let It Go ~ ..." is in the planning that was determined by the seat of "parenting alliance summit in Nagano" of May this year, it is not the brainchild of office how. Have members prefecture share the role, opportunity to gather the person in charge says that there a few times a year but .......

Only deleted videos can of was good, I would expect the following content. I wonder not seen new governor until we discuss in the next year's summit.

2014年の大ヒット映画となったディズニーの長編アニメ「アナと雪の女王」。主題歌「Let It Go ~ありのままで~」を口ずさむ"レリゴー現象"は世界中に巻き起こり、多くのカバーやアレンジが動画サイトにアップされた。


なかでも2014年7月15日にYouTubeにアップされた「Let It Go ~ありのままで~ by 子育て同盟」は、公開直後から多くの注目を集めた(参照:11人の知事たちがノリノリで「アナ雪」を演じる動画がYouTubeに)。



"Let It Go~ありのままで~by 子育て同..." この動画は、WMGから著作権侵害の申し立てがあったため削除されました。





「Let It Go~...」は今年5月の「子育て同盟サミット in ながの」の席で決まった企画で、事務方の発案ではない。加盟県が役割を分担していて、担当者の集まる機会は年に数回あるというが......。

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最新ニュース速報 政治(選挙)
Politics (election) "Okayama"

District 1 aim Liberal Democratic Aizawa 10 election is advancing the fight advantage at the height of

popularity. Restoration Takai that ran assertion is delayed hard to support the expansion of the

independents. District 2 is the Liberal Democratic Yamashita, which aims to re-election is preceded,

Democratic Tsumura, which aims to recapture of constituency seats is catching up, you are deploying a fierce

election campaign.

District 3 is a little lead towards the next generation Hiranuma is to 12 election. Three times in a row Abe

LDP proportional resurrection follow. 4 wards preceding received the generous support of the Liberal

Democratic Party Hashimoto Komei, but Democratic Yuzuki is hectic chase. 5 wards showed Kato overwhelming

strength LDP, has opened a big water to see communism beauty.
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最新ニュース速報 政治(選挙)
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