一反木綿入ってる 境港、妖怪ようかん完成 =「源吉兆庵」(本社・岡山市)

一反木綿入ってる 境港、妖怪ようかん完成 =「源吉兆庵」(本社・岡山市)



子供にうける! 子供からのファン作りは、どうだろうか?
Sakaiminato contains bolt cotton, specter yokan complete = "Minamotokitchoan" (Head Office and Okayama City)

Jelly decorated with monsters "bolt cotton" that Sakaiminato tourism association appeared to cartoonist-Mizuki Shigeru's work of the city-born had developed was completed. To sell from the 17th as a new souvenirs to appeal to "fish and specter of town Sakaiminato".

To launch on the 17th as a new souvenirs "Sakaiminato 妖羹"
Trade name is "Sakaiminato 妖羹 (jelly)", vertical about 13 centimeters, and the horizontal 6 cm, thickness 3.5 cm, weight 420 grams. Manufacturing is factory advance the sweets manufacturing "Minamotokitchoan" (Head Office and Okayama) in Yonago, was expressed once cotton dancing the sky with white bean in red bean jelly that was a conservative the sweetness. 1400 yen (including tax).

Bolt cotton the most popular monsters in the vote that the association was conducted. The box of goods are drawn largely Once cotton Mizuki-san worked. Dealer Minatomachi shopping district of JR Sakaiminato Station of the city tourist office and dreams Minato Tower (city Takenouchidanchi).

The association hopes to be "yokan becomes a hot topic as souvenirs, if Tsunagare to tourism PR".
一反木綿入ってる 境港、妖怪ようかん完成 =「源吉兆庵」(本社・岡山市)





園児が俳句や論語の暗唱など披露   岡山高梁市

園児が俳句や論語の暗唱など披露   岡山高梁市

Kindergarten is showing off such as reciting of haiku and Analects Okayama Takahashi City

Takahashi central nursery of life recital is the 13th, held at the city cultural exchange Museum of Takahashi Haradakita cho, kindergarten has showcased such as reciting of haiku and Analects that have gained practice.
Kindergarten about 100 people appeared. 3-year-olds "Do not hit Yare fly (fly) is a shuffling the hand" was fluently Soranji haiku 30 clause of Issa Kobayashi such. 4,5-year-olds was Mise chanting "and the phrase child 曰 (rock), to learn to learn this at is, also theory (Yoroko) if scolded not Ya," such as the words of the Analects of passage and H?koku Yamada in a loud voice . 0-year-olds also up on the stage, I had raised his hand vigorously and called the name.
Protection have about 300 people who brought a video camera visited, or applauded in children, it was or shooting a cute smile.
On the 14th, there was a recital of Ochiai nursery (Ochiaichoabe) the same corporation operated.
園児が俳句や論語の暗唱など披露   岡山高梁市

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Tomato 6 Next industrialization Support Fund No. 1 project, funded decision of 10 million yen to satoyama Agri

Tomato Bank, Mizuho Bank, Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries growth industrialization support mechanism, funded tomato lease and Mizuho Capital, founded tomato sixth-order industrialization Support Fund in January (following the fund) is the 12th, 1000 for the Satoyama Agri announced that it has decided to make the investment of million.

It should be noted that the same matter is No. 1 projects in the same fund. In the future, you are the same fund will continue to contribute to employment expansion and activation of the regional economy of the region due to Through the investment and management support to the six-order industry entities of the region, brand establishment of Okayama of agriculture, forestry and fishery products.

Overview of investment projects
And investment destination name: woodlands Agri Co., Ltd.
・ President: Kyutaro Sakamoto
・ Location: Kurashiki, Okayama Prefecture Nishizaka address 117 1
・ Established: May
・ Investment decision Amount: 10 million yen
Shareholders: Corporation tomato farm 1.2.3 (Hifumi) (Maniwa Kamimizuta) (primary operators) tomato sixth-order industrialization Support Fund
・ Business and targets: woodlands Aguri, management and Japanese-style cafe-restaurant that you play the old house "rest processing Hokubo firefly hermitage" (Maniwa Shimoazae), has worked in the manufacture and sale of processed products such as tomato jam . In the "rest processing Hokubo firefly hermitage", it provides a wide variety of local production for local consumption menu using local ingredients such as tomatoes tomato farm 1.2.3 is produced. Future, the added value of the processed products with local agricultural products, to enhance the brand value, we aim to expand sales channels to the outside, to promote the sixth-order industrialization by expanding the company's business.



・事業内容・目標:里山アグリは、古民家を再生した和風カフェレストラン「憩い処 北房ほたる庵」(真庭市下呰部)の運営や、トマトジャムなどの加工品の製造・販売を手掛けている。「憩い処 北房ほたる庵」では、トマトファーム1・2・3が生産したトマトなど地元食材を使った多彩な地産地消メニューを提供している。今後、地元農産物とその加工品の付加価値、ブランド価値を高め、域外への販路拡大を図り、同社の事業を拡大することで6次産業化を推進する。




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