岡山市 新総合計画策定に着手 / 桃瀬さん 岡山弁もんげー広めたい

岡山市 新総合計画策定に着手

Started in Okayama new comprehensive plan

Okayama is the 18th, open the city basic Policy Council by experts from, began to consider a new comprehensive plan. New plan is expected to target period in fiscal 2016-25. Council is based on the prospect entering the reduction phase city population peaked in '20, and discussions until '16 autumn, draw the future of the city.
Comprehensive plan is the basis of measures deployment of local government guidelines. Although the city is the current plan, "urban vision" (FY 09-25), during is made on the assumption of the population growth continues, the future population decline of the city based on such country estimates expected, full was the basis to review it.
University professors and enterprises in Council, attended by 14 out of representatives committee 15 citizens organizations. Chairman Yue Munetaka Akira San'yoshinbunsha chairman, vice chairman to select the fountain Fumihiro Bank of China president, KoshiTakashi president has received the advisory of planning from Omori Masao mayor.
City side for future demographic change, after it increased until 710 008 thousand people in 20 years began to decrease, showed the prospect of a fall below 700,000 in '35. Committee he said, such as "You should parenting generation advances the easy town development that live," "an aggregation of urban functions" compact city ", it is necessary to aim for." Future, the way of the city's population fell era, it was decided to discuss the direction of the plan by theme, such as improvement of civic life.
New comprehensive plan is a policy that consists of a long-term vision and medium-term plan of every five years of 10 years, long-term initiative include the basic philosophy of the city image and urban development of the city. Council to report the long-term vision plan on November 15. Report after I give an opinion about the medium-term plan to mark the specific measures policy.
Omori Mayor "in approaching the rough seas of population decline, it is necessary to also Okayama change. City of development and civic life, for a compass that will contribute to the improvement of the welfare, I want to ask the opinion" in the council said.
岡山市 新総合計画策定に着手

桃瀬さん 岡山弁もんげー広めたい
I want to spread Momose's Okayama valve Mon-ge

Okayama-born talent Misaki Momose's (21) is the 18th, the Okayama Prefecture was appointed to "Okayama sunny country ambassador" for PR.
There is a commission-like delivery expressions in the prefectural government, "in Day Re over active, future hopes the acquisition of Mon-ge fun. Bokke Fan" Italian wood Ryuta governor and, encouragement while intensive Okayama valve topics . Momose Mr. "love more Okayama, go to PR Okayama love the country. Potatoes, Mon-ge, want to spread the Okayama valve such as Day rate as Jaken" he said.
Momose Mr., are appointed to the main video and posters of new catchphrase for PR "Mon-ge Okayama!" Of fixed prefecture in September, also serve fictional "Mon-ge part" manager. Such as starring the novel's author Maha Harada ol was movie in Okayama location "Day Re over Girl" (will be released next year in February), have continued to work on Okayama, appointed to the same ambassador has been determined.
Ambassador, commissioned the county human prefecture Yukari who are active in various fields. Started in 1998, the current ambassador to 26 people, including the Momose's.
桃瀬さん 岡山弁もんげー広めたい
桃瀬美咲さん スケッチ7.jpg
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岡山市の魅力 スマホアプリで発信

岡山市の魅力 スマホアプリで発信
Originating in Okayama charm Sumahoapuri

Compete for the degree of completion of smartphones app that originated the charm of Okayama "Okayama smartphone app contest" (city, system engineering Okayama sponsored) final review 18 days, held in the city of hotels, winners were decided. Grand Prize was awarded Mr. Takashi Komuro five years Okayama Dentistry (30) town Navi app that was produced is "Okayama stroll" is.
Okayama Prefecture inside and outside of the students, working people 25 sets of applicants. Seven sets that has passed through the primary screening was presentation features and use of pride app.
Komuro's app in content over the city attractions by manipulating a person, you have to introduce the Okayama Castle and Korakuen such as 47 locations in the photos and comments. Also, when talking to the person you are walking, tweet about the nearby attractions are displayed. Komuro's talk that "does not know about many of the tourist attractions of Okayama, the future opportunity was so also did not devised to Packages Marriott.com app. Which is in contact with, want to app also made about the medical core business".
Excellence Award, two winning groups each professional school Bee Max which was fabricated game named after the Okayama (city, Kita-ku Shimadahon Town). In addition, in the idea department to compete the planning ability, student group of SNS that get more than one opinion on such when buying souvenirs (membership exchange site) Prefectural University who invented the app (Soja Kuboki) is shining in highest award was.
Second time following the last year contest. The prize app will be published in the city's website during the current year. Also I introduce download method.
岡山市の魅力 スマホアプリで発信

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