初日の出 岡山県内スポット

初日の出 岡山県内スポット

Sunrise Okayama prefecture spot

When about to enter the New Year with the first day, a lot of people visit the first sunrise spot of Okayama prefecture in the New Year's Day. Also local residents or me behaved sweet sake and Zenzai, taiko performances and raffle during. In their own way of spot, and try to fit the hand to sunrise -.
[1] Shinto mountain (Okayama, Kita-ku, Onoe)
Sunrise is seen from the summit of the day worship office. There is a day worship expressions from 7:00 around, is served is "Fukufuku Radish" of freshly cooked to participants. Free parking is about 500 cars.
[2] Kinkozan (Okayama Minami-ku County)
Observatory and free parking in the vicinity of the summit at an altitude of 403 meters (about 50 units). From the 31st 22:00 o'clock am the 1st 5 prefectural road to the summit is blocked, general vehicle can pass after release blockade.
[3] shells Mountain (Okayama, Minami-ku, Miyaura)
Elevation 288 meters. Outlook land near the summit. Islands floating on the first day and the ocean that rise from the Seto Inland Sea is seen. There is free parking about 30 units housed.
[4] Hattoji Shiroyama (Bizen Yoshinaga Kagami)
"Sunrise tour" is set in the old Mikuni post office parking lot at the foot at 6 am. After eating the Zoni, climb over a period of about 20 minutes. Weather permitting, such as from the summit Shodoshima me be expected. I will bring the two rice cake.
[5] Kumayama (Akaiwa Okuyoshiwara)
In Kumayama ruins administration building near the summit from 7:00 to open the "View sunrise meeting". Jealousy and Zenzai, there is a service of sweet sake. Superb view point overlooking The better weather Seto Inland Sea also.
[6] RyuTakashi Observatory Park (Akaiwa Nakaseijitsu)
I open the "meeting to welcome the first sunrise" from 6:00. Local residents behave the pork soup and sweet sake. There is also such fun lottery.
[7] Washuzan (Kurashiki Ohata)
From near the summit of altitude 134 meters, I can enjoy along with the multi-ShimaYoshi of the Seto Inland Sea. From 6:00 in the second observatory, residents groups behave the Zenzai 500 meals. Free parking is about 350 units.
[8] Prince Takeshi (Tamano, Kurashiki border)
Multi ShimaYoshi of the Seto Inland Sea, Seto Ohashi Bridge, Shikoku altitude 235 m scenic spot of overlooking the mountain range. The summit there is a parking and gazebo, many spectators every year visit to the New Year's Day.
[9] Mount Akiha (Soja Ijirino)
Soja Junior Chamber opens a sunrise worship expression in the summit. By the bonfire from 5:30, pork soup and oranges, and behave a warm drink. Emma's memorial to free distribution are also available 200 sheets.
[10] Fukuyama (Soja Kiyone Miyori, Nishigori)
Annual "New Year's Day Fukuyama climbing" gathered to JA Okayama west Kiyone Rice Center of the foot, at any time starting from 6 o'clock am. Summit in I worship the sunrise. In addition to running committee is handing out Emma's memorial, I behave the sweet sake.
[11] Keikemaru summit (Ibara Sasaka Town)
I can be viewed from the summit observatory at an altitude of 281 meters. Children play equipment facilities and Dragon House of parking adjacent to the west (about 50 units) are available.
[12] Kotsuzan (Ibara Jindai Town)
At the summit of Takagoe Castle (c), Castle honoring the Board open the meeting to see the first sunrise. In addition to behave a sweet sake and coffee, is also playing Ihara Hayakumo drum.
[13] Kurosawayama (Tsuyama Higashitanabe)
Spot overlooking the central city area of Tsuyama. About 1 hour from 6:30 in the 8 Go eyes of parking, Higashitanabe neighborhood association of local behave a sweet sake and oranges.
[14] Ryosanji (Misaki-cho Ryosanji)
I enjoy the sea of clouds that spread out below, depending on the weather from around Ryosanji in altitude about 600 m.
[15] Tsuyama Castle (Tsuyama Yamashita)
Is sweet sake is served from 6:00 to sell "Sozuri pot" and Zenzai using meat around cow bone. Some New Year play corner, such as top spinning. Admission ¥ 300 (junior high school or less free).
[16] Mount Nagi Hayama of station (Nagi park)
Located about 400 meters middle of the National Park, Mount Nagi (1255 m). Open the first sunrise festival from 6:30, to sell at 100 yen Zoni. Some lottery that local specialties hits.
[17] Hitsukeyama (Hitsugasen, Maniwa fellow)
Elevation 953 meters. Also referred to as "Yubara Fuji" from the beautiful appearance. About 2 hours from the trailhead along Route 313 to the top. If the weather is permitting I overlook the Hiruzen tridentate and Oyama from the top (Tottori Prefecture).
[18] Yatakayama (Takahashi Kawakami alpine)
Prefecture's leading sea of clouds spot. Majestic sunrise is ever going from the summit of altitude 654 m. Local youth delegation sweet sake from 6:30 am around, provide the coffee. 15-20 minutes walk from the parking lot.
[19] Yamato Mountains (Machikita center millet, Nochi)
I climb in the car to near the summit of altitude 608 m. Residents group "meeting of Yamato Yamano Mountain" is a bonfire from around 6:30, I behave the sweet sake.
初日の出 岡山県内スポット

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県内の寺社、迎春準備着々 岡山県

県内の寺社、迎春準備着々 岡山県



Such as Nobel Prize in Physics and big success of Kei Nishikori players of men's tennis of three Japanese, just rest also topic of many was in 2014.
In the temples of Okayama Prefecture, decoration and good luck of preparation of rope, is progressing ready to greet the Hatsumode customers such as precincts of cleaning.

Top Inari (Okayama, Kita-ku, Takamatsuinari)
New Year luck large prayer festival hope the prosperous business and my wife safe from hours a day midnight. In Samumatsu garden of large reception hall to drink in the hope longevity and its is served.
Kibitsu Shrine (Okayama, Kita-ku, Kibitsu)
First kettle of ritual that divine Kikkyo of one year from the 1st 9:00. Three days and ritual of Yatate who is an arrow from the front arrow 置岩 in four directions from 9:00. Sanganichi the parishioners makes a shamisen rice cake with.
Kibitsuhiko jinja (Okayama, Kita-ku, Ichinomiya)
The 31st there is a Japanese drum performances by 23:40 know local volunteers, New Year's Eve countdown. From hours a day midnight New Year luck's first prayer (prayer). Sanganichi there is a dance performance of lion dance.
Kurozumikyohonbu (Okayama, Kita-ku, Onoe)
There is a day worshiped expression that worship the sunrise from hours a day 7 am, and behave the "Fukufuku Radish" that Thailand Katsuodashi. Sanganichi there is a tea ceremony of the furnace festivals and Geishun.
Munetada Shrine (Okayama, Kita-ku, Uenakano)
New Year's Day Festival from 1:00 morning 0. Sanganichi there is a "pass through worship" that passing under the control Kakiuchi (only Kakiuchi) of main shrine you do not put the furnace festivals and everyday baking, etc. amulet.
Okayama Shrine (Okayama, Kita-ku, Ishizeki Town)
Saitan festival hope to celebrate good health the New Year from hours a day midnight. Named after the Well-sheep before hall of worship three-dimensional large ema (vertical 1-5 m, horizontal 1-8 m) decorate. Sanganichi behave specialty crackers.
Gokoku Shrine (Naka-ku, Okayama back City)
From hours a day midnight there is Saitan Festival hope the peace and good harvest (Hojo) of one year, I do Genshi Festival from 3:00 morning 9. Sanganichi behave the sacred sake in the precincts.
Saidaiji Kannon-in (Okayama Higashi-ku, Saidaijinaka)
From the 31st 23:30 around to poke Joyanokane, and behave the noodles about 600 meals. Good luck prayer from hours a day midnight. Sanganichi In addition to providing a sweet sake, can also poke the bell of nationally designated Important Cultural Properties.
AnHitoshi Shrine (Okayama Higashi-ku, Saidaijiichinomiya)
New Year's Day Festival from 1:00 morning 8. My wife and I do a new crop Sanctifiers prayer festival to pray for such safety and prosperous business. Sanganichi In addition to behave a sweet sake, to sell the sauce and baked sweet potato called "Dainagon".
Wake shrine (Wake Fujino)
The 31st 23:00 addition to behave in a New Year's Eve Soba 100 meals and New Year Udon thousand meals free from, there is also entertainment sweet sake. Dedication playing local group SeiAsaryo drums taiko from hours a day midnight. Three of theater club in the town to show off repertoire such as "Gama of oil selling," "clause Yasugi soil salvation".
Yuka Shrine (Wake Otawara)
I provide Udon 500 meals free from the 31st 23:30. One day midnight sometimes, it turns on the floating zodiac (Ukieto) was expressed in about 160 nets of lantern sheep Well to celebrate the New Year. Production demonstration of amulet of lion dance of dedication and glass is also performed. The two days there is entertainment sweet sake total of three thousand cups that are made with red rice.
Foot high shrine (Kurashiki Sasaoki)
Joya Festival from the 31st 23:30. Zenzai from hours a day midnight, I behave the sweet sake from at the same 6. At the time of sunrise, "Association for exposure to the first day" by surrounding residents in the vicinity of feet high park is also performed.
Achi Shrine (Kurashiki Honcho)
Shiwasu Oharai (Oharae) equation from the 31st 22:30, bake the bill and charm from at the same 11 Kosatsu 焚上 (ancient temple Takiage) Festival. Saitan festival to pray for peace of Kagamibiraki and one year from the time the 1st midnight. Sanganichi there is a dedication of three goddess of dance in the Noh stage. I behave like sweet sake and rice cakes to the 4th.
Anyang (Kurashiki Asahara)
First arrival 108 people from the 31st 23:00 around to hit the Joyanokane in the precincts of three thousand consistently large temple bell (bell) in order. Ginger hot water is also served. Sanganichi I do New Year prayer in the temple until around 6:00 to 11:00.
Fuarai Kanonji (Kurashiki Nakaobie)
New Year modification opportunity to pray for good health for one year from the time the 1st midnight (Prime Minister example). First arrival 108 people can participate in Joyanokane thrust, bill of Memorial also be awarded. Entertainment Zenzai prepared 400 servings. After the 1st, I accept the misfortune repellent prayer to 10:00 to 15:00.
Yuka Mountain (Kurashiki Kojimayuga)
Yuka Shrine Hongu is performed the Kagamibiraki Following the New Year countdown, behave the barrel wine. Hours a day midnight to 3, New Year good luck amulet (Yoke) special prayer. Yuka mountain Rendaiji from am the 1st 0 New Year good luck special large prayer (until February 3). Admission of reception hall is free until January 3rd. Usually private corridor that connects the reception hall and Okunoin also open to the same 31st.
Kumano Shrine (Kurashiki forest)
1 to 5 of 9:00 to 16:00 (1:00 day midnight, at the same one, also 17:00), prayer New Year. And etc. tons at the 18th 10 am to perform, behave strawberries Zenzai to 100 people first arrival.
Bitchū Province Miya Soja (Soja Soja)
31st Light up the main hall from 18:00. Lanterns were hung in the total length of 100 m corridor, to light a light. Saitan Festival starting at the 1st midnight. Lottery that Hamaya and rake hits, there is a behavior of sweet sake and mandarin orange. And established a large Emma Prefectural University students drew. Worshipers can write a wish.
Ball ratio 〓 (Tamahime) shrine (Tamano ball)
Oharai expressions to pay one year of misfortune from at the 31st 6:00 pm. And celebrate the New Year in Saitan Festival from the 11:30, and behave the sacred sake from hours a day midnight. Sanganichi is 9:00 to 15:00, shade misfortune, to pray, etc. wife safety. (〓 mouth strangely sheep)
Shade shrine (Kasaoka Kasaoka)
Oharai expressions from 5:00 the 31st afternoon, Joya Festival. I celebrate the New Year in one day 8 am sometimes Saitan Festival. Traffic safety prayer festival from 2:00 morning 8, Genshi Festival from 3:00 morning 10. New Year's Eve and Sanganichi to entertain worshipers at tea. Also served sweet sake is on New Year's Day.
Kanemitsu textbook part (Asakuchi Kanemitsu cho Otani)
Biennial festival to thank one year from the time the 31st 10 am. I do New Year's Day Festival pray New Year of the safely from around 45 minutes at the 1st 4 am. The 2:00 two days 10:30 am - pm same Holy Scripture music Association, to show off the "millet dance" dancing with the original to fit comfortably millet was created in the prefecture the Gagaku. Sacred sake of (1 to 3) and Zenzai (31 midnight to 4 days) I behave.
Tokumori Shrine (Tsuyama Miyawaki Town)
The 31st Kosatsu-shoosame-sai to burn the old bill and amulet from 17:00, Joya Festival from the same 11:30. There is Saitan festival to thank that you have entered a new year from the 1st 9:30.
Izumo Taisha Mimasaka worth Institute (Tsuyama Tamachi)
I do Joya Festival and full Tags grilled paid Festival from 31 23:30. The 1st morning behavior the sacred sake in the New Year's Day Festival from 0:00, New Year Festival from 13:30. Sanganichi can you hit first drum.
Nakayama Shrine (Tsuyama Ichinomiya)
Joya Festival from 31 evening. There are Saitan Festival from 1:00 morning 0, other lion dance showcase by festival ritual Preservation Society, sweet sake is served.
Takano Shrine (Tsuyama Ninomiya)
Joya Festival from the 31st 23:30. In Saitan Festival from 1:00 morning 0 is served is sweet sake and sacred sake.
Hachiman Shrine (Takahashi City Wada Town)
Shoosame-sai burning the old bill from at the 31st 8:00 am. From hours a day midnight there is Saitan Festival, in addition to parishioners behave the sweet sake to Hatsumode customer, I do Mochimaki.
Funakawa Hachiman (Niimi Niimi)
50 minutes to Joya Festival at the 31st 11 pm. I do New Year's Day Festival from o'clock the 1st midnight. In addition to worshipers of the first one is devote Tamagushi, I behave the sacred sake to Hatsumode customer


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<天満屋岡山店>「福」いっぱい、袋詰め大忙し /岡山  岡山 フルーツで華やかなおせち作り イオンモールで

<天満屋岡山店>「福」いっぱい、袋詰め大忙し /岡山
"Fu" full, bagging busy / Okayama

First selling bags of bagged work towards the Tenmaya Okayama store (Kita-ku, table-cho, 2) has reached the final stage. Is on the 29th has been published part of the work in Tenmaya Klamath Logistics Center (Naka-ku).

First sale of this shop from midnight January 2 9. Plans to provide a total of about 20,000 in the store the entire. On this day, employees et al had been put in a deftly bags such as tableware of foreign brands.

According to the same store, homecoming, etc., for the first time and planning the bag assumes the "event" of the family. You can stuffed with such clothes and travel goods in suitcase, there is such as a set of sukiyaki pot and Niimi production brand meat of "Sen'ya cow". In addition, some Italian restaurant of chef of Okayama city is a "business trip cuisine" in the house of lucky bag purchaser.

This shop is an attempt to concatenate to attract customers of the end of the year, was released in this year for the first time this year for the lucky bag 2000 pieces of the 27th. Here also that there is a stock part. Grab-bag of inquiry Tenmaya Okayama shop (086-231-7111).
<天満屋岡山店>「福」いっぱい、袋詰め大忙し /岡山




岡山 フルーツで華やかなおせち作り イオンモールで



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