NIE指導の教諭らに野崎教育賞 岡山県教育会

NIE指導の教諭らに野崎教育賞 岡山県教育会

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Nozaki Education Award Okayama Prefecture Education Board to teachers from the NIE guidance

Okayama Prefecture Education Board (Kurose Jo-sei president) is the 30th, subject and student guidance, in fiscal 2014 winner of "Nozaki Education Award" to give to the 40-year-old following faculty listed the achievements in the study, of Okayama millet Small South re-Shun teacher (35), Misaki Municipal Misaki center small Yamamoto Kensuke teacher (39), I announced that chose three Kasaoka commercial sales in the east Yoshinobu teacher (40).
South teacher will strive to guidance of NIE to take advantage of the newspaper in education, has been active as a lecturer in public classes and workshops of NIE to be held outside of the prefecture.
Yamamoto teacher as life guidance director, is tied to the proposed to practice defining the rules of school life "Misaki middle kid oath of", is aimed thorough discipline.
East teachers, such as the development of learning systems for commercial item "e-commerce" using the Internet, have contributed to the enhancement of information education.
There are awards ceremony in Purity MakiBi (Okayama, Kita-ku, Shimoishii) on February 3. The award in honor of late Nozaki Masae's achievement that served as a county education chairman founded in 1992. The winners became 83 people, including this time.
NIE指導の教諭らに野崎教育賞 岡山県教育会

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西大寺会陽の魅力知って 岡山  会陽、花火 西大寺の冬楽しんで

西大寺会陽の魅力知って 岡山 会陽、花火 西大寺の冬楽しんで

Saidaiji meeting yang charm you know Okayama

Saidaiji Kannon-in to February 21 photo panels exhibition to PR the Saidaiji meeting yang to be held in (Okayama Higashi-ku, Saidaijinaka) (Saidaiji meeting yang Hosan Association sponsored) is the 29th, was held in Okayama City Hall 1 Kaishimin Hall.
Is considered one of Japan's three large odd festival, the first time was planning to be'll let you know widely the hot air and charm of naked festival that there is of more than 500 years tradition. The exhibition main hall Otokoshu and figure turn became a huge vortex at large floor, such as those captured the battle of intense Hogi (faith), about 30 points a local photography enthusiasts have taken. There is also a related memorabilia such as actually used the Hogi and history of PR posters, citizens had watched with great interest likely.
Saidaiji Kaihi, the curtain of a series of events is opened in "Getting started" to clean the Hogi making tool to February 2, through the such as "Hogi up" of the 4th night, celebrating the production 21 days. Hogi dropped plans of 22:00.
西大寺会陽の魅力知って 岡山

会陽、花火 西大寺の冬楽しんで

 問い合わせは東区役所総務・地域振興課(086 944 5038)。
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宮間、福元選手がプロ契約更新 岡山

宮間、福元選手がプロ契約更新 岡山
Miyama, Fukumoto players professional contract renewal

Soccer girls, Nadeshiko League one part of Okayama Yunogo Bell the 29th, in the flagship of Japan representative "Nadeshiko Japan", both 2011 World Cup (W Cup) championship, MF Aya Miyama of '12 London Olympics silver medal member (30), announced GK Miho Fukumoto (31) that it has updated the professional players contract. Contract period until both January 1, 16.
Last season, Miyama as playmaker Bell Yunogo, Fukumoto is league full participation as captain. Decorate the regular series victory, since the establishment of the team in '01, brought the first big title. Miyama gave the 17 goals of team one in the international club championship, Empress Cup the official game, including 33 games. Fukumoto is injured his face with third-place match international club championship, although subsequent Empress Cup was miss, pulled as an absolute guardian.
Yunogo Bell was carried the camp of 6 days in Ibusuki, Kagoshima Prefecture from February 6, to full-scale team building. Spiritual pillar also determines the two residual that said, this season, well-equipped team system, which aims to annual championship.
Algarve Cup in March (Portugal), also refrain W Cup two consecutive takes in June, attention gather to fight as a representative of Japan.
宮間、福元選手がプロ契約更新 岡山

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