連合岡山 ベア2%獲得目指す

連合岡山 ベア2%獲得目指す
I aim earn 2% Union Okayama Bear

Okayama Union (37 organizations) is the 29th, opens in labor welfare business hall a spring offensive start declaration meeting of this year (Okayama Kita-ku Tsushimanishizaka), working in unity aimed at such two percent of the base up acquisition listed coalition headquarters I swore that.
Spring offensive policy "(elimination of long working hours) shorter working hours" Union headquarters as well as the "wage increase", "policy and institutional realization of efforts" activities pillars. The meeting was attended by about 200 people trade unionists, in Kanazawa Minoru Chairman "of last year spring offensive it was possible to achieve a certain wage hike. In a continuous wage increase to produce a virtuous cycle of economic. Labor time is long compared with the national based on the current situation of Okayama that is, I was greeted with even attempt "eradication of long working hours.
Then forest Nobuyuki vice-president is "to promote the society as a whole of the bottom-up, try our best to rectify the various disparities" and reading the spring offensive start declaration that was like. I raised the spirit in Ganbaro call everyone.
連合岡山 ベア2%獲得目指す

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バレンタイン商戦いよいよ本番 「イオンモール岡山」が出来てどうなる? / 岡山後楽園 高校生以下対象「郷土愛を」

バレンタイン商戦いよいよ本番 「イオンモール岡山」が出来てどうなる?
Valentine season finally it happens to be a production "Aeon Mall Okayama" is?

Before the Valentine's Day February 14, Valentine's shopping season has finally reached the production in Okayama prefecture of the department store. It is aimed at sales up by preparing a variety of chocolate products.
Okayama Takashimaya (Okayama, Kita-ku, Honcho) is the 28th, open a special department on the 8th floor. I was prepared from 400 different large 1500 kinds of chocolate last year. Enhanced products of foreign brands such as Women's perspective of female pastry chef. In addition, such as stylish products that the image of a jewelry box also has attracted attention.
This day is a lot of female customers visited immediately after the opening of 10:00, I was evaluating a chef chocolate. Okayama Valentine special department of Takashimaya until February 14.
On the other hand, it opened a chocolate department 23 days for Okayama shop Tenmaya (Okayama, Kita-ku, table-cho), you are selling a home and abroad 140 brand about 1800 types. In addition, Ito-Yokado Okayama store (same Shimoishii) also opened a Valentine venue a week earlier than the 14th last year. Plans to open a special department to Aeon Mall Okayama (same) is also 30 days.
バレンタイン商戦いよいよ本番 「イオンモール岡山」が出来てどうなる?

岡山後楽園の無料実験5月スタート 高校生以下対象「郷土愛を」






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<旧閑谷学校>来月1日、石塀修理を公開--備前 /岡山 旬のカキ 赤穂線沿線

<旧閑谷学校>来月1日、石塀修理を公開--備前 /岡山 旬のカキ 赤穂線沿線

<旧閑谷学校>来月1日、石塀修理を公開--備前 /岡山
June 1, published a stone fence repair - Bizen / Okayama

Special historic site of the old Shizutani School (Bizen) state of repair works of stone walls that have been carried out in the February 1, is the site published. In March 2013, stone walls of stone fell, being promoted to investigate because there was such a gap, repair began from last year in November. "Since the internal structure of the stone wall is not able to grasp the whole, by all means, try to visit on this occasion," such as the prefectural board of education cultural assets Division have a call.

According to the Cultural Property Division, formerly Shizutani stone fence itself of school 1701 (Genroku 14) construction has been started in the year, part being repaired this time it is seen to have been built in around 1877. Currently, work such as re-loading is underway.

Application's unnecessary, but must have historic sites admission (adults ¥ 400, elementary and junior high school students 100 yen, 200 yen over 65 years of age). Site public starts from 10:00, 11:00, 0:30 pm, 1:30, 2:30 of a total of five times, there is a commentary. On the day of the contact information, special historic sites old Shizutani School honor Preservation Society (0869, 67, 1427) to.
<旧閑谷学校>来月1日、石塀修理を公開--備前 /岡山



旬のカキ 赤穂線沿線で食べよう 岡山、兵庫県のJR赤穂線

 A4判で6万部作成。問い合わせは備前県民局地域づくり推進課(086 233 9890)。




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