中小支援や企業誘致で協定締結 岡山県 販路開拓の新商品フェスタ

中小支援や企業誘致で協定締結 岡山県 販路開拓の新商品フェスタ
Agreement Okayama Prefecture in small and medium-sized support and Investment Promotion

And Okayama Prefecture, Japan Finance Corporation Okayama prefecture jurisdiction 4 branches (Tokyo) is the 27th, signed a comprehensive agreement on small and medium-sized companies support and attract companies. The first time the Corporation has an agreement with the prefecture.
Same AFC, product development of the prefecture ventures and small businesses while leveraging its own financing system, in addition to support the market development, to train new farmers in cooperation with Ken. Prefecture hit to such information collected by taking advantage of the network of the same Corporation in attracting companies.
Signing ceremony is prefectural government, Shingo Kikuchi and Italian wood Ryuta governor same Corporation Okayama branch length is sign the agreement. Ihara tree governor is to be "I want to taking advantage of the support know-how of small and medium-sized enterprises and agriculture, forestry and fisheries with the Corporation", Hosokawa Koichi same Corporation president who witnessed the signing leverages a nationwide network of "Corporation, want to cooperate with the Promotion of Measures of Okayama Prefecture "I said such.
Framework agreement of county and financial institutions, Bank of China (Okayama), tomato Bank (same), 4 eyes followed the prefecture 8 Shinkin-Shinkin Central Bank.
中小支援や企業誘致で協定締結 岡山県



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岡山駅乗り入れ 今秋に最終計画案 「イオンモール岡山」ソニー、格安スマホ供給  まずイオンに/<一日署長>「ええ街岡山に」 桃瀬さん声かけ /岡山

岡山駅乗り入れ 今秋に最終計画案 「イオンモール岡山」

ソニー、格安スマホ供給  まずイオンに

<一日署長>「ええ街岡山に」 桃瀬さん声かけ /岡山
The final plan to Okayama Station served this autumn "Aeon Mall Okayama"

Omori Masao Okayama mayor at a press conference on the 27th, for the fly to the JR Okayama Station East Exit Square tram that runs the city center, to narrow down the 12 patterns that city showed the number pattern to the end of March, in the autumn shows the idea to decide on one pattern.
Omori Mayor "squeezed in a few patterns to discuss how that reasonable, in such really can be whether police and transportation businesses with up to. Autumn to proceed with the consultation to a final plan, you want to form in the 2016 fiscal budget." I said.
As an element of emphasizing in narrowing down "effect on the shopping street and underground shopping center, there are various aspects such as budget constraints," pointed out. It was a "station east exit is also a government-designated cities and Okayama face. Landscape also want to well-balanced discussion as an important element."
Fly to Okayama Station East Exit Square tram, experts city last August, operators of buses and taxis, the research review meetings with residents representatives provided start a concrete discussion. The city showed the fly system of four of the "plane fly", "pedestrian deck installation," "elevated fly", "underground fly". In a survey study group of 20th of this month, such as orbital laying root of it is presented a total of 12 different patterns.
岡山駅乗り入れ 今秋に最終計画案 「イオンモール岡山」

ソニー、格安スマホ供給  まずイオンに



<一日署長>「ええ街岡山に」 桃瀬さん声かけ /岡山



桃瀬美咲さん スケッチ7.jpg
ファジアーノ 桃瀬.jpg
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「ドクターイエロー」車内を公開 岡山

「ドクターイエロー」車内を公開 岡山
Publish car "Doctor Yellow" Okayama

JR West 27th, Tokaido and Sanyo Shinkansen a ran while line and electricity, was a car parked in the running of the test vehicle to perform the inspection of communication equipment "Doctor Yellow" for the first time published in the press. Part of the whole line opened 40 anniversary of the Sanyo Shinkansen to welcome in March.
Inspection vehicle JR West Metropolitan Tokai is owned by one organization, Tokyo - round trip once in between Hakata about 10 days. The official name is popular in "Shinkansen electric orbit comprehensive test car" But, of Doctor yellow from yellow body nickname.
7-car train that was the 700 system to base. Pantograph is in the car (current collector) In addition to state dedicated ceiling windows seen up close there are two places of, lined with monitors that display the measurement data, such as distortion of the wear condition and line of overhead lines in real time, inspector waveform I have watched constantly whether there is an abnormality in or numerical.
Tahara KyoFutoshi deputy manager of the Shinkansen management headquarters facility Division ", if I know that there is a vehicle to support behind the the safety of role. Shinkansen Doctor yellow to accumulate the data to allow maintenance before the failure occurs." I was talking to.
Doctor yellow diamond private. Even it is said to "see happy and", parents and children from that heard the information was eagerly awaiting the arrival in the stop station.
Sanyo Shinkansen is Shin-Osaka in March 1972 - between Okayama is opened. Okayama in '75 - Hakata between is opened, the whole line (sales distance about 620 km) led.
「ドクターイエロー」車内を公開 岡山

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