The first sale of the New Year in the ion Mall Okayama

One day at JR Okayama Station in which it was opened in December last year to the south Okayama largest large shopping center ion Mall of Shikoku (Okayama Kita-ku Shimoishii), there is a sell first New Year, many of youths that buy the centerpiece of bags I was crowded with.
Create about 3,500 columns from before dawn, to store all at once at the same time as the open of 9:00. There is also a figure of shoppers running in the mall in search of bags that each tenant has prepared such as fashion and miscellaneous goods, and to find a mercenary of goods had been purchased one after another.
Bags, 3 thousand to sell a total of about 30,000 in the entire mall mainly clothing and miscellaneous goods of about 10,000 yen. Lined jewelry set of 20.15 million yen, well as difficult popular whiskey available (¥ 500,000) during.
College student of Kurashiki City, that was waiting for the opening from around 6:00 in the sister (21) Many shops were not in Okayama until "now, is happy to be able to buy. Lucky bag also four death had been looking forward to the first sale "and it was a smile.
On this day, Okayama Ichibangai of Okayama Station underground (Okayama) and Ito-Yokado Okayama store (same), the first sale in such Kurashiki Mitsui Outlet Park Kurashiki and ion Mall of Kurashiki. Tenmaya Okayama store (Okayama) and Okayama Takashimaya (same) prefecture of department stores such as starting the New Year sales from the 2nd.







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プログラミングコンテストやハッカソンが花盛り 「データシティ―岡山」を

プログラミングコンテストやハッカソンが花盛り 「データシティ―岡山」を
Programming Contest and Hackathon is flowering "data City - Okayama" the

2014 is, contests and Hackathon that programming is involved be held many, seems both was success. Also will have a lot of events will be held in 2015.

It is not only in the field of programming, but participation in the contest, will be the opportunity of looking to show off their skills and work. It is effective to enhance the motivation to keep skills up and works building. If if winning, not only lead to a great pleasure, social evaluation is also obtained.

On the other hand, also for the side to hold a contest, it is possible to be public the specific technology and ideas, you will be able to or obtained excellent you can discover the human resources, the tips of new products and services. Also, if the contest itself is accustomed to topic, you will be expected to increase awareness and market expansion in the market for its technology and themes.

Interestingly, simply rather than compete for the programming of technology, to say even with the business model, is that a growing number of cases that can compete for use of the idea of the program. Moreover, not only IT-based companies and community, general companies and government agencies, such as local governments have been conspicuous case to hold a contest.

For example, last year the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications and open data distribution Promotion Consortium, has conducted the "open data app contest". Open data seven demonstration experiment is to provide it is (municipality administrative information, tourist information, disaster prevention information, public transportation information, etc.) application development contest the use of the theme of. Kanazawa and Okayama, as in Yokohama, you can appeal the attractiveness of the region, also have increased municipalities citizens and tourists to practice the development contest of convenient-to-use app.

The Tokyo Metro is to publish such as subway train position and delay time as open data, we held a contest of apps using this data. Would aim is to explore what leverage is possible if you have public information such as the train as open data (related article: Tokyo Metro "open data contest", application of 281)
プログラミングコンテストやハッカソンが花盛り 「データシティ―岡山」を






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