Okayama prefecture of temples and shrines, I crowded with Hatsumode

Both days of 1 and 2 in the temples of the prefecture, a lot of people came to Hatsumode. "Just as the family will Kurase cheerfully," "in one year you can feel the recovery of the economy"?. Among the severe downturn to observe the snow around the north, worshipers have to move the hand to their own way, prayed for happiness of the new year. [Okayama]
Top Inari (Kita-ku Takamatsuinari) are families from about 46 million people visited in two days of 1, 2. And pray for my wife safety and academic achievement by investing Offertory. Was aligned approximately 200 species talisman "amulet corridor" is the first time provided in the precinct, was followed by a crowd of parents and couples.
Family of Kurashiki was worship in six company employee man (31) was talking with the "family of health, I was praying that you live a school life eldest son is fulfilling to become elementary school this year."
Worship is about 30 005 thousand people in two days in Kibitsu Shrine (Kita-ku Kibitsu). Parishioners is there is a "shamisen rice cake" that take the cake to match the sound of shamisen, rice cake of Tsukitate has been served to worshipers.
Kurozumikyohonbu When will HYMO the (Kita-ku, Onoe) In first sunrise, a lot of people have flocked to day worship expressions. It was cooked in the hope that good health "Fukufuku Radish" is distributed about thousand meals, about 40,000 people have visited in two days.
Okayama shrine (Kita-ku Ishizeki Town) is dedicated to God, Sugawara of academic, small teenagers and their families from about 30 003 thousand people who declined to exam was worship. Haiden large ema (vertical 1-5 m, horizontal 1-8 m) of the Well-only this year before (sheep) is decorated, there was also the figure of people who commemorative photograph. [Kurashiki]
Achi Shrine (Hon) in and worship is about 20 005 thousand people in two days of 1, 2, I have purchased a fortune and good luck. The 3rd to the addition to hope the business prosperity and rich harvest (bumper crops) in the Noh stage of precincts "dance of the three goddess (Nyoshin)" is dedication, mochi is worshipers that parishioners Youth Association of members et al with it is served in. "We become member of society from April, my best want to get used to was pray to become a good year. A day early work" Kasaoka of commercial high school three years boys (18) was talking with.
On the floor Mountain (Kojimayuga) also, Families et al to pray for my wife safety visited. Both days of 1 and 2 on the floor shrine main shrine, Kotohiragu (Kagawa Prefecture Kotohira) and both Mairi about 29 million people in such as visited, there was a New Year's Eve countdown and Kagamibiraki. About 30 million people visit the shrine is on the floor mountain Rendaiji. You can receive monk of prayer (the prayer), it was Dari worshiped the height of 7 · 59 m amulet (amulet) Acala. [Tamano]
Was subjected to the 2nd from New Year's Eve is to ball ratio Me shrine (ball), about 8 thousand people of the same level as the previous year is worship. Or placing a hand over boulders of object of worship called "Tateishi", was pray for my wife safety and health by or receive a prayer at the shrine. Tamano of women visited by misfortune repellent (87) is "I wish to spend a healthy. Relieved at this again this year." [Asakuchi]
To Kanemitsu textbooks part (Kanemitsu cho Otani) is about 60 000 people inside and outside the prefecture is worship in from New Year's Eve up to 2 days. Early in the morning the 1st there is a New Year's Day Festival, Hiromichi nurses Kanemitsu was pray for happiness of one year.
Sacred sake and juice, is Zenzai was served in the precincts. Kurashiki company employee men (41) said, "the whole family prayed the health". [Tsuyama]
Was subjected to the 2nd from New Year's Eve in Tokumori shrine (Miyawaki Town), Families from about 2 million people visit the shrine. While the dancing snow, and hope my wife safety and academic achievement, it was crowded also sell plants of charm and bills. Kagamino of elementary school six years girls (12) said, "prayed to be able to pass the kanji test grade 5. Want to spend the whole family and smile again this year." [Kasaoka]
Casa shrine (Kasaoka) local residents up to 2 days, about 10 005 thousand people homecoming was families et al visited. Align the hand in the hope that my wife safety and prosperous business, it was buy the charm and good luck.
Kasaoka of second grade girls (8) was not enthusiastic and "I want to do my best to practice because there is close recital of electronic organ".

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