岡山・芳泉小の児童数日本一 14年度1481人 宅地造成で増 /子どものスマホトラブル防ごう

岡山・芳泉小の児童数日本一 14年度1481人 宅地造成で増
Increase in the number of children in Japan 14 fiscal 1481 people residential development of Okayama Hosen Small

Hosen elementary school that the number of children of fiscal 2014 of (Okayama Minami-ku Toshinden) has become the national leader in 1481 people, including a lark branch school to attend a couple of years production (same Izumida), school basic of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology I found in the survey. Number of children Dosho among the low birth rate is on the rise in such residential development within the school district, I raised the order from the national 4-position of the 13 year.

Number of children Dosho the first grade and 4-6 grade school that attend the 1028 people, 453 people branch school there is a couple of grade classroom. The survey has been carried out at the time of last year May 1, of the national three schools that number of children exceeds 1,400, Funabashi, Chiba Prefecture of Katsushika Small (1456 people) and Kobe Uozaki Small (1401 people) whereas decreased from 2001, Hosen small has increased 35 people.

Number of children Dosho has turned to once decrease in peak fiscal 1988 (1636 people), is followed by a trend of soaring even while fiscal 2002, repeated some of the increase or decrease.

Same elementary school district has a population of 20 543 people (last year 11 31,), three years ago of '11 the end of November than 329 people increase. According to the Dosho, such as single-family homes and apartment has increased year by year in the vicinity, Asano Ayumi PTA president (40) "is located in the educational zone adjacent to the Hosen kindergarten and in Hosen, Hosen high, is endowed with educational environment" and I explained.

Taking advantage of the large number of children number in Dosho, and has been working on, such as the recovery of recyclable waste to help the earthquake reconstruction, six years Nagahashi Akiho's Steering Committee length (12) to the various things proud of "Japan speak challenge you want, "said.

Sakane Kiyotaka principal (59) is perceived as "vibrant school by children increases is growing."
岡山・芳泉小の児童数日本一 14年度1481人 宅地造成で増







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高橋大輔 クリスマスイブを過ごした“山岸舞彩似”和風美人

高橋大輔 クリスマスイブを過ごした“山岸舞彩似”和風美人
Spent Daisuke Takahashi Christmas Eve "Yamagishi MaiAyani" Japanese beauty

Daisuke Takahashi each other staring at each other on ice (28) and Mao Asada (24). Asada put a big smile, but Takahashi somehow embarrassed likely. In such on the net, "two men are!? Lover relationship" enough to write that seen, has been intimate scene is witnessed even this. Such Takahashi Then "princess hug" the Asada, from the audience applause and cheers were Wakiaga~tsu -.

Ice show that two people were first co-stars, celebrated the last day on Christmas Eve of December 24. For Takahashi, after announcing his retirement last October, it was the first time to become the show. After the show the show, launched from 22:00 too far of a nearby venue Shin-Yokohama restaurants have been performed.

"This meeting was also the sense of meeting you Negirau competition life of 20 years of Takahashi. Therefore it was participating performers and their families, Takahashi and close staff only. Toast with champagne, Mao-chan also" Daichan, had over cheers for good work! "and the voice" (figure stakeholders)

In fact, the information that this is launched in Takahashi is called secretly a "precious lady" magazine had been caught in advance. Around 2:00 the meeting became Ohiraki. Takahashi that came out from the store, the figure of certainly snuggle woman. Slim woman with a small face, "NEWS ZERO" black hair beauty is reminiscent of the Mai Yamagishi (27) of free announcer that has appeared in. She, so as to support the little wobble Takahashi body good liquor, went sent him to the hotel -.

After "Actually Takahashi players retired, seems to have started dating and Kansai living in general women. She general not related to the figure women. A everything modest, It is" Japanese style "beauty of archaic personality. Takahashi to be "want to show off in front everyone" to this ice show meeting in good skating fellow of the relationship in the machine, it seems to have invited her to launch. of course also to Mao and has continued adores the "Dai-chan" that my chan , it sounds like she was introduced "(before de figure stakeholders)

After the year has opened, Takahashi mother-SeiNoboru's Okayama prefecture, I've heard about dating.

"No, no, I have not heard. Before you can not be her, in October, after which came back over here (home) in retirement conference, to not come back even once, not even contact. If really if she could, it is around here want to know (laughs). Please keep saying to Daisuke. out also occasionally Contact with (laughs) "

Brighter laughing, SeiNoboru's to worry about the son. To say that no matter how important the existence, the mother can be raised to report that of her!
高橋大輔 クリスマスイブを過ごした“山岸舞彩似”和風美人




実は、この打ち上げに高橋は“大切な女性”を密かに呼んでいるという情報を本誌は事前にキャッチしていた。会がお開きになったのは午前2時ごろ。店から出てきた高橋には、確かに寄り添う女性の姿が。小顔でスリムなその女性は、『NEWS ZERO』に出演しているフリーアナウンサーの山岸舞彩(27)をほうふつとさせる黒髪の美女。彼女は、酒に酔い少しふらつく高橋の体を支えるようにして、彼をホテルへと送っていった――。




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