Extension part of the ion Okayama extraordinary Parking

Large shopping center ion Mall Okayama (Okayama, Kita-ku, Shimoishii) is the 9th, for some temporary parking that is opened is scheduled up to 12 days to traffic congestion mitigation, announced that it will extend the period until the end of February was.
Free of the old ion Okayama store (same Aoe, 350 units), Municipal Shikata parking has partnered for a fee (same Shikata-cho, 300 units) and Okayama City Hall (the university today, 80 units) in three locations of, any I open Saturdays and Sundays and public holidays. JR Kitanagase Station (same Kitanagaseomote Town, 2500), etc. I will be closed at the planned 12th.
Aeon Mall of the mall management (Chiba City) and are referred to as "also consider the correspondence in response to congestion future, will call also continue to use public transportation."

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中高生の7割強 ネットでトラブル 14年 スマホ・携帯利用調査 岡山

中高生の7割強 ネットでトラブル 14年 スマホ・携帯利用調査 岡山

Trouble '14 at teenagers of 70% of net newspaper smartphone and mobile use survey

San'yoshinbunsha and Hyogo is May and June 2014, in I went to for all primary and secondary school in Okayama Prefecture "questionnaire on the use of smart phones and mobile phones", bullying on the Internet, such as photos of Unapproved printing some trouble I found that had occurred junior high school, with more than 70% of high school. Has been confirmed in less than 20% of elementary school, low age of the trouble is a concern. Only can be viewed within the member or group on the net increase "private type site" is, is seen as the tip of the iceberg to the surface of, urgent measures are likely to be asked.

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According to the survey results, 78 percent of high school net trouble has answered "what is happening", 76% middle school, elementary school 16%. Content "ill of the students, slander (slander) writing of slander" the place where it was asked in multiple answers the most, 72% high school, 68% middle school, was 15% elementary school.

LINE (line), such as 79% high school there was a trouble on free communication application, 77% middle school, 12% elementary school. You can eliminate the particular students from a group specifically, was conspicuous case you or to post a photo that was taken without permission.

As a countermeasure, information moral education a 72% high school school that is going to deliberate in the classroom, 74% middle school, half to reach the elementary school 69%, less than 40% with elementary, junior high school are you training for teachers I stayed in. Among them, in the elementary school, accounting for 60% of total of "at any time carried out when that happened is a problem," "it is not especially made" the teacher training, correspondence was ask the that are turning to iron.

On the other hand, the rapid spread of smartphones, for the elementary school that the future of trouble increase in the near is expected, San'yoshinbunsha and Hyogo is November 14, the emergency questionnaire to 4-6 grade of large-scale schools 10 schools in Okayama implementation. Possession rate of net connection is possible terminal smartphone 17%, conventional mobile phone 13% are referred to as "Garake", other was a children's mobile phone 21%, net use by game machine has reached 51%, net world has emerged is reality in the familiar of children.

According to the emergency survey results, children to use the net terminal for more than two hours a day in 23%, and jumped when limited to a smartphone holder to 50%. Net trouble was confirmed 1 or more in all 10 schools, "was charged games such as" 26% of the smartphone holders, and "was to interact with people who do not know" is 23%. Sumaho holder half were not provided usage rules in the home.

Takeuchi Kazuo Associate Professor of Univ. Hyogo Prefecture was analyzed both questionnaire distance of children and net with the advent of easy smartphone is "net connection shrinks rapidly, despite adult reality that low age of the trouble is progressing the known not often. school centered on children, parents, and to point out that he should deal region become one. "

■ Research Methods

Smartphone and mobile surveys and June 2014 on the use, and mailed a survey form to all primary and secondary school 666 schools in Okayama Prefecture. 416 schools, which corresponds to 62% (237 elementary schools, 121 middle schools, 58 high school) I got the answer from.

Emergency questionnaire November 14 to the elementary school, and asked the investigation to elementary school children having a large number of in Okayama city, and implemented the program the 4-6 grade of 10 schools obtained the cooperation. Smartphone and mobile of possession rate, for the presence or absence of net trouble, nearly 4436 people of all answered.
中高生の7割強 ネットでトラブル 14年本紙スマホ・携帯利用調査


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 スマホ・携帯の利用に関するアンケート 2014年5、6月、岡山県内の全小中高校666校に調査用紙を郵送。62%に当たる416校(237小学校、121中学校、58高校)から回答を得た。

 小学生への緊急アンケート 14年11月、岡山市内で児童数が多い小学校に調査を依頼し、協力を得られた10校の4~6年生を対象に実施。スマホや携帯の所持率、ネットトラブルの有無などについて、ほぼ全員の4436人が答えた。






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