岡山知事「風評被害の防止に万全を」 鳥インフル対策本部会議

岡山知事「風評被害の防止に万全を」 鳥インフル対策本部会議
Receive confirmation of Kasaoka of avian influenza virus, the province the 15th, held a highly pathogenic avian influenza task force meeting. Italian wood Ryuta governor, director of this director "chicken and egg safety has not been confirmed is well-known thorough of never on the market, you can want every effort to prevent harmful rumors" were instructed to the executive staff.

If the result of genetic testing was positive, 200 000 birds that have been bred in the farm based on the Domestic Animal Infectious Diseases Control Law, are all killed. In addition, radius 3 km within the poultry farms six locations and multiplied by the movement restrictions, such as chicken in (breeding number total about 260 007 Senba), 15 locations in the range of 3-10 km (prefecture minutes only, breeding number total about 710 008 Senba) expected to carry-out is limited in.

3 km to subject the vehicle to and from beyond the line Sanyo Expressway Kasaoka Inter etc., established a disinfection point of Asakuchi city hall such as a total of 10 locations in 10 km line, county officials to implement the disinfection work.

Part of the line of movement restricted areas are also extends to Fukuyama, Hiroshima Prefecture.

To 200 000 birds disposed of in Okayama avian influenza

And found that the chicken is dead at a poultry farm in Okayama Prefecture Kasaoka, the 15th, as a result of Okayama Prefecture were in detail inspection, is detected avian influenza virus of "the H5", chicken about 20 million birds of this poultry farms all now to be disposed of.

Positive in doubt = simple test of bird flu in Okayama Prefecture

Okayama Prefecture has announced that 15 evening, the case suspected of highly pathogenic avian influenza in poultry farms of Kasaoka occurred. I was confirmed positive by simple inspection. Ken with advancing genetic testing, was carried out, such as emergency disinfection of isolation and poultry house inside and outside of chicken of this poultry farms.

In the poultry farms are breeding about 200,000 chickens. If it strong highly pathogenic avian influenza and identified toxic, all chickens will be subject to culling. To prevent spread, based on national guidelines, movement restriction zone of radius 3 kg within the poultry (charging), measures of setting the within 10 km radius of the discharge restricted area is also performed.



岡山 鳥インフルエンザで20万羽処分へ


岡山 鳥インフルエンザで20万羽処分へ






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受験本番 岡山で験担ぎに縁起物を  /大切な人と牛窓で夕日眺めて

受験本番 岡山で験担ぎに縁起物を
The good luck charm to bearers experience in exam production Okayama

New year, also finally to full-scale examination season. Is for students to apply the final sprint bearers experience also would place to be worried about. Therefore, to introduce the newly unveiled the unique good luck in Okayama city. Good luck students!
Okita shrine-Michi-dorimiya (city, Naka-ku Okimoto), the sale the "truth defense" (500 yen) from New Year's Day. In the past, such as also "hospitality defensive" and "buy-back defensive", has made the original charm that reflects the era, this time last year the theme song of the large hit Disney movie "Anna and The Snow Queen" was sparked .
Same shrine as "" ability of the test day also as usual was the hope of the so that you can achieve. '"Immediately, that has gained the support of the examinees.
And was developed by sachet, named "pass wins bag" (¥ 756) Kyocera Buddhist Sanko-do (city, Kita-ku, Table Town). Sengoku warlords hope victory, are arranged in over-the-counter incense bag from the 4th as one of the winning bag series named after that it has kick - off is wearing. Relax and formulated the scent as test is received, it was decorated with plum handle to bag it in honor of the god-Sugawara academic.
Michizane in the worship Tamai Miya Toshogu (Higashiyama, Naka-ku city), "pass prayer you are selling from 2006
Slip sand "(800 yen). I sand sow the rail for slip prevention of tram that runs the city which was packed in a vial, but Okayama Electric Tramway to run a train (same Tokuyoshi Town) from the 9th, vehicle capsule toy vending machine vial hits I have installed within. Although not prayer unlike those of the shrine, the probability of hitting the one-third, also becomes luck. 20 yen once.
受験本番 岡山で験担ぎに縁起物を


 参加は、カップルや家族連れのほか個人でもでき無料。雨天中止。同館に午後1時に集合し、同6時半まで。前島行きから加わる場合は同3時20分に集まる。問い合わせは同協会(0869 34 9500)。
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