指導主事が学テ上位の秋田に学ぶ /スマホ制限統一ルール徹底を 岡山

指導主事が学テ上位の秋田に学ぶ /スマホ制限統一ルール徹底を 岡山

Supervisors learn to Akita Gakute higher

In an attempt to learn the Akita Prefecture of efforts to continue the performance higher at the national achievement test of elementary and junior high school students, Okayama Prefecture, and workshops that target the guidance secretary of municipal board of education is the 20th, there in the Okayama Prefectural Education Center of Yoshikawa Chuo millet , Hamada Jun Akita Univ., Associate Professor, who served as deputy director education until 2010 in Akita Prefecture were lecture.
Hamada Associate Professor, on the academic improvement was important to cultivate the problem-solving ability of students, pointed out that "thought the children themselves, to talk with classmates, important lessons are summarized by writing on paper." It is assumed indispensable cooperation of home, it was explained that you have taught the children of teaching methods to parents.
Of the same test, and stressed about the correct answer rate of B problem that application force is asked is high, the "explore the challenges of regions such as population decline issue of Akita Prefecture" It's results that has continued from 1993 fiscal hometown education '", I complained of a sustained effort.
Under the auspices of the county board of education, the prefecture of supervisors about 80 people attended. Hamada Associate Professor 21, also speaking at principal workshop to be held in Tsuyama.

The smartphone limit unified rules thorough

Okayama Prefecture K-12 PTA Federation Council is the 20th, in the training tournaments opened in Okayama city, proper along the use of elementary and junior high school students smartphone and mobile phone into a unified rules of prefectural board of education to limit 21:00 or later it was confirmed that it will promote the use.
In greeting of about 1,500 PTA officials participated opening ceremony and called the Tsuchiya Takashi chairman of county PTA Federation. Tsuchiya Chairman bullying occurs on the Internet, from the fact that in some cases the children meet to crime victims as "(by unified rules) parent is likely to care, children (the reply of finding a partner) can make the otherwise noted friendly environment" said.
Guests of Italian wood Ryuta governor "unified rules be important in order to make a positive habits of life and learning. Understanding and want the cooperation" and, Ito Fumie Prefecture education deputy director "home, community, children at school was determined to want "provided an opportunity to consider the correct usage.
There is also a school of activities announcement, local contribution activities such as Wake Shizutani sales sightseeing volunteer guide, Wake stand Fujino Small was reported on "Children School" that children in the town to experience the Bizen and canoeing.



Kangyo struck by waterfall in Okayama, Longquan Temple

One of the 20th Solar term "Daikan". Although being the most cold season of the year, Okayama prefecture not flow is cold, the lowest temperature of the morning 4-1 degrees higher than normal, it became warm morning par early from late February April.
Minimum temperature of various places, seeing new Okayama city center 4.2 degrees (average year 1 · 0 degrees) Kurashiki 2 · 0 degrees (same 0-0 degrees) Tsuyama 1 · 4 degrees (same minus 1, 8 degrees) city Sen'ya below freezing 2 · 5 degrees (same 4.3 degrees) was like.
In Longquan Temple Okayama, Kita-ku, Shimoashimori best textbook mountain of, there is a Kangyo carried out to suit every year to Daikan, about 10 people worshipers were struck by waterfall from 6:00. That said temperature exceeds the average year, falling water is cold to biting, worshipers can pray innocently to fit the hand, had cleansed the mind and body.
Okayama Local Meteorological Observatory is "21 and 22 days since rain .23 days under the influence of pressure trough is covered in high pressure, maximum temperature becomes higher than normal" has been forecast with.

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Concrete plan in tram Okayama Station served

Okayama looking to fly to the JR Okayama Station East Exit Square tram is the 20th, as concrete plan of 4 proposal that was presented last year, showed a different total of 12 patterns, such as the trajectory of laying routes and estimated project cost. Until the end of March to I aim to narrow down the adoption pattern.
4 draft, to extend the line from a stop current Okayama power "plane fly" ▽ is Elevated from the front of the electricity stops, to connect with the east-west communication passage of the second floor station "elevated fly" ▽ diving from the front of the power stop and established a new Dentoma to adjacent land of underground shopping center "underground fly" ▽ not fly the tram in the square, connecting the east and west stop contact passage and the same power "pedestrian deck installation".
"Plane" in three patterns, both of which established the Dentoma in the square. 1 pattern drive over the square center. 2 pattern that remains is provided a Dentoma to square south, the taxi stand I will Elevated.
"Elevated" is also presented the three patterns. Considering the effect of elevated strut has on underground mall, and with a change in the connection position between the east and west communication passage.
"Underground" showed two patterns such as connecting to existing underground passage just below the front of the station stop power.
"Deck" is most of the four patterns. Three of patterns in linear deck, connecting the stop Okayama Station and Station power. Remain one pattern Meguraseru a circular deck.
Estimated project cost is 900 million ¥ 80 million most small amount in a pattern Train to square center in the "plane". The most expensive is 4.6 billion 10 million yen per pattern of "elevated". Transfer distance between the JR is "elevated" is the shortest, the "underground", "deck" is difficult to shorten the distance.
Concrete plan was revealed in the second meeting of the research study committee that opened in the same city (Chair Abe Hiroshi Okayama Vice President). Attended bus and taxi operators, residents representatives is said, such as "I want to to the appropriate plan in the face of major cities," "future, I want to consider the possibility of extending the tram to the city hall muscle" was.
The city is to narrow down the pattern with reference to the discussion of this day, scheduled to be shown at the next meeting, which was to prospect the end of March. Filters are also likely to be multiple patterns.

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