岡山のカフェでカレーの企画展 「カレーライスの日」の22日

岡山のカフェでカレーの企画展 「カレーライスの日」の22日
Exhibition of curry in Okayama of Cafe 22 of "curry rice of the day"

The 22nd of "curry rice of the day", exhibition of the curry theme began in Naka-ku ichi of Higashiyama? Cafe Okayama. Curry lover of potter is made was bowl, garnish of pickles, and introduce the recipe book. During the exhibition until February 3, also I can taste special curry.
Okayama Prefecture inside and outside of the ceramic artist and glass artist 3 people dishes and cutlery rest was produced, pitcher, about 200 points, such as glass and exhibition. Bottling of maker of handmade pickles "Dill & Anise" (Kurashiki), slow motion bookstore (Okayama) is aligned well as recipe books and essays collection of a selection, either I can buy.
As lunch limited menu in time (11:30 to 14:30) to match the exhibition, rich flavor of basil and soy milk "mushroom and chicken green curry", and use plenty of ginger and beans (Dal) two kinds (each 900 yen) of "tomato and Darukare of ginger (ginger)" is also provided.
"Curry to fit without a rice, vessel that made thinking for curry the colors and shapes come perfect even Serve the other dishes. Come to take in hand" potter sender Itokena-ko's to exhibit a = city Naka-ku. 10:00 to 16:00. The 31st and rest is February 1st. Inquiry ichi cafe (086 273 7336).
岡山のカフェでカレーの企画展 「カレーライスの日」の22日

 「カレーがごはんでなくても合うように、カレー用に色や形を考えて作った器はほかの料理を盛り付けてもぴったりくる。ぜひ手に取って」と出展する陶芸家の千田稚子さん=同市中区。午前10時~午後4時。31日と2月1日は休み。問い合わせはichi cafe(086 273 7336)。
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<イオンモール岡山>開業後調査 商店主ら「回遊客少ない」 集客へイベントの提案も--岡山商議所 /岡山

<イオンモール岡山>開業後調査 商店主ら「回遊客少ない」 集客へイベントの提案も--岡山商議所 /岡山

イオンモール スケッチ いめーじ.jpg
after opening investigation merchants et al., "Little excursion guests" proposed events to attract customers - Okayama Chamber of Commerce office / Okayama

◇ also this spring, and the state-of-move verification of shoppers

Aeon Mall last December Okayama (Kita-ku Shimoishii 1) After opening, Okayama city center of Okayama Chamber of Commerce that merchants et al feels "less shoppers stretch the legs around the mall from Mall" I was found in the investigation of the place. The Tour of the ion mall store openings, or city was expecting to attract customers of "synergy with existing mall". Chamber of Commerce office examines such as state-of-move shoppers from, and hopes lead to improvement of migratory.

Okayama Chamber of Commerce office this month 5 to 9, were interviewed in 13 shopping street of officers of the city center. The influence of ion mall opened, "migratory guests none" (city Shimonomura cho shopping Association), "migration to distant shopping street from the mall is not" there was a response such as (Netherlands Road shopping street).

Voice of the "there is no effect on the number of customers even after the opening" to center around JR Okayama Station train guests who come to the mall, etc. through was also noticeable. "More of the mall has a higher age group of customers, do not overlap customer base" seems there are many merchants feel that.

Expected to attract customers by improving effect of migratory is high, suggestions such as "to run a new route of the bus," "held events around Nishikawa between the mall and the prefectural government" also were received.

Okayama Chamber of Commerce office is the 20th, announced the survey results. Okazaki Akira President as "On the basis of the economic effects and the surrounding traffic measures, there is a need to verify the course of post-mall opening", in collaboration with Okayama, indicates its intention to examine the state-of-move shoppers from even this spring was.
<イオンモール岡山>開業後調査 商店主ら「回遊客少ない」 集客へイベントの提案も--岡山商議所 /岡山






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