バレンタイン商戦 岡山で本格化 / 買い物難民テーマの映画 岡山公開へ (予言の書 「イオンモール岡山」が消える日?)

バレンタイン商戦 岡山で本格化 / 買い物難民テーマの映画 岡山公開へ
(予言の書 「イオンモール岡山」が消える日?)
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バレンタイン商戦 岡山で本格化
「イオンモール岡山」ができでどうなる? バレンタイン商戦!
買い物難民テーマの映画 岡山公開へ
バレンタイン商戦 岡山で本格化
Earnest in the Valentine season Okayama

Before Valentine's Day, Okayama shop Tenmaya (Okayama, Kita-ku, table Town) October 23, opened a department that has attracted the world of chocolate to 6 Kaiashikawa hall. Nationwide received a're growing ahead of schedule trend of shopping season, the earliest to start in the past in the same store. I was crowded with a lot of female customers from day one.
Home and abroad 140 Brand total about 1800 kinds Zurari. Set of chocolate craftsman (chocolatiers) from six of chocolate to represent France has entered one by one (3240 yen) and luxury chocolate (6 pieces, ¥ 3,564) of Belgium established manufacturer are lined up like.
According to the same store, in the February 14th is Saturday this year, the schools and the workplace to be a holiday many, reduces the Giri choco, can be seen as the proportion of the favorite and for their own increases. Shopping visited the city, Higashi-ku, housewife (50) said, "many chocolate you can not buy only this season, even if a little high was spurt for myself. I want to buy a for gifts for husband When Valentine is approaching" have had.
Okayama prefecture of other commercial facilities, Okayama Takashimaya (city Kita-ku Honcho) is opened in the 28th the department that collects 1500 type. Ion Okayama store (same Shimoishii) and Ito-Yokado Okayama store (same) in 14 days have deployed Valentine corner.
バレンタイン商戦 岡山で本格化

買い物難民テーマの映画 岡山公開へ

 24日は午後1時40分スタートで計5回上映。2月6日まで(上映回数は日によって異なる)。一般当日1200円(前売り千円)、同高校生以下千円。問い合わせは同ファクトリーの吉田さん(090 7994 1585)。
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国会図書館デジタル資料コピー(有料)可 岡山県立図書館

国会図書館デジタル資料コピー(有料)可 岡山県立図書館
Diet digital materials copy (surcharge) Yes Okayama Prefectural Library

Okayama Prefectural Library (Okayama, Kita-ku, Marunouchi) began a paid copy service of the National Diet Library can be viewed in the hotel (Tokyo) digital materials. Target is difficult material about 1.38 million points available in such out-of-print. So far was viewing only.
Digital documents, books about 510,000 points that have been published and 1960s from the Meiji era, old book about 20 000 points, the general public has not been published magazine about 730,000 points, doctoral thesis about 120 000 points.
View last year in January, begins with a free object in the prefecture resident or work or study in person, a total of about 110 people were employed in one year. To more easily utilize the article corresponds to copy this month 14 days. Copy one per black-and-white is 20 yen, color at 70 yen, can choose B5 ~ A3-size size.
Prefectural Library are to be "more help should to examine products and research. I want to take advantage of the digital materials".
Digital document delivery National Diet Library is through the Internet. Prefectural library has gained permission, it can be seen in two-site computer.
According to the prefectural library, prefecture public library that you can view and copy the National Diet Library digital document there is a Public Library Town, Nagi.
国会図書館デジタル資料コピー(有料)可 岡山県立図書館

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理大付、センバツ出場決定 / 岡山・吉備津神社で消防訓練

With redirecting the, selection participation decision

87th selection High School Baseball Tournament (March 21 to 12 between-Koshien) selection committee is the 23rd to determine the participation of schools, held in Osaka city, played 32 schools have been determined. Local vigor with redirecting the (Okayama) is the fifth time the first time in '17, Hideaki (Kagawa) is happy debutants. Okayama is the first time in two years, Kagawa has regained selection ticket for the first time in four years, Hiroshima three consecutive years contestants had.
With redirecting the domination is the Okayama Prefecture tournament last fall. China tournament end of extension in the final, but was Sekihai to Ube Otori-jo (Yamaguchi), I was runner-up. Hideaki was won the Shikoku tournament.
In response to "Spring of news", both schools was boiled in delight. The with redirecting the (Okayama, Kita-ku, redirecting the Town) will be contacted to 3:30 pm too, you can embrace the 60 people staff heard the good news, detonated the joy by or jumping. Baseball OB and protection have also rushed to blessing.
Koshien played with a redirecting the milestone in spring and summer total 10 degrees, after a long time and the first time in eight years also including the summer. Last spring, the continuous participation of selection is breakthrough in the big stage is expected of the "comeback" as Okayama bias was interrupted in '13.
The draw is the Osaka city on March 13.


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