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イオンモール岡山 地図


「地方創生」せっかち禁物 人づくりは時間必要 慶應義塾大学法学部教授 片山善博氏
Okayama Station and the Oka power and ion mall Okayama "lead" the day, might be the city vary greatly

The Okayama running is the most short tram in Japan. Management company is called "Okayama Electric Tramway", it also was open to have a history of over 100 years and in 1912, operating distance is only about 4.8 km in two lines. Also was only about 5.2 km at the peak.
Nicknamed "Oka power". 1968 or by introducing a one-man operation to, or to birth to Japan's first female streetcar motorman in 1991, you can disconnect the stunned the industry by introducing a low-floor vehicles "MOMO", in the "cat Tama stationmaster" and take over the famous Wakayama DenTetsu from Nankai Electric Railway -. Famous as ambitious company the size of the assignment (see: The version up to the "Tama Train", "cat ears" popular in Wakayama Electric Railway).

In such Oka power there is also weak points.
Origin station there is a "Okayama stop field" But, distance from JR Okayama Station to approximately 180 meters. Ride for home was beyond the city hall muscle (Station intersection), located in the central part of Momotaro Boulevard. To arrive to must go through or underground shopping area across the ground crosswalk.

Transfer from the Oka power to JR Okayama Station farther, I is allowed to get off at the rear of the drop-off for the home more than 20 meters.

Although cars and trams have been fulfilled in front of the station congestion mitigation in that it is separated, a little confusing for people who came from other regions. People with weak people and large luggage of legs also will that I think "I wish I had Norere from before Okayama Station".

Very of that shorten the approximately 180 m

City that you want close to the more Okayama Station a streetcar, (1) plane fly, (2) elevated fly, (3) underground fly, has published the (4) fly not to pedestrian deck installation, 4 draft.

In review meeting of January 21, 2015 In addition, we presented three patterns in the plane, three patterns in the elevated, two patterns in the basement, a total of 12 patterns of four patterns on the deck.

The project cost is not applied most It's plane fly (1). However to which may cause congestion for traversing the city hall muscle, should not be relocated without a portion of the east exit square bus terminal by the pattern. And because the ticket gate of JR is in the 2F and B1F, transfer visitors from JR, it is necessary to climb up and down the stairs.

While thorough separation of cars and trams, it is in the basement of whether elevated If you close the outage to Okayama Station (2) (3).

(2) elevated to, but ideal in that it can be closest to the JR wicket of 2F, project cost of up to 4.61 billion yen consuming.

It's underground proposal (3), Station Square directly under the much distance because they spread underground mall will not Chijimara. Also somewhat confusing is the landing position for JR users.

Does not change the distance according to transfer the deck proposal (4). I much trouble can be reduced to at most getting on and off the stairs.
However there is an advantage. To proceed with 2014 also lead to ion Mall Okayama district, which opened on December 17, increases migration of the pedestrian.

In order to further enliven the booming Ekimae

Aeon Mall Okayama, opened away from JR Okayama Station is a 5-minute walk to the December 17, 2014. On the second floor above ground 8 basement, total floor area 250,000 square meters, it's also a huge commercial facility total leased area 92,000 square meters. Number of specialty store and food tenant also put about 400. Parking is about 2500. No doubt one of the best scale of the also in western Japan (see: toilet of "women force high too," said the topic of Okayama ion mall still amazing).

As Okayama Station of JR Okayama Station and Oka electricity are connected by underground shopping center, JR and ions are connected by underground shopping center and the underground passage. Traffic volume compared with the previous ion practice is that ballooned to 90-fold.

Aeon Mall Okayama underground passage ♪ Now pic.twitter.com/ltCrdYmnNl
- Butubutu727 (butubutu727) 2015, 1 月 13

It is possible to be in convenient transfer of JR and Oka power, even in the city center as well as ion wonder there is a feeling that I want carrying foot.

Local Chamber of Commerce and civic groups are not only east exit plaza served, has been demand for often a stretch of Oka power. But it is reality is not quite proceed before.
Oka power's local Ryobi group sequences rather than municipal. Whether there is expected to be recovered even if capital investment, it might be looking severe.

City owns the equipment, there is also a way that Oka electricity is responsible only operation. On the other hand there is also the voice of "I want to give priority to road maintenance of the annular portion" in.
If significantly up passengers realized Station Square served by, momentum of tram reinstatement is, might spread to the whole country, not only Okayama.

愛称は「岡電」。1968年にワンマン運転を導入したり、1991年に日本初の女性路面電車運転士を誕生させたり、低床車「MOMO」を導入して業界の度肝を抜いたり、「猫のたま駅長」で有名な和歌山電鐵を南海電鉄から引き継いだり――。規模の割に意欲的な会社として有名だ(参照:和歌山電鉄で人気の「たま電車」 「猫耳」にバージョンアップ)。







一番事業費がかからないのは (1)の平面乗り入れだ。ただし市役所筋を横断するため渋滞を引き起こす可能性があるし、パターンによっては東口広場のバスターミナルの一部を移設しなくてはいけない。そしてJRの改札は2FとB1Fにあるので、JRからの乗り換え客は階段を上り下りする必要がある。








イオンモール岡山 地下通路♪ナウ pic.twitter.com/ltCrdYmnNl
- butubutu727 (butubutu727) 2015, 1月 13



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「でーれーガールズ」PR   イオンモール岡山

「でーれーガールズ」PR イオンモール岡山
優希美青さん スケッチ.jpg

足立梨花さん スケッチ.jpg

桃瀬美咲さん スケッチ7.jpg
"Day Re over Girl" PR ion Mall Okayama

◇ performers have found in the preview of the North Ward

Okayama is complete showcase premiere of the stage of the movie "Day Re over Girl" is the 25th, is done in ion Mall Shimoishii Okayama, Kita-ku, Okayama, Yuki Yoshiao YukiMio's starring (15) and Rika Adachi Rika (22) et al greeting, a movie I was PR. Misaki Momose Misaki, who played the friend role of hero in the city-born (21) the same day, he was also the 1st chief of Okayama central station.

The original story writer Maha Harada-san (52), wrote on the basis of the youth spent in Okayama novel. Movie, and we have taken a full-length in Okayama, preceding published in Okayama from February 14, is published in the nation from the 21st.

In the preview, large nine many Akiko Director (46) and Yuki-san, Adachi-san, the Momose Mr. stage greeting, Adachi's a work that jammed "Okayama attractive, depicting friendship and adult friendship of school days have., if I have sympathy for people of various generations "and was PR.

About 400 people admission to the premiere. Okayama Naka-ku Kadotahon Town, N company employee Uchihara Takashio of (24) "In friendship theme, men and women I thought enjoy regardless. I know the location is out a lot, a sense of intimacy was dwarf" talking to was.

◇ Okayama born-Momose's the 1st chief

Momose san attend to crime prevention awareness event was held at JR Okayama Station East as one day chief of Okayama central station, Adachi-san was rushed to cheer as surprise guest.

With volunteers from about 100 people involved in the safety area of the Shoin and tube, was handed out to people who come and go the flyers and hand towel, bag 300 set that contains such as Notepad to call attention to traffic accidents and special fraud.

Momose Mr. "safe and secure and Day Re over good town, in order to Okayama, I want to call for security. Let's liven up the Okayama in you" and was talking cheerfully.
「でーれーガールズ」PR イオンモール岡山









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