国公立大2次試験 受け付け開始 /岡山県立高競争率 最低1.08倍

国公立大2次試験 受け付け開始 /岡山県立高競争率 最低1.08倍

国公立大2次試験 受け付け開始
Kokkoritsudai secondary test acceptance start

Kokkoritsudai secondary test of application acceptance is the 26th, began in 164 schools, including the Okayama (Okayama, Kita-ku, Tsushimanaka) such as Okayama prefecture three schools. Candidates application by selecting the aspiring university based on the results of the National Center Test for University Admissions, which is carried out in two days of 17 and 18. It is closed on February 4.
According to the Ministry of Education, National 82 schools to accept the application, in the public 82 schools, recruiting personnel about 10 million people. National 43 schools of 121 undergraduate, public schools 18 37 faculties is to notice the "two-step selection" that Monzenbarai the result of center test.
From the secondary test the previous fiscal year schedule is February 25, late schedule is March 12 or later. Medium-term schedule of some Koritsudai is performed on or after March 8.
Okayama in Okayama Prefecture, Prefectural University (Soja Kuboki), start to accept in Niimi Koritsudai (Niimi west). Peak of application I have seen the February 2nd.
Recruiting personnel Okayama is the previous fiscal year 1488 people of general entrance examination, a total of 1752 people who late 264. Prefectural University 183 people the previous fiscal year, medium-term 61 people, a total of 267 people people late 23. Niimi Koritsudai the previous year 40 people, a total of 48 people late eight. Faculties and departments by applicants circumstances of each university, is published in each of the home page.
国公立大2次試験 受け付け開始

岡山県立高競争率 最低1.08倍

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<阪神大震災20年>赤磐で「生きている」実感 神戸から移住の三俣さん夫妻、体験語りや防災ボランティア /岡山

<阪神大震災20年>赤磐で「生きている」実感 神戸から移住の三俣さん夫妻、体験語りや防災ボランティア /岡山

阪神・淡路大震災20年 「1.17」(戦後70年)
The "live" feel Mitsumata his wife of immigration from Kobe Akaiwa, experience words and disaster prevention volunteer / Okayama

◇ "consisting support position"

This month the 17th, was celebrated 20 years from the occurrence of the Great Hanshin Earthquake that issued the 6434 victims. Do not forget the earthquake who lost family and friends, ... you want to take over the experience to the next generation. I last year in charge, "the earthquake in '20" coverage from the fall, I met many victims. How do live in the "alive the life" in the earthquake. How capitalize on future of disaster the Hanshin experience. I want to tell the words that have been committed from the victims.

In prefectural San'yodanchi Sanyo Akaiwa that is about 30 households were affected by the Great Hanshin Earthquake live, there are women who work as disaster prevention officer. He moved from Nagata-ku, Kobe City in April 1995 It's Yasuko Mitsumata (70). "I city of Kobe is nostalgic, I want to find the way of my own," said, was to get the disaster prevention officer of private qualification in 2013.

Yasuko-san '94 autumn, underwent breast cancer surgery. Earthquake occurs in the January 17, 95 of Just when I thought that it "will become healthy." OttoYasushi Yuki (78), son (46), but is home to live with second son (40) remaining in the neighborhood many houses collapsed, I was burnt in the fire. Though it may be a person in the room, can not be extinguished without water. To people crouch in the rubble of the city, Yuki Yasushi did not even put voice.

The next day, to the house of Yasuko-san of Okayama eldest daughter (48), Yuki et al Yasushi another life began with such as a home. Yuki Yasushi March, retirement a trading company of Kobe obtained by reducing the scale in the earthquake. April at his wife, and was moving into San'yodanchi with one's dog. It has been repair the home with the intention of the temporary evacuation, can situation to let go the forced house in '97, it was decided to live in earnest in San'yodanchi.

Life in Akaiwa City, trains and buses were also far from the Kobe city through frequently. However, Mr. Yasuko one by one, found a "meaning to live here." Asahi of beauty that is visible from the window, use the grass similar to Kaya in the promenade making "goodwill" .... Volunteer in contact with people with disabilities has led to ties with people. Letter that says "Thank you" is reach, and each other laugh as "See you again in the event of one year after". Such was realized that "alive got a new power" in day-to-day.

After the couple emigrated, was also overcome various diseases. When Yasuko is to discharge the hospital in 1997, was encouraged to bouquet of sunflowers eldest daughter gave. When asked why he chose the sunflower to eldest daughter, "because mon it's mother." Yasuko felt that "I is to make known the will to stand up in the new environment."

In March 2011, the Great East Japan Earthquake occurred. The couple was recalled the experience of post-disaster in the Hanshin. "I defend it because it does not win the natural disaster." Yasuko-san '13, get the disaster prevention officer. Last year in December, in preparation of the city's disaster prevention event, "in the victims side in the Akan" from fellow hung a voice and, "I do it become in a position to support the victims," I realize that.

'20 From the Great Hanshin Earthquake. The couple if requested, has been telling the experience in the prefecture. Speak with "but in the earthquake-delimited do not tell, do not Ika walked toward the front".
<阪神大震災20年>赤磐で「生きている」実感 神戸から移住の三俣さん夫妻、体験語りや防災ボランティア /岡山













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