老舗旅館「加賀屋」接客の極意は 岡山

老舗旅館「加賀屋」接客の極意は 岡山
The innermost secret of long-established store Japanese-style hotel "Kaga shop" service Okayama?

The "Okayama hospitality cramming school" where he plans for improvement of hospitality consciousness to the tourist who visits Okayama-ken (Sanyo Shinbun company sponsorship) held Sanyo Shinbun company in Okayama-shi Kita-ku Yanagi-machi at a ta hole on the 25th, and Oda yo Yukihiko in a long-established store Japanese-style hotel in Ishikawa-ken and Wakura hot spring "Kaga shop" (He gave up and pulled.) showed the innermost secret of the service a president (46) has grown for a long time.
Though 1450 people are a large Japanese-style hotel in sleeping accommodations, Kaga seller of 1906 year foundation is spangled with tenderhearted service successively for 35 years in the 1st place of total of "the Japanese hotel and 100 elections of Japanese-style hotel a professional chooses" (travel newspaper Arata company sponsorship). President Oda "carries to provide for the smiling face it's easy to speak to which and read visitor's needs accurately without exception" about a reason of evaluation, a catch is explained.
If it "was when the person who serves guests gave priority to his arrangements, and communication with a visitor wasn't enough, that the claim tends to occur on it", it was pointed out, and "It's the mission that hotel business entertains a guest and pours energy tomorrow. I had to make a hospitality (heart of hospitality) compatible with accuracy for it." was stated.
About 300 people attend a lecture. There was also a social gathering with which President Oda was surrounded.
老舗旅館「加賀屋」接客の極意は 岡山

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「全庁挙げ人口減克服」知事表明 岡山

「全庁挙げ人口減克服」知事表明 岡山
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okayama  ume.png
"The whole agency giving population decrease, conquest" governor expression Okayama

On the 24th, a February regular Okayama prefectural assembly begins the session. Lumping introduced 61 bills the first's general account budget in fiscal year 2015 at 705,570,000,000 yen, and Ibaraki Ryuta governor explained a suggestion reason. A governor expressed "He mentioned the whole agency and wrestled for conquest of a population decrease problem and continuous developed realization in a prefecture."
Related business of the local creation was being incorporated into the budget at first, and we assumed "Conversion to the society with which local energy supports growth in the whole country corrected Tokyo overconcentration and was desired." for a governor.
It was mentioned that it was collected overall with a supplementary budget in fiscal year 14 which corresponds to a national economic policy in case of budgetary process at first, and "Activation of regional economic and a cogon, oh, I was wrestling without a break for creation." were stated.
About fiscal year 15 which becomes the middle of the prefectural administration middle action plan which makes the educational revival and the industrial development a pillar "living way (I'm here.) putting plan" (14-fiscal year 16), "The thing which shows a visible outcome to inhabitant of a prefecture and has them realize a change is also important to the purpose to which a gear of virtuous cycle is turned.", I accentuated.
About education, "I have also begun to be out to the case which took back the environment that you can take the lesson calmly. Even if it'll take time, I have to accomplish the renaissance of education prefecture Okayama certainly.", the will was indicated.
I adjourn on the 25th and 26th. There is representatives' interpellation on the 27th. A session has decided 24 days until March 19.

「全庁挙げ人口減克服」知事表明 岡山

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岡山大学 2次試験.jpg
Okayama University is 3 universities, meeting place preparations

A meeting place was prepared on the 24th at the Okayama University Tsushima campus (in Okayama-shi Kita-ku Tsushima), the prefectural university (Kuboki, Soja-shi) and the Niimi public university (Nishigata, Niimi-shi) which become a test meeting place in Okayama-ken with the secondary test of national and public universities which starts on the 25th (the first term schedule) at the front, and students preparing for taking an examination visited in inspection.
A staff stuck an examinee's number on a desk in each classroom and recorded a subject of a test and time on a white board at Okayama University. A student preparing for taking an examination was comparing an examinee's number with a meeting place schematic of a bulletin board.
The boy of the Joto high school who takes an examination for Okayama University department of economics (18), "The result of which I think wasn't in by a national center test for university, I'd like to exhaust a force as the first step to achieve the target which becomes an official servant.", I spoke.
On the 25th, Okayama University, from 9:00am, a foreign language and a short essay. Niimi public university interviews a short essay from 10:30am science, mathematics and a short essay from 10:00am for a prefectural university. There is interview from 9:00am on the 26th for medicine of Okayama University and a department of dentistry.
Announcement of the result of the examination, the Niimi public large, March 5, Okayama University and a prefectural university are 6 days.
The extra bus with which a okaden bus ties the JR Okayama station western exit and Okayama University on the 25th, dispatch. As soon as the said 10:50 and from Okayama University become full both from the said 6:00 at 2:30pm at 7:00am from Okayama station, it's left.


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