シーガルズ、初戦は1位久光製薬 岡山

シーガルズ、初戦は1位久光製薬 岡山
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シーガルズ 美人 サポーター ガッツ.jpg
SHIGARUZU and the first match are about 1 Okayama of Hisamitsu Pharmaceutical.

A regular round of volleyball V and a premiere league ended for 22 days, and an opposing team of the playoff 6 teams of dominance contests "final 6" was decided. The first match of Okayama SHIGARUZU of a 3rd place of girl (28 days and Osaka-shi center gymnasium) was Hisamitsu Pharmaceutical of about 1 and a crashed attention card.
1st game of 6 team takes on at having no losing tickets in final 6. I have 6th place every 1 point even 0 points from 5 points, and a 1st place of point is given according to the order of the regular round. SHIGARUZU has it and 2nd place of the NEC (March 7), about 6 Hitachi (14 days), about 5 Toray Industries (15 days) and about 4 Ageo MEDIKKUSU (22 days) are with Hisamitsu Pharmaceutical competition as a start by a start from point 3, I take on in turn. The victory 1 is added to World Cup point 2 and loss, and by which victories of a full set are other ones, 3 and loss are 0.
Final about 6-1 advances towards a final (April 4 and Tokyo gymnasium), hangs Japanese best with a semifinal (March 28 and Xebio arena Sendai) winner by 2 or about 3 and fights. ◇... Schedule... in female final 6,◇,▽ 28 day (the Osaka-shi center, gymnasium) Ageo? Hitachi Hisamitsu Pharmaceutical? SHIGARUZU NEC? Toray Industries▽ March 7 (Kyoto and Hannah Leeds arena) NEC? SHIGARUZU Ageo? Toray Industries▽ 8 day (the said) Hisamitsu Pharmaceutical? Toray Industries NEC? Hitachi▽ for 14 days (Tokyo and Ota-ku overall gymnasium), NEC-Ageo SHIGARUZU - Hitachi▽ 15 day (the said) Hisamitsu Pharmaceutical - Ageo SHIGARUZU - Toray Industries▽ 21 day (Kagoshima, arena) Hisamitsu Pharmaceutical? NEC Toray Industries - Hitachi▽ 22 day (the said) Hisamitsu Pharmaceutical - Hitachi SHIGARUZU - Ageo
シーガルズ、初戦は1位久光製薬 岡山

 ファイナル6の1位が優勝決定戦(4月4日・東京体育館)に進み、2、3位による準決勝(3月28日・ゼビオアリーナ仙台)勝者と日本一を懸けて戦う。◇…女子ファイナル6の日程…◇▽28日(大阪市中央体育館)上尾?日立久光製薬?シーガルズNEC?東レ▽3月7日(京都・ハンナリーズアリーナ)NEC?シーガルズ上尾?東レ▽8日(同)久光製薬?東レNEC?日立▽14日(東京・大田区総合体育館)NEC-上尾 シーガルズ-日立▽15日(同)久光製薬-上尾 シーガルズ-東レ▽21日(鹿児島アリーナ)久光製薬?NEC東レ-日立▽22日(同)久光製薬-日立 シーガルズ-上尾
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〔黄砂〕西日本~北陸の広い範囲で観測 見通し数kmの地点も 岡山

〔黄砂〕西日本~北陸の広い範囲で観測 見通し数kmの地点も
岡山 天気 Livedoor


・視程6km    長崎
・視程7km    下関(山口県)
・視程10km以上 福岡、佐賀、大分、鹿児島

・視程8km    鳥取
・視程10km以上 広島、岡山、松江

・視程10km以上 高松、松山

・視程10km以上 大阪、神戸、京都、彦根(滋賀県)

・視程8km    金沢
・視程10km以上 福井、富山


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「でーれーガールズ」東京公開 足立梨花らが岡山ロケの思い出語る

「でーれーガールズ」東京公開 足立梨花らが岡山ロケの思い出語る

TVのメディア(アッコ におまかせ)など に取り上げられていたが・・・。世間の人の反応は、いかに・・・! 岡山のPR効果は? どうだろうか? 大河ドラマ 軍師 官兵衛 (黒田官兵衛)を越えることができるか?
「でーれーガールズ」の女優が、ホリプロ と 元 宝塚 に偏っているのが・・、気になるね!

まあ、「イオンモール岡山」のイオンシネマ をみれば、わかるかも・・・・?
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優希美青さん スケッチ.jpg
足立梨花さん スケッチ.jpg
桃瀬美咲さん スケッチ7.jpg
"DERE girls" Tokyo opening to the public Adachi pear flowers and others are Okayama location, I think out and tell.

A double star work "DERE girls" smash hit fee stage greeting of Yuki beauty blue and Adachi pear flower was human trust movie Shibuya on February 22, and Adachi, anran Kei, a white feather lily, Momose Misaki, Chika Yamane and Ooku Akiko director stood as a stage greeting.

Motosaku was opened ahead by Okayama-ken which became a stage of a work and was the opening to the public first day at the other whole country in Tokyo on this day. The numbers of the famous place in Okayama are reflected in a street car, a spot in Okayama-shi such as Okayama-jo and the Kurashiki-shi esthetic area learned about as a tourist spot by a plot.

Adachi, "I was happy because I could see the various locations of Okayama. Tsurumi-bashi was the place of which I have a special feeling in particular.", I looked back to location. Momose from localness Okayama has the experience from which Motosaku commuted to the Sanyo school taken a picture of, "This uniform is put on actually, and, I went to school. Photography at its old school looked like tour meeting precocity of destiny, and I throbbed.", I seemed happy and spoke.

anran where Motosaku was a movie first appearance was glad about "it was a fun site with the feeling that a staff and a coactor are making with everyone. I was worried that (one) becomes a rise on the big screen, (warai) where it might be reflected very beautifully" and a screen debut. The white feather which performed Ayuko's 30 years later when Yuki disguises himself, "They were said to be from same Fukushima-ken with Yuki beauty blue, and when the atmosphere was similar, it was called. There was also anxiety which will perform 30 years later, (A complete work was seen, and.) the atmosphere might be similar.", a relieved expression was being shown.

A homonymous novel of Mr. Harada MAHA is an original work. An encounter and friendship of 2 girls are drawn by taking place in Okayama in 1980. Ayuko who has transferred from Tokyo (Yuki) will be Takemi (Adachi) in the same class with the atmosphere who grew up and a best friend, but 2 people quarrel from some events. When he meets Takemi who became a teacher again, Ayuko who became a cartoonist 30 years later talks about the secret you couldn't say.

「でーれーガールズ」東京公開 足立梨花らが岡山ロケの思い出語る





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