後楽園で春呼ぶ芝焼き 岡山

後楽園で春呼ぶ芝焼き 岡山

The spring called turf baked at Korakuen Okayama

The 4th of "first day of spring", at Korakuen in Okayama has a "turf baked", attendance enjoyed early spring annual event.
Happi appearance of workers about 10 people, and ignite the park lawn there about one-eight hectares in torches, spread flame that was fueled by the wind is a moment, I was dyed black grass withers of pale brown.
Lawn ware, and have done every year since 1965 in order to align the germination time of eggs of extermination and shoots of pests.
後楽園で春呼ぶ芝焼き 岡山

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Hayashibara, fossils and the specimens donated to Kurashiki

Hayashibara (Okayama, Kita-ku, Shimoishii) is the 4th, was donated fossil and skeletal specimens such as 335 points of flora and fauna to follow the evolution of organisms in Kurashiki. Advances the specimen registered in the same Museum of Natural History (the city center), and the general public as "Hayashibara Collection" in prospect this summer.
Awarded the fossils, there is a bone at the base of the primitive fish ▽ pectoral fin with a bone in the jaw called the 350 million years ago of the oldest seed plants ▽ plate skin (Banpi) s, from fish meat fin (hated) s, which corresponds to evolving to amphibians?, etc., there is a point in understanding the evolution of life. Skeletal preparations, such as deer and chimpanzees were also donated.
Visited the Ishigaki Shinobu director is city hall of Hayashibara Museum of Natural Sciences, I was handed a list to Ito Kaori mayor. Ishigaki director responded that it said, "collections that must be carried over to the next generation. I want you to take advantage of the research and education", Ito mayor "will tell posterity as a common property of mankind".
The museum, although not manage a sample of about 10 000 points, including about 7,000 points of Mongolia state-owned, such as dinosaur fossils, old-Hayashibara is bankrupt in 2011, which has been operated. Hayashibara was re-starting as a subsidiary of chemicals trading company specializing · Nagase (Osaka) advances the external transfer of philanthropic business, Mongolia state-owned fossil return, remain specimen has been transferred to such research institutions and museums.






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岡山大 2次試験は平均3.2倍

岡山大 2次試験は平均3.2倍
Okayama secondary test average 3.2 times

Ministry of Education, the 4th of Kokkoritsudai secondary test application deadline, announced the 3 o'clock current applicants situation afternoon. Number of applicants in the 455 491 people of 6763 people, down from the same time a year ago last day, magnification for recruiting personnel was 4 and 5 times, a decrease of 0, 1 point. Definite number of applicants and the magnification to announce on the 19th.
Volunteers Large (82 University 377 undergraduate) National in 332 694 people, magnification 4 · 1 times. Koritsudai (82 University 174 undergraduate) was 5.9-fold in 122 797 people.
Okayama whereas recruiting personnel 1752 people of 11 undergraduate, in volunteers 5615 people, the average ratio is 3.2 times (previous year final 3.1-fold). The previous fiscal year schedule is 2 · 5-fold (same 2 · 5-fold), the late schedule 7 · 4 times (same 6.9-fold). Most magnification high of was 13, 4 times of Dentistry Department of late.
Okayama Prefectural Univ is filed is 2591 people in the recruitment of three undergraduate 267 people, average magnification 9.7 times (the same 10-1 times). Information Engineering medium term has become the most magnification is high in the medium term dates nationwide at 28, 9 times. Niimi Koritsudai 285 people volunteered to recruit personnel 48 people, was 5.9 times (the same 6.3-fold).
Hiroshima is filed is 7019 people in recruiting personnel 2007 people of 11 undergraduate, average magnification 3 · 5-fold (previous year last 3 · 7-fold). The previous fiscal year schedule is 2 · 6 times (same 2 · 9-fold), the late schedule 8-1 times (the same 8-0-fold), magnification top became a 20-5 times of Dentistry Department of late.
Prefectural Hiroshima is 2330 people were filed on 4 undergraduate 390 people recruiting personnel, the average ratio is 6 · 0 times (same 5.9-fold). 1979 people were filed on Hiroshima City Univ. 3 undergraduate 327 people recruiting personnel, 6-1 times (same 4-1 times). Fukuyama Univ. 1434 people were filed on 2 undergraduate 225 people of recruiting personnel, 6.4 times (the same 8.8-fold). Onomichi Univ is filed is 1466 people in recruiting personnel 203 people 2 undergraduate, was 7-double (same 9.3-fold).
Kagawa Univ applicant is 2895 people for recruiting personnel 912 people 6 undergraduate. The average ratio is 3.2 times (previous year last 4 · 1-fold). By schedule, the previous fiscal year 2 · 0-fold (same 2 · 9-fold), the late 6.3-fold (same 7-2-fold). Kagawa Prefectural Health Iryodai applicant is 261 people for 45 people recruiting personnel. Magnification became a five-eight times (same 4-6-fold).
岡山大 2次試験は平均3.2倍

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岡山県立高特別入試 2.28倍

岡山県立高特別入試 2.28倍
Okayama Prefectural High special entrance examination 2.28 times

Okayama Prefecture Board of Education is the 4th, announced the filing status of fiscal 2015 special entrance examination in the prefecture public high school. Commercial, and specialized departments such as industry, was carried out comprehensive department, with some infantry, Prefectural average competition rate of 41 schools to be out of the full-time at times 2, 28, was below the previous year 0 - 03 points.
Prefectural full-time is to recruit 3510 people, which corresponds to about 30% of the total capacity 11 960 people in the special entrance examination, 8010 people were filed. Increased 602 people from academic hope the time of the survey of last year in December.
41 schools 107 Department of two courses 2 Type 3 out of the field, the highest competition rate was 3 · 65 of Kurashiki Central Normal School children course, Kyohi Division of Home Economics was followed by 3 · 50 times. Capacity cracking was only Katsuyama Hiruzen school land infantry (0 · 25-fold).
Introduction schoolwide common academic achievement test (language, mathematics, English) the, interview, each school own writing, I do like to the 12 and 13 days practical. Special entrance examination were selected with an emphasis on sense of purpose and suitability of the student to notify the prospective of pass in the 20th.
Koraku Hall in the City, Tamano quotient, Kurashiki Shominami, participated four schools of Ryonan Mabi, carried out in the same schedule as the Prefectural.
Special entrance examination was introduced along with the abolition of self-recommendation entrance examination, the second year. In the last 14 fiscal special entrance examination, mistake is discovered in scoring 35 schools 391 people Prefectural.
County board of education has summarized the improvements last October, during the scoring as the grader can focus on each high school you can prohibit the school of current students, is provided with a score entry column of each small question and large question to answer sheet in policy or I have a "so that the mistake does not appear again, to again thoroughly before production" (high School Education Division).
岡山県立高特別入試 2.28倍


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