6次産業化「うまいもん」紹介 イオンモール岡山5階「おばあちゃんの台所」 / 表町商店街に巨大書道

6次産業化「うまいもん」紹介 イオンモール岡山5階「おばあちゃんの台所」
6 order industrialization "good mon" introduce ion Mall Okayama 5th floor "Grandma's kitchen"

In Bizen and Setouchi Okayama Prefecture Bizen residents stations tube, agricultural, commercial cooperation and sixth-order Industry Fair to PR the food that has been developed by the reduction (same residents stations sponsored) is the 7th, in a two-day schedule, North Okayama it began with ion Mall Okayama fifth floor of ward Shimoishii "Grandma's kitchen."
Same residents station, processed from agricultural production, promote the sixth-order industrialization to perform consistently to distribution and sales. When'll let you know widely the food in the tube that has been developed in these efforts, it was the first time open.
Introduce about 40 items in two days, to sell. 7 days herbal tea assortment (Okayama-dream farmer), jam using figs (Bizen · JA Okayamahigashi), and about 20 boiled syrup with Yari pear (Akaiwa-MomoShigemi thereof), such as four organizations lined item is.
At the venue, prefectural office staff and production we have appeal, such as good and affordability of quality. There is also a tasting, shoppers et al had touched the charm of goods of Bizen area.
6次産業化「うまいもん」紹介 イオンモール岡山5階「おばあちゃんの台所」


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岡山で通信教育の合同入学説明会 私立大学通信教育協会

岡山で通信教育の合同入学説明会 私立大学通信教育協会
Joint entrance briefing private university communication Education Association of communication education in Okayama

Organized by the private university communication Education Association, University of local, junior college, joint entrance briefing of communication course to join the graduate school a total of 39 schools (such as San'yoshinbunsha sponsored) is the 7th, in San'yoshinbunsha of Okayama, Kita-ku, Yanagimachi was opened.
Vocational school students and office workers aim to such skills and qualifications, the housewives about 230 people participated. And divided into each school booth, lectures and can be acquired by license and qualifications from faculty, for you can receive a description such as admission procedures, it was asking the brochure.
Company employee man of Okayama Kita-ku (25) has said, "it is possible to firmly discuss came to look for a university teaching license can take. Syllabus (annual learning plan) and teaching form, to feel one step closer to the dream." was.
According to the private university communication Education Association that 64 schools to join, because it has increased the number of university while declining birthrate progresses, a growing number of universities to provide a communication course towards a society of incorporation. Teacher's license and social workers other courses that qualify can take, such as the arts are popular as an opportunity for lifelong learning. Joint entrance briefing is that open across the country 10 cities.
岡山で通信教育の合同入学説明会 私立大学通信教育協会

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