「でーれーガールズ」岡山封切り =全編、岡山ロケの話題作がついに封切り=

「でーれーガールズ」岡山封切り =全編、岡山ロケの話題作がついに封切り=
優希美青さん スケッチ.jpg

足立梨花さん スケッチ.jpg

桃瀬美咲さん スケッチ7.jpg
「でーれーガールズ」岡山封切り =全編、岡山ロケの話題作がついに封切り=
"DERE girls" the work in topics of Okayama release = a whole book and Okayama location releases at last=.

The work in topics of a whole book and Okayama location releases at last,--. On the 14th, the preceding showing of the "DERE girls" who filmed a novel of Mr. author Harada MAHA on the Okayama-shi relation has started with ZION movie Okayama (the said city Kita-ku Shimoishii). The fan who couldn't wait thronged from a morning and enjoyed the female senior high school student's youth story developed by the familiar landscape it.
The film is shown on the screen of the western Japan maximum level (18 meters of width and 9 meters of height) from 9:30am. The most part was buried by reservation by the previous day, and 410 seats of audience could make the long line one just after the opening. The female of Takahashi-shi who lined up at 8:00am 1 hour ago when the said movie theater opens (42), "I wanted to see at even a little good seat. It's wonderful you're homesick somewhere, and how a warm original work is reflected by a picture, the pleasure" and eldest son of an elementary school for 6 years (12), "Fan of Mr. Adachi pear flower who performed 1 person of a main character. I'd like to see the form that Mr. Adachi shines at Okayama early.", I was speaking.
The uniform of "Okayama white heron girls' high school" which appears on a movie was exhibited in a screen entrance and exit way, and Juan and others who take a ceremonial picture were seen. Mr. former daughter role top white feather lily after showing the film, who are Ooku Akiko director, Mr. Adachi and Takarazuka Revue Company including Mr. Harada and Momose Misaki from Okayama-shi, a stage greeted.
The story by which "DERE girls" drew best friend's friendship by taking place in 1980 by a classmate with the female senior high school student who has moved to Okayama-shi from Tokyo. It was taken a picture of at a model high school in the Sanyo girl of a work at Mr. Harada's old school including Tsurumi-bashi near Korakuen in September of last year. An extra of total of 700 people of active junior and senior high school students participated.
The whole country opening to the public is 21 days.
「でーれーガールズ」岡山封切り =全編、岡山ロケの話題作がついに封切り=

「でーれー 中学生?!」





ももせ ポーズ スケッチ.jpg
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岡山・慈圭病院 新病棟4月稼働
I celebrate new ward completed in Okayama Jikeibyoin

The 14th in Jikeibyoin that specializes in mental illness (Okayama, Minami-ku, Urayasuhon Town), ceremony to celebrate completion the (HARUE) of new ward beginning is available from April (300 beds) is opened.
Medical, welfare officials about 160 people attended. Horii Shigeo director is "extensive treatment environment is in place. Toward the running, I want to continue to work to put the" heart "of the building," said the greeting, was tape cut. Sneak preview Following is carried out, the participants visited while receiving a description of the staff.
New ward is built in place of the two wards that aging of the existing three-ward (a total of 600 beds), rebar 8 Kainobe about 16,000 square meters. Generous to aim the early recovery of the patient by the corresponding, all including beds 96 floor of a private room of the acute phase, such as private room of the beds of nearly 70%, and is aimed at the improvement of hospitalization environment.
The February 15 to implement the sneak preview of the general public. Unnecessary and 10:00 to 15:00 reservation. Query the hospital (086 262 1191).

 2月15日は一般向けの内覧会を実施する。予約不要で午前10時~午後3時。問い合わせは同病院(086 262 1191)。
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<県>新年度予算案 一般会計6.9%増7056億円 教育・産業に重点配分 地方創生、先行対策も /岡山

<県>新年度予算案 一般会計6.9%増7056億円 教育・産業に重点配分 地方創生、先行対策も /岡山











・落ち着いた学習環境づくり 3億3947万円


・教師の教える技術向上 3億9167万円


・特別支援教育の推進 4351万円

・スマホ、ネット問題の対策推進 296万円

・産業団地の開発 1億624万円

・鳥獣被害の総合対策 6124万円

・林業サイクル再構築プロジェクト 16億9238万円

・難病対策 37億7514万円



・結婚サポート強化 2276万円

・出産できる環境づくり(不妊治療など) 600万円

・働く父親の育児参画支援(男性の育児休業取得への奨励金など) 2408万円


・岡山空港の国際定期路線維持、復活対策 6250万円

・首都圏での情報発信力強化 3499万円

・活力ある中小企業、小規模事業者の育成 7148万円


・岡山への移住促進 1193万円

・中山間地域の「つながる人」づくり強化(地域おこし協力隊の活動推進など) 6310万円

・おかやまマラソン開催(11月8日) 1億9930万円

震度=気象庁発表(14日23時21分) :地震(小規模)

震度=気象庁発表(14日23時21分) :地震(小規模)

震度速報=気象庁発表(6日10時27分) :地震(震度3以上)徳島で震度5強、岡山に被害なし

震度=気象庁発表(14日23時21分) :地震(小規模)







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でーれーガールズ製作委に感謝状 イオンモール岡山内「イオンシネマ岡山」/スタンプ集め「でーれー」見よう

でーれーガールズ製作委に感謝状 イオンモール岡山内「イオンシネマ岡山」/スタンプ集め「でーれー」見よう

「一日警察署長」 桃瀬美咲 スケッチ.jpg
岡山市出身の女優桃瀬美咲さん スケッチ
In a DERE making committee of girls, a letter of thanks "ZION movie Okayama" in Okayama of AEON Mall.

We assumed on the 13th, that Okayama center office cooperated in publicity campaign of the police, and a letter of thanks was presented to a making committee of a movie "DERE girls".
The said office conducts the street enlightenment activity that I linked up with a movie on January 25 in the JR Okayama station front. Actress Momose Misaki from Okayama-shi who appeared on a movie complained of prevention of a senior citizen accident next to "one day police chief" and special cheat damage.
2 execution committee members visited on this day, and Mizushima Koji chief constable "received great cooperation in the community building for which relief is safe", and, a letter of thanks and a shield were handed over. Mr. Hiroshi Shiraishi rape of a making committee producer, "It was also possible to liven a movie as well as safe enlightenment. It builds into a work filled with the atmosphere of Okayama, so, I want you to see by all means.", I spoke.
A movie shows the film ahead by ZION movie Okayama (Okayama-shi Kita-ku Shimoishii and in Okayama of AEON Mall) from February 14 and is released nationwide from the 21st.
「一日警察署長」 桃瀬.jpg
でーれーガールズ製作委に感謝状 イオンモール岡山内「イオンシネマ岡山」


 紀伊国屋書店クレド岡山店(同市北区中山下、086 212 2551)、三省堂書店岡山駅店(同駅元町、086 801 1881)、丸善岡山シンフォニービル店(同表町、086 233 4640)、未来屋書店岡山店(同下石井、086 803 5571)の4店。
桃瀬美咲 スケッチ よ.jpg

桃瀬美咲さん スケッチ7.jpg
岡山市出身の女優桃瀬美咲さん スケッチ
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In Kyoto, "a cogon, oh, marathon" PR

A cogon, oh, on the 13th, a marathon execution committee took out the booth in a participation reception meeting place of Kyoto marathon (15 days) (Kyoto-shi) and advertised the 1st time meet on November 8. I also go to a marathon meeting meeting place in the Okayama-ken inside and outside of the country from now on and plan for publicity in a citizen runner throughout the country.
3 people of an execution committee distribute a handbill of a meet and a plastic folder to the people who visited in entry of Kyoto marathon. "A first meet. Please come by all means." and, I called.
The next, O, and, fanciers were gathering one after another in both at the booth of the Kanazawa marathon which is holding on November 15 where it'll be 1 week later of MA. "The reaction is excellent." and, Mori Teruyuki head of an execution committee. The man in Kobe-shi who has received a goods (38), "Korakuen is said to be the meet which can enjoy an abundant view. I'd like to apply by all means.", I was speaking. The booth also opens for 14 days.
Ehime where PR out the prefecture of an execution committee is 7 days is the beginning. A staff was also dispatched to a reception meeting place of Kumamoto-jo marathon on the 15th as well as Kyoto (Kumamoto-shi) on this day. It'll be scheduled at Tottori and Tokushima from now on. I'm making a well-known campaign get into full swing from last autumn at the prefecture meeting.
A cogon, oh, a marathon is the 2nd kind of marathon (14,500 people of capacity) etc. which departs from and arrives at the Okayama-shi center. The schedule reception starting announces an application guidebook by the end of March and by which it's at the end of April. When exceeding the capacity, a participant is decided by lot.


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<北条早雲>戦国武将の生誕地と終焉の地、交流を 静岡・韮山城跡にクロマツ 井原、伊豆の国両市長が植樹 /岡山

<北条早雲>戦国武将の生誕地と終焉の地、交流を 静岡・韮山城跡にクロマツ 井原、伊豆の国両市長が植樹 /岡山





岡山県と同志社大が就職支援協定 (関関同立なども)

岡山県と同志社大が就職支援協定 (関関同立なども)
Okayama Prefecture and Doshisha University is employment support agreement (SekiSeki same stand also, etc.)

Okayama Prefecture on July 13, has signed an agreement to support a U-turn employment of students Doshisha and (Kyoto). And encourage the homecoming of prefecture-born young people, to ensure the human resources aim. Is promoting a partnership with the University of the Kansai region from last year in October, four cases of eyes.
Agreement, posted by the university, such as the Job and job hunting event information of local companies ▽ to ensure the booth of local companies in the business briefing on campus ▽ student employment trend data incorporate the contents such as? The university provides to the prefecture there.
Signing ceremony is prefectural government, Italian wood Ryuta governor "I want to come back to many promising talent to whether provinces can develop will depend on human resources. Agreement the machine", Murata Koji President "Okayama of companies , economy, firmly provides information about the industry, and said it would want to increase the student choice ", signed an agreement.
County Ryukoku a similar agreement, Ritsumeikan (more than Kyoto), has signed with the Kansai Univ. (Suita, Osaka Prefecture). This month the 17th is scheduled with Kwansei Gakuin Univ. (Nishinomiya, Hyogo Prefecture).
According to the prefecture of Labor and Employment Policy Division, about 9,000 people each year in the prefecture go to university, of which about 2,000 are enrolled at the Kansai region.
岡山県と同志社大が就職支援協定 (関関同立なども)

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