A junior high school student, "a cogon, oh, SUMAHO declaration"

The 3rd time meeting of "OKAYAMA SUMAHOSAMITTO" where a junior high school student volunteer in Okayama-ken considers appropriate how to use the smart phone cellular phone (joint sponsorship) is held by Sanyo Shinbun company in Okayama-shi Kita-ku Yanagi-machi on the 14th and has decided the slogan to stop trouble on the internet "a cogon, oh, a junior high school student SUMAHO declaration, 2015". I'll incorporate into an enlightenment poster and appeal to the prefecture whole field from now on.
26 people of men and women participate in Okayama, a storage charge, Takahashi and Kagamino from 18 school in a town of 7 city. Kazuo Takeuchi practical professor of Hyogo prefectural university served as a chairman and split up into 5 groups by a national liaison meeting chairperson about young people's net use, and I exchanged my opinions by three themes of "use time" "danger" "the human relations on the net" about a SUMAHO cell phone first.
After mentioning "waste in time when the overuse of SUMAHO is important" "the origin by which the will communication for which he depended on a net is trouble" etc. and a problem, a participant announces more than one announcing plan every each group. As a result of the decision by majority.

"It's study! Leave SUMAHO, a junior high school student!!"

"Is it OK? I ask myself, and."

"Is the friendship built on the screen real?"

Three which are so were chosen.
A girl of a prefectural junior high school for 2 years, "I'm happy because it'll be the shape as "declaration" to have argued up to now. I'd like also to increase the student who can also broaden by school and use SUMAHO right by myself.", I spoke.
This day has also decided to advance holding of the poster contest declared on a subject and development of the application which gets cooperation of social game Die of a major company and ENU E (Tokyo) and stops overuse of a SUMAHO cell phone.
While net trouble through a SUMAHO cell phone is successive, even if a student will have himself look for a countermeasure, the Summits hold it for the first time in November, 14. I take a picture of an enlightenment animation at the 4th time meeting on March 28 which becomes final.
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たこ焼き食べ比べ賞品ゲット 「岡山イオンモール」周辺/「牛窓海鮮たこ焼きよすが」「たこ焼たこ福」

たこ焼き食べ比べ賞品ゲット 「岡山イオンモール」周辺/「牛窓海鮮たこ焼きよすが」「たこ焼たこ福」


スタンプラリー 「でーれーガールズ」書店編

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たこ焼き たべながら 「でーれーガールズ」めぐり

牛窓海鮮たこ焼き よすが

牛窓海鮮たこ焼き よすが
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"A drop of drop" [Sanyo Shinbun]
February 14, 2015
"At a college student, I have gone out to "revolt" of Kurosawa Akira director by the infantry role." "When I'm a schoolchild, Imamura Shohei director "licorice teacher". It was the part of the background.". ▼ Which has risen at a workplace showed a story of the experiences of an extra appearance of a movie each other, and didn't display a movie splendidly originally, but every face boasted. I live through a memory about a movie as an important treasure. Last year's▼ oar Okayama location which will be still if it's photography at localness, a local extra of 700 people in all supported the work in topics which presumed "DERE girls". The preceding showing is a movie theater in Okayama-shi from today, and the▼ original work which starts is a homonymous novel of Mr. author Harada MAHA who spent his lifetime at Okayama. The point when it's the capacity of the staff how does the place where you knew a subway in Hokancho shopping area, Okayama-jo and JR Okayama station well make a place by▼ Okayama who can't be appearing one after another and take his eyes off dissolve in a story, and whether it's utilized for a screen as well as the future of friendship of 2 main characters who came at a girls' school. The▼ audience who would peep at severity of the professional work should notice charm of an overlooked foot for extra's people in the form that he split his head for a situation of photography and had a good sweat. A refreshing wind blows through the waterside and on Tsurumi-bashi in Asahikawa about which main characters talk. That it's flooding water and gentle light with Midori with what is a hometown? We may be a look of triumph for the present filled in Okayama's fragrance.

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岡山駅前商店街 内

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ファジアーノ岡山、岡山シーガルズ、 岡山湯郷ベル

ファジアーノ岡山、岡山シーガルズ、 岡山湯郷ベル


On the 14th, I made FAJIANO Okayama of soccer J2 begin to camp in Miyazaki-shi. I make team tactics permeate while piling up 9 days until 22 days and a practice game with J2 club, and prepares for a league start on March 8.
The Miyazaki camp where the 4th year was met. After attending a welcome ceremony at the airport, right away, 26 players who entered Miyazaki at an air route on this day went out to a ground and applied themselves to about 1 hour training. Players such as a pass game and the aggressive practice done originated at the both sides didn't also show fatigue of long-distance movement and showed a light movement.
The said city blessed with a clear sky is in highest temperature 15, 3 times and the weather as the beginning of March. "The most suitable condition. I'd like to adjust it tightly for a start." and, MF Daisuke Ito of new joining braces himself. FW Yuki Oshitani who got a late start because of a breakdown, "An injury is already all right. The body which can move for 90 minutes is made, and feeling is taken back.", a rally was promised.
The Omiya Ardija demoted from J1 and a practice game with Cerezo Osaka are made at a camp. Nagasawa Tetsu director who does a direction this season, "It's being made a careful team from here. I'd like to complete it as mutual understanding of tactics is deepened and to take out each special quality.", I threw all the strength of my body.

ファジ、宮崎キャンプスタート ファジアーノ岡山

シーガルズ 初Vへ第一関門突破

シーガルズ 美人 サポーター ガッツ.jpg

 トヨタ車体はカナニ、竹田の両レフトが不発。連係の乱れなどミスも目立った。V・プレミアリーグ プレーオフ


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宮間あや スケッチ

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岡山白陵高 県内トップ切り卒業式

岡山白陵高 県内トップ切り卒業式
The 14th in Okayama white Ling High School (Akaiwa forces), there is a graduation ceremony and cut the top of Okayama prefecture of high school, and said goodbye to 178 people accustomed Manabiya.
Handed diplomas to each person Ishihara Motohide principal "We worked hard, now the fullest to live, for the people, that it work for the world, I want to grow in human to be grateful" encouraged and. On behalf of the graduates, Kato Shuya (Shuya) Mr. (18) is "further polish the intellectual curiosity was wearing while in school, I want to meaningfully spend every day," said and determination.
The school private Secondary school. Considering the dates of college entrance examination, you have the early graduation ceremony every year. Many of the prefecture of public high school I have been scheduled for March 1.
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