< unlicensed driving> "Public transportation is inconvenient." Bizen-shi superintendent of educational affair, for 6 months of suspension

We assumed that unlicensed driving was repeated, and on the 17th, Bizen-shi, Okayama School Board made Kobayashi Seiko superintendent of educational affair (61) disciplinary action of for 6 months of suspension. A superintendent of educational affair explains to a municipal board of education "There were also no ideas that public transportation will take a taxi at an inconvenient place." I was taking out a letter of resignation by the 16th and was accepted.

A traffic violation score of speeding and ignoring a red light is accumulated from July of last year for Kobayashi and the previous superintendent of educational affair according to a municipal board of education. You drove a private car without a license and canceled the license on January 26 of this year during license suspension, and it was more unlicensed driving this month for 11 days again in Bizen-shi, and an optional investigation was received.

Kobayashi previous superintendent of educational affair serves as a municipal small principal until March of last year and assumes a superintendent of educational affair in June. "There are no improper peaks as the top of education administration" for a municipal board of education, a comment was taken out.



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ファジ、練習試合で大宮に敗れる J2ファジアーノ岡山

ファジ、練習試合で大宮に敗れる J2ファジアーノ岡山
サポーター スケッチ!
ファジアーノ 桃瀬.jpg
サポーター 美人 も応援! (サッカー 応援!)
FAJI and J2 FAJIANO Okayama Omiya can defeat in the practice game

Dealing with Omiya where J2 FAJIANO Okayama just did a practice game of the first camp (4 per 45 minutes) and demoted in J2 this season at the grove play field where 16 days and Miyazaki-shi of Miyazaki camp for the 3rd day are rather raw, total 3ー7 for 4 .
FAJIANO shared with the 1st or 2nd first half set and the 3rd or 4th second half set, replaced a member and fought by the formation of 3-4-3.
Katayama, Seo and Someya appoint Takeda, Kondo, Kukida and goalkeeper Nakabayashi to Ueda, Ito, Chiaki and Kachi in DF in MF in FW in the first half which was 1-3. Precedence was permitted by a partner middle-distance shoot, but Katayama put Kaji's crossing together by a right leg, and a blow was returned.
The second half is 2-4. Kobayashi, Hatano, Fujioka and MF put Miyata, Iwamasa, Shinohara and goalkeeper Shiina in Tanaka male, Sekito, Shimada, Tanaka sou and DF in FW. Fujioka was mistake related with CK and was the development which runs after 2 points, and ran close by Hatano's goal, but you took an additional point away at the counter in the final stage.
ファジ、練習試合で大宮に敗れる J2ファジアーノ岡山

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岡山市社会実験 15年度早期に

岡山市社会実験 15年度早期に
00O DSC_0383.jpg
Okayama-shi social experiment In early stage in fiscal year 15.

On the 16th, a February regular Okayama city council begins the session. The first's general account budget in fiscal year 2015 at 284,806,000,000 yen introduced 74 bills, and Mayor Masao Omori explained a suggestion reason. A mayor showed an idea aiming at implementation in an early period in fiscal year 15 about the social experiment which makes the prefectural office street incorporated into the said budget traffic space of pedestrian priority.
The said experiment reduces a lane on the roadway by regulation and makes it a pedestrian mall. It was planned in fiscal year 14, but a city was leaving implementation over because Okayama prefectural police showed disapproval for reason of the anxiety to a traffic jam.
Such as the number of pedestrians of the JR Okayama Ekinan subway receives opening of Okayama of AEON Mall (the said city Kita-ku Shimoishii), and increases rapidly, a mayor "points out that the migration situation changed and ties person's new flow to a crowd in the town and energy", and, emphasis. We assumed "Flexible correspondence according to the traffic situation was also discussed with a prefectural police in mind in order to put it into effect from early time of the new year." about a traffic social experiment.
I'm aiming at starting until June according to a city, and on total of 6th, it's expected to do for total of 3 days in a holiday Sunday by Saikawa green way park quarter in the weekend holiday on the prefectural office street. The experimental cost of 80,550,000 yen is being appropriated for the first's general account budget in fiscal year 15.
The intention also to establish in an early period in fiscal year 15 about "overall educational meeting" by School Board with the head introduced from fiscal year 15 by a national institutional change was indicated.
It was based to assume a period covered with 16-fiscal year 25 about the new grand total vision which consulted with a council on consideration in December of last year, and the idea that the long plan is gathered by the end of fiscal year 15 was explained.
A regular meeting decides about a session with 25 days until March 12. I enter representatives' interpellation from the 23rd.
岡山市社会実験 15年度早期に

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Research excavation in Okayama and a mountain building ancient burial mound starts.

On the 16th, research excavation of built biggest ancient Japanese tomb of a circular shape with a rectangular frontage in Kibi and mountain building ancient burial mound (under Okayama-shi Kita-ku Shinjo, national history remains and about 350 meters) has started in the first half in the 5th century. The product which clears Kibi up antiquity in the tumulus period is expected by the first authentic investigation by Okayama municipal board of education.
The said ancient burial mound subjugated in 6 sets and a small ancient burial mound as baitsuka (when, gingko) in the neighborhood, and was a huge ancient burial mound where it also takes pride in the size of the 4th place at the whole country, but the real research excavation was untouched up to now. The current year's investigation is the spot which came off from a historical site designated place on the west side of the front part. It's used as a field at present, and a prospect ditch of 14 meters of length, 1 meter of width and 50 centimeters of depth can be sapped. A step is set up to the high location more than the neighborhood, and Hata in an investigation spot looks for a possibility that a mark of the bank in shuuhori (GOU) going around the neighborhood of the said ancient burial mound and undiscovered baitsuka are a tumulus.
It itself is a schedule for about 1 week, but based on resulting this finding will expand a prospect gap and consider an after investigation area next year. An investigation, future, several, I'm planning to call, check a part of outskirts and grasp the correct scale of the ancient burial mound for 10 years.
Kazuhiro Nishida and the said municipal board of education cultural asset department chairman, "When there is undiscovered baitsuka, there is also a possibility of the burial part. When there is a trace of shuuhori, it leads to fixation in an ancient burial mound area. I'd like to grasp the picture in a mountain building ancient burial mound.", I'm speaking.


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美咲でハイブリッド発電実証実験 岡山

美咲でハイブリッド発電実証実験 岡山
By Misaki, hybrid generating electricity demonstration experiment

A demonstration experiment aiming at place producing center shou of the electric power by which selling of electric energy could also come in sight to an area charges "air pressure battery", and in fiscal year 2015, does the electric power produced by "hybrid generation of electricity" using both of small woody biomass generation of electricity and photovoltaic generation in Okayama-ken Misakimachi. Maintenance of facilities of the distributed type for which an abandoning cultivation place was used is assumed. The said town started the "town renewable energy conference" which makes a master plan of an electric power utilizing method on the 16th.
The "ad hoc committee" made with Shinko Shoji (Osaka-shi), Kume-gun forestry cooperative and scholars and men of experience of Kobe steelmaking group with ecosystem Sanyo of the industrial waste processing industry (Misakicho Kichigahara) does a demonstration. I provide land in the said town Yanahara area an affiliated company in ecosystem Sanyo possesses with biomass generation of electricity (360 kilowatts of output) and photovoltaic generation facilities. I charge the "air pressure battery" for which aerial compression is used.
Supply of the wood which becomes fuel costs a lot of money for the biomass according to a ad hoc committee member, but it's difficult to be influenced by the weather and sunlight undergoes influence of the weather, but the mechanism of generation of electricity to make a mutual weakness up with the respective strong points which don't hang calls the fuel cost the first country.
Biomass generation of electricity improves the efficiency of generation electricity and complements photovoltaic generation of night and the time of bad weather using the new-style turbine Kobe Steel group has developed. When electric unstableness by voltage change can be reduced by charging an air pressure battery once, I say one for the generation of electricity. A theme of an aspect of technology, securement of a wood and the profitability are inspected by a demonstration. I aim at commercialization by the end of fiscal year 16.
A conference is organized with 8 people who have added Mayor generally accepted text Kazutomo, scholars and men of experience and a resident representative to a member of ad hoc committee. A generally accepted text town mayor stated "He made business succeed and wanted you to link it to area contribution. A town also cooperated completely." at the first meeting held at a town office (the said Machihara Den).
We assume "Fuel supply from a neighborhood will be possible by I make small-scale equipment disperse, and maintaining, and the cost with the transportation and environmental load are reduced. I'd like to plan for area activation by Satoyama maintenance and utilization in an abandoning cultivation place." in ecosys

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教職員の事務作業軽減へ補助員 岡山

教職員の事務作業軽減へ補助員 岡山
To teaching staff member's office work easement of work, help one Okayama

The expenses of 65,000,000 yen by which the paperwork one" who assists teaching staff member's office work work in the first's general account budget in fiscal year 2015 introduced by a regular Okayama city council in February of opening for 16 days at all municipal 129 schools of elementary and junior high schools is arranged were incorporated. It's linked to substantiality of scholastic aptitude improvement and student guidance by reducing teaching staff member's burden and increasing time to concern a school children.
The paperwork one is part-time. I take charge of print, PC input and collection of money of the teaching materials a teaching staff member is doing. Unnecessarily, a principal of each school selects a suitable person from a person in an area and part-time lecturers at school for a teacher's license.
When arrangement time is different depending on the numbers of class of the school, and it's below 6 classes by the whole school, I spread for 1 week, 5 hours and 7-11 class, 10 hours and 12-24 class, it's 25 hours beyond 25 classes per 20 hours. When it's in the reach of time, you're able to appoint more than one person and arrange more than 2 people the same hour.
I'm answering that teaching staff member's 85 and 7% are lacking in time confronted with a child to office work work by the extraction survey a municipal board of education put into effect by municipal elementary and junior high schools in fiscal year 12, and we assume "Teaching staff member's burdened reduction is urgent business. I'd like to make the school and the environment that it can concentrate on student guidance with human support." for the municipal board of education department of school affairs.
The system of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology to help 1/3 of project cost is utilized. Staff arrangement as "teacher business assistant" is being also incorporated into the budget at first in fiscal year 15 a prefecture, but it's placed with the model business to ascertain the effect and a target is held at 26 cities of 35 school of elementary and junior high schools except for Okayama-shi.
教職員の事務作業軽減へ補助員 岡山

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