22日に後楽園でタンチョウ散策 岡山

22日に後楽園でタンチョウ散策 岡山
Monotonically stroll Okayama Korakuen in the 22nd

Okayama Korakuen the 18th, announced that perform the monotony of the park stroll that had been canceled because of the highly pathogenic avian influenza that occurred in Kasaoka on the 22nd. Prefecture has decided in response to the releasing the movement restricted areas, such as chicken.
And emit a 4 birds of the eight birds that are housed in the crane house from 10:00, you can not walk the lawn, and or to turning the swamp of ponds and spiritualistic mountain sky. Hocho month once carried out in January every year from September to next year. This year because it was popular and was also planning to February 8, bird flu has been confirmed in January 15, had been postponed.
Movement restriction is released on the 14th of this month, Korakuen even mat to disinfect the attendance of shoes that had been installed in two locations in the vicinity of crane building already removed.
22日に後楽園でタンチョウ散策 岡山

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岡山のサッカー 湯郷ベル、なでしこ交流戦2勝目 岡山 /ファジ長沢監督とMF矢島が決意

岡山のサッカー 湯郷ベル、なでしこ交流戦2勝目 岡山 /ファジ長沢監督とMF矢島が決意
岡山 カープ女子.jpg
湯郷ベル、なでしこ交流戦2勝目 岡山
Yunogo Bell, Nadeshiko exchange warfare 2 win Okayama

Soccer girls, Nadeshiko League pre-season match "Nadeshiko exchange war" by a team of second day the 19th, is done in such Anesaki park soccer field of Ichihara, Chiba Prefecture, Okayama Yunogo bell of the same league 1 parts of a two-part Nojimasutera The victory in the 1? 0 in Kanagawa. I was total 2 wins and 1 loss.
Yunogo Bell the first half, Matsuoka in FW, Kishino, Makoto Kobayashi in MF, Miyama, between kudzu, Asano, Mizushima in DF, Sasaki Takahashi, Kad, Kitaura, played the main members of Fukumoto to GK. The PK that Kobayashi true got brought down in the penalty area in 9 minutes Miyama scored, I took the lead. Although then did not Steal what goal, and move well in conjunction people and ball, and made the score machine many times.
FW Tanaka late Newest players young has been played, MF MoriSako, Nakajima, Okubo et al aggressively attack participation. Regrettable scene for example, match the DF Takahashi thousand with height in the set play also had, but ended in scoreless.
The 20th of the third day, Yunogo Bell 1 part Urawa, play against the Chiba.
湯郷ベル、なでしこ交流戦2勝目 岡山

ファジ サポーター 応援.jpg


国公立大2次、岡山大は3.2倍 (国公立大2次試験)

国公立大2次、岡山大は3.2倍 (国公立大2次試験)
National and public universities, secondarily, Okayama University, 3.2 times (secondary test of national and public universities)

The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology announced for 19 days, that the fixation number of applicants of this spring's secondary test of national and public universities was 9874 less 474,546 from last year. The magnification to the number to be accepted is 0, 1 point less of 4 and seven times.
Candidates for the national university (377 departments of 82 university) are 344,992, the magnification, the same 4 and three times as last year. The public large (174 departments of 82 university) was 0 for 129,554 people, 2 points less of 6 and three times.

Candidates are 5680 to 11 departments of 1752 number to be accepted in Okayama University, the average magnification, 3 and two times (last year's last 3 and 1 time). The first term 2* is quintuple according to the schedule (2 and five times), latter period 7 and five times (6 and 9 times). The one with the highest magnification was 13 and six times in the department of dentistry odontology family latter period.
2833 people apply to recruitment of 267 people for Okayama prefectural university 3 departments, the average magnification, 10 and six times (10 and 1 time). Department of computer science and engineering middle term is a middle schedule in the whole country by 31 and four times, and the magnification is highest. 285 people applied to 48 numbers to be accepted, and the Niimi public large was 5 and 9 times (6 and three times).

7235 people apply to 11 departments of 2007 number to be accepted for Hiroshima University. The average magnifications were 3 and six times (last year's last 3 and seven times). According to the schedule, the first term, 2 and seven times, (2 and 9 times) and the latter period, 8 and four times (8 and 0 times). 21 and the five times by which the magnification top is the department of dentistry odontology family latter period.
2821 people apply to 390 numbers to be accepted for prefectural Hiroshima University 4 departments, the average magnification, 7 and two times (5 and 9 times). 2080 people applied to 327 numbers to be accepted, and 3 departments of Hiroshima city university was 6 and four times (4 and 1 time). 2 departments of Fukuyama city university is an application of 1513 people in recruitment of 225 people, 6 and seven times (8 and 8 times). 1634 people applied to 2 departments of 203 number to be accepted, and Onomichi city universities were 8 and 0 times (9 and three times).

3235 people applied for Kagawa University to 6 departments of 912 number to be accepted, and the average magnification was 3 and five times (last year's last 4 and 1 time). The first terms are 2 and three times (2 and 9 times) according to the schedule, the latter period, 7 and 0 times (7 and two times).
262 people apply for
国公立大2次、岡山大は3.2倍 (国公立大2次試験)

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