シーガルズ、NEC下し2位浮上 岡山

シーガルズ、NEC下し2位浮上 岡山
シーガルズ セッツター 宮下.jpg

シーガルズ 美人 サポーター ガッツ.jpg
SHIGARUZU and NEC taking about 2 leap Okayama

4 games for each of men and women had volleyball V and a premiere league at Kawasaki-shi roar arena on the 21st, and 2nd place of Okayama SHIGARUZU of a 3rd place of girl won against NEC by 3-0. Summing up, 12 win surfaces in about 2 by the rate of setting difference as well as NEC in World Cup point 36 of 8 losses. Passage at more than 3rd place left a game of regular round, and was fixed.
The 1st set and 15 by which SHIGARUZU ran after at most 6 points? Left Kaneda investment changes a flow and anticipates by the reverse in 18. The 2nd set, Wright Asazu and left Sasaki and others, both sides pulled an attack and took the 3rd set away by 31-29 at the end of juice.
The last 1 frame decision I advance towards a playoff "final 6" is carried over on the 22nd of regular round last day. Hitachi is defeated soundly at Hisamitsu Pharmaceutical 6th place, the lowest rank fall. It was a big melee because DENSO avoided about 7 Toyota Auto Body by a full set, and 8th place of World Cup point 2 had been added. ▽ Female Okayama SHIGARUZU 3-0 NEC 25-23 25-21 31-29 Okayama SHIGARUZU, 12 win loses 8 (36), NEC wins 12, 8 losses (36)
[Criticism] Okayama SHIGARUZU took the inferior 1st set away by the reverse and gained impetus. A center line lost at most 6 lead to this set which met severe Mark, but a side group rouses up. Wright Asatsu and left Kaneda of way appearance finished deciding from 21-23, and I anticipated by 4 continuous scoring. When I held the 2nd or 3rd set of initiative in an early stage, the swift attack of Yamaguchi of a center and others was also distinctive at an important position. Good connected linked to the score from good receiving of Maruyama and Kaneda also shone.
12 also had a point lost by a mistake of an attack and service, and NEC left a flow.
シーガルズ、NEC下し2位浮上 岡山

 プレーオフ「ファイナル6」に進む最後の1枠決定は、レギュラーラウンド最終日の22日に持ち越し。6位日立は久光製薬に完敗し、最下位転落。8位デンソーが7位トヨタ車体をフルセットで退け、勝ち点2を加えたため、大混戦となった。▽女子岡山シーガルズ3-0NEC 25-23 25-21 31-29岡山シーガルズ12勝8敗(36)NEC12勝8敗(36)
シーガルズ アタッカー 山口.jpg
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宝木求め 裸群9千人争奪戦 岡山 /少年はだか祭り 400人激突 岡山

宝木求め 裸群9千人争奪戦 岡山
Honoki demand The nude group 9000 person scramble Okayama

The festival in which the participants go naked set to one of Japanese three big unique festivals "Saidaiji meeting positive" was held in Saidai-ji Kannon'in in Okayama-shi Higashi-ku Saidaiji in the evening for 21 days. About 9000 people asked 2 of Hogi who says that the group of the nude of (organizer announcement) brings good fortune (SHIN GI) and developed an intense scramble.
A male servant of the form turned it and gathered one after another in a precinct from a little past 7 o'clock p.m.. Though I put my arm and make a shout of "wow, shouldering" sound, it's to the capture of purification which purifies a body for water (elaborately) a place. Watering built up each other, and made the whole body be flushed with main hall Otoko, and was steam and rose in white.
A sprinkle is mixed and Teruaki is killed simultaneously according to 10:00pm which became temperature 7 and 7 times and ketsugan of big prayer (He comes and cares.) and Buddhist memorial service on a new year's day (SHU shoulders, oh.) (stingy cancer), and all Tsuboi Hiroshi chief priests drop Takaragi from a window of blessings of the main hall. A nude crowd resounded with "UO", and was a huge whirlpool, and notified a climax of the voltage of the festival.
Kajihara group in Okayama-shi gets both of 2 for Takaragi. Mr. Daisuke Kajihara (27)= Okayama-shi and Mr. Shinya Yamamoto (21)= the said= was Hukuo.
The traditional charming sights by which you assume that Saidaiji meeting positive has started in 1510 in Muromachi era.
宝木求め 裸群9千人争奪戦 岡山

少年はだか祭り 400人激突 岡山

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3月、岡山でスポーツ楽しんで 参加無料 サッカー教室 野球教室 /<野球教室>中学球児99人学ぶ

3月、岡山でスポーツ楽しんで 参加無料
Please enjoy a sport at Okayama in March.

A glorious sport of sporting good sale (Okayama-shi Kita-ku adult) is recruiting the participant of "the sports festival of kids enjoyed by a parent and child" who opens at Okayama dome (the said Kitanagaseomotemachi) at 10:00am March 1-at 4:00pm.
Glove making of a soccer class (100 sets of capacity parent and child) and baseball, experience (30 sets) and baseball class (only by a schoolchild, 50 people).
Glove making is cost 3000-5 of one thousand yen. Other ones are participation no charge. Both are in the order of arrival and I apply by the 23rd. A question, the said company (086 231 5897).

 グラブ作りは実費3千~5千円。ほかは参加無料。いずれも先着順で、23日までに申し込む。問い合わせは同社(086 231 5897)。
<野球教室>「練習した」実感持って JFE西が開催、中学球児99人学ぶ /岡山





岡山県CM、漫才師と製作 知事、軽妙なかけあい披露

岡山県CM、漫才師と製作 知事、軽妙なかけあい披露
Okayama-ken commercial, pair of cross-talk comedian and making A governor is witty, I negotiate and show.

I aim at PR in a prefecture and it has been decided that a manzai dialogist from the prefecture and the Ibaraki Ryuta governor in Okayama-ken who formed the limitation unit "NGE boys" make a commercial for 30 seconds and show the film from the 21st by a movie theater of the whole country special first-run showing recently. I say that there are also almost no examples nationwide by a first try as the said prefectural governor.

The movie which did to show a commercial by taking place in Okayama-shi "DERE girls". For 8 days, a showing for 1 week has been decided at localness and Okayama at 2 house in Tokyo, Shibuya, Osaka and Umeda in order to advertise Okayama taking the whole country special first-run showing which starts from the 21st as an opportunity.

The "plover" popular by the dialogue by which the partner into whom a governor assembled the unit used Okayama valve. "Surprise organization" set the limitation unit to 3 days on the platform of a performed sightseeing ambassador entrustment way this month.

This commercial which became the first work of the new year is taken a picture of at the metropolitan area antenna shop which opened last year "you take and buy it, oh, Shinbashi house" (Tokyo and Shinbashi), and the Ibaraki governor who has finished being a pair of cross-talk comedian puts on a student uniform, and shows witty exchange of calling. A kenkouchou public relations section, "Also a chance is seen and unit re-formation is considered from now on. I have a mind to be a governor, too." It's also possible to judge the said commercial by a home page in a prefecture from the 23rd.
岡山県CM、漫才師と製作 知事、軽妙なかけあい披露




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<野菜ソムリエ>料理に工夫を 北区で体験レッスン /岡山

<野菜ソムリエ>料理に工夫を 北区で体験レッスン /岡山
< sommelier of vegetables> a device is experienced in Kita-ku in a dish, a lesson/Okayama

An experience lesson of the qualification to put on knowledge of vegetables and fruit and utilize for a life and shokuiku "sommelier of vegetables" was Olga Hall in Kita-ku 1, Hokancho. Such as a Japanese sommelier society of vegetables (Shibuya-ku, Tokyo) is the qualification of people to authorize, and health-conscious rise and performing artist acquire it, a sommelier of vegetables does, and is popular.

I had that on January 31. Yokohata Naoko, the lecturer (34) introduces cooking of banana and preservation method. Banana different in how to ripen and the kind was eaten, it was compared and Africa was boiled like a potato by foreign countries, and it was baked, and explained that it's principal food. Mr. Yokohata, "I'm happy to be glad to devise a dish by becoming a sommelier of vegetables and introduce a recipe.", charm of qualification was told.

The office worker who participated from Fukuyama-shi, Hiroshima and Mr. Osamu Okamoto (42), "I cooked, so it was interesting. I think I'll obtain a license.", I spoke.
<野菜ソムリエ>料理に工夫を 北区で体験レッスン /岡山



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宇喜多直家人物像知って 岡山

宇喜多直家人物像知って 岡山
I know Ukita-Naoie personality, and, Okayama

The Kameyama ruin of a castle preservation meeting made with residents of Okayama-shi Higashi-ku Ukita school district holds a lecture about the Age of Warring States general who made the Kameyama castle which was in 22 days and the said school district (marsh castle) a base and Ukita-Naoie at Ukita contact plaza (Higashi-ku marsh).
A lecturer, Ms. Naoko Otake, the history cartoonist (45)= Saitama-ken. I make Naoie's personality stand out while entitling "Tsuma and others in Okayama's warlike ages" and turning the spotlight on the female of Ukita family centering on Naoie's wife OFUKU.
1:30pm-3:30. Attendance no charge. Reservation is unnecessary. Chairperson Seiji under the port where a question is the said meeting (297 3990).
After it was based in Kameyama castle, Naoie moved to Okayama-jo and built a foundation in a castle town.
宇喜多直家人物像知って 岡山

 午後1時半~3時半。聴講無料。予約不要。問い合わせは同会の津下誠治会長(297 3990)。
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