「全庁挙げ人口減克服」知事表明 岡山

「全庁挙げ人口減克服」知事表明 岡山
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"The whole agency giving population decrease, conquest" governor expression Okayama

On the 24th, a February regular Okayama prefectural assembly begins the session. Lumping introduced 61 bills the first's general account budget in fiscal year 2015 at 705,570,000,000 yen, and Ibaraki Ryuta governor explained a suggestion reason. A governor expressed "He mentioned the whole agency and wrestled for conquest of a population decrease problem and continuous developed realization in a prefecture."
Related business of the local creation was being incorporated into the budget at first, and we assumed "Conversion to the society with which local energy supports growth in the whole country corrected Tokyo overconcentration and was desired." for a governor.
It was mentioned that it was collected overall with a supplementary budget in fiscal year 14 which corresponds to a national economic policy in case of budgetary process at first, and "Activation of regional economic and a cogon, oh, I was wrestling without a break for creation." were stated.
About fiscal year 15 which becomes the middle of the prefectural administration middle action plan which makes the educational revival and the industrial development a pillar "living way (I'm here.) putting plan" (14-fiscal year 16), "The thing which shows a visible outcome to inhabitant of a prefecture and has them realize a change is also important to the purpose to which a gear of virtuous cycle is turned.", I accentuated.
About education, "I have also begun to be out to the case which took back the environment that you can take the lesson calmly. Even if it'll take time, I have to accomplish the renaissance of education prefecture Okayama certainly.", the will was indicated.
I adjourn on the 25th and 26th. There is representatives' interpellation on the 27th. A session has decided 24 days until March 19.

「全庁挙げ人口減克服」知事表明 岡山

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岡山大学 2次試験.jpg
Okayama University is 3 universities, meeting place preparations

A meeting place was prepared on the 24th at the Okayama University Tsushima campus (in Okayama-shi Kita-ku Tsushima), the prefectural university (Kuboki, Soja-shi) and the Niimi public university (Nishigata, Niimi-shi) which become a test meeting place in Okayama-ken with the secondary test of national and public universities which starts on the 25th (the first term schedule) at the front, and students preparing for taking an examination visited in inspection.
A staff stuck an examinee's number on a desk in each classroom and recorded a subject of a test and time on a white board at Okayama University. A student preparing for taking an examination was comparing an examinee's number with a meeting place schematic of a bulletin board.
The boy of the Joto high school who takes an examination for Okayama University department of economics (18), "The result of which I think wasn't in by a national center test for university, I'd like to exhaust a force as the first step to achieve the target which becomes an official servant.", I spoke.
On the 25th, Okayama University, from 9:00am, a foreign language and a short essay. Niimi public university interviews a short essay from 10:30am science, mathematics and a short essay from 10:00am for a prefectural university. There is interview from 9:00am on the 26th for medicine of Okayama University and a department of dentistry.
Announcement of the result of the examination, the Niimi public large, March 5, Okayama University and a prefectural university are 6 days.
The extra bus with which a okaden bus ties the JR Okayama station western exit and Okayama University on the 25th, dispatch. As soon as the said 10:50 and from Okayama University become full both from the said 6:00 at 2:30pm at 7:00am from Okayama station, it's left.


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「県庁めぐりん」25日運行開始 イオンモール岡山周辺など/ GWに県庁通りなどで社会実験 岡山


イオンモール岡山 - Google News
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"The tour of prefectural offices, oh." 25 day movement starting

100 yen of eight Akira transit (Okayama-shi Naka-ku Kuramitsu) begins to move around a new route of a uniform circulation bus "Circulation, oh." from the 25th. At the route which goes around a prefectural office street and a lye street from Okayama of AEON Mall and in front of JR Okayama station, a nickname, "The tour of prefectural offices, oh." I plan for migration and advantage convenience improvement at the Okayama-shi center.
A new route (one round about 4 and 3 kilometers) moves south along Nishikawa in front of JR Okayama station, enters a prefectural office street and turns right at Aioi-bashi west packing. It wests, and a lye and others street is gone back in a city office quarter. A stop, 2-Chome of in front of Okayama station, in front of in front of the agricultural hall and Naka Ginmoto store, Kencho-mae, prefectural office south, chuudenmae, Sakae-machi and Tamachi, Yanagi-machi 1-chome and in front of Okayama of AEON Mall. It moves flight 35 at the stand at 7:00pm from a stand at 7:00am. Part linear change in the Kyobashi line clockwise direction of existence is also performed and it's made Kencho-mae pass (one round about 5 and 1 kilometer).
100 yen of charge is uniform as before, and the schoolchild sheep rise is free. A body is intellectual and when a mentally disturbed person shows disabled person's handbook, it becomes free. A question, eight Akira transit bus service part (086 296 3277).

 料金は従来通り100円均一で、小学生未満は無料。身体、知的、精神障害者は障害者手帳を提示すれば無料になる。問い合わせは八晃運輸バス事業部(086 296 3277)。
GWに県庁通りなどで社会実験 岡山

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秋篠宮さま、佳子さま倉敷へ 岡山

秋篠宮さま、佳子さま倉敷へ 岡山
佳子さま スケッチ.jpg
佳子さま スケッチ
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Mr. Akishinonomiya and Keiko, to a storage charge Okayama.

On the 23rd, Kurashiki-shi announced for a local inspection of circumstances, that Keiko of Mr. Akishinonomiya and the second daughter visited the said city esthetic area by a schedule on the 28th and March 1. You appreciate the "flower
of Kurashiki Daniel and OSUTO and heart" exhibition begun for 1 day. It's my first time for Keiko's who became majority royalty in December of last year visiting an area by public duties.
You enter Okayama by an air route and inspect Ohara Museum of Art (the said city center) in the afternoon on the 28th. You appreciate an installation using Belgian flower by a flower artist and vegetation (spatial art) and return to Tokyo from Okayama Airport in the afternoon at a national important cultural asset, old Ohara family housing (said address) and the said art museum courtyard in a douten meeting place for 1 day.
The whole country urban afforestation cogon by which Mr. Akishinonomiya's formal next hill is April, 2009, oh, since fair.
秋篠宮さま、佳子さま倉敷へ 岡山

<皇室>秋篠宮さまと佳子さま、倉敷に 28日から /岡山

倉敷市は23日、秋篠宮さまと次女佳子さまが28日~3月1日に同市に訪問されると発表した。大原美術館などで開かれるベルギー出身の世界的フラワーアーティストによる「倉敷 ダニエル・オストの花と心」展(3月1~4日)鑑賞や地方事情視察のため。佳子さまは成年皇族として初の地方での公務となる。

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岡山でノーベル化学賞根岸さん講演 操山高校(一貫校の操山中も)

岡山でノーベル化学賞根岸さん講演 操山高校(一貫校の操山中も)
Mr. Nobel Prize in Chemistry Negishi lectures at Okayama Souzan high school (whole Souzan in a consistent school).

A lecture of Eiichi Negishi who won Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 2010 and a rice PADEYU great special professor (79) was held at Souzan high school on Okayama-shi Naka-ku beach on the 23rd, and about one thousand students heard the importance which has a dream and the mental attitude to achieve a high goal including whole Souzan in a consistent school.
Mr. Negishi explains that the learning contents of mathematics in high school days and science are a basis of a study. "It was tied with achievement of a dream to work on immediateness strenuously." was stated.
"The feeling that every kind of field will be the talent of 1/10,000,000 is important" the percentage of the person who wins Nobel prize touches to be said to be 1 for about 10,000,000 people, and to achieve a goal, and, I accentuated.
The said high 1 year male student (16), "I was also surprised for the study which is to the extent Nobel prize was won, also to hear that study of a high school was a basis. For the future, one would like to apply myself to study, too.", I spoke.
The Yasushi Saihara teacher professor of Okayama University graduate school who associates with Mr. Negishi proposed and achieved a lecture in the said high school.

岡山でノーベル化学賞根岸さん講演 操山高校(一貫校の操山中も)

根岸英一 の本.jpg


















■Richard F.Heck(リチャード・ヘック)氏の略歴


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シーガルズ、初戦は1位久光製薬 岡山

シーガルズ、初戦は1位久光製薬 岡山
シーガルズ 美人 サポーター 応援.jpg

シーガルズ 美人 サポーター ガッツ.jpg
SHIGARUZU and the first match are about 1 Okayama of Hisamitsu Pharmaceutical.

A regular round of volleyball V and a premiere league ended for 22 days, and an opposing team of the playoff 6 teams of dominance contests "final 6" was decided. The first match of Okayama SHIGARUZU of a 3rd place of girl (28 days and Osaka-shi center gymnasium) was Hisamitsu Pharmaceutical of about 1 and a crashed attention card.
1st game of 6 team takes on at having no losing tickets in final 6. I have 6th place every 1 point even 0 points from 5 points, and a 1st place of point is given according to the order of the regular round. SHIGARUZU has it and 2nd place of the NEC (March 7), about 6 Hitachi (14 days), about 5 Toray Industries (15 days) and about 4 Ageo MEDIKKUSU (22 days) are with Hisamitsu Pharmaceutical competition as a start by a start from point 3, I take on in turn. The victory 1 is added to World Cup point 2 and loss, and by which victories of a full set are other ones, 3 and loss are 0.
Final about 6-1 advances towards a final (April 4 and Tokyo gymnasium), hangs Japanese best with a semifinal (March 28 and Xebio arena Sendai) winner by 2 or about 3 and fights. ◇... Schedule... in female final 6,◇,▽ 28 day (the Osaka-shi center, gymnasium) Ageo? Hitachi Hisamitsu Pharmaceutical? SHIGARUZU NEC? Toray Industries▽ March 7 (Kyoto and Hannah Leeds arena) NEC? SHIGARUZU Ageo? Toray Industries▽ 8 day (the said) Hisamitsu Pharmaceutical? Toray Industries NEC? Hitachi▽ for 14 days (Tokyo and Ota-ku overall gymnasium), NEC-Ageo SHIGARUZU - Hitachi▽ 15 day (the said) Hisamitsu Pharmaceutical - Ageo SHIGARUZU - Toray Industries▽ 21 day (Kagoshima, arena) Hisamitsu Pharmaceutical? NEC Toray Industries - Hitachi▽ 22 day (the said) Hisamitsu Pharmaceutical - Hitachi SHIGARUZU - Ageo
シーガルズ、初戦は1位久光製薬 岡山

 ファイナル6の1位が優勝決定戦(4月4日・東京体育館)に進み、2、3位による準決勝(3月28日・ゼビオアリーナ仙台)勝者と日本一を懸けて戦う。◇…女子ファイナル6の日程…◇▽28日(大阪市中央体育館)上尾?日立久光製薬?シーガルズNEC?東レ▽3月7日(京都・ハンナリーズアリーナ)NEC?シーガルズ上尾?東レ▽8日(同)久光製薬?東レNEC?日立▽14日(東京・大田区総合体育館)NEC-上尾 シーガルズ-日立▽15日(同)久光製薬-上尾 シーガルズ-東レ▽21日(鹿児島アリーナ)久光製薬?NEC東レ-日立▽22日(同)久光製薬-日立 シーガルズ-上尾
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〔黄砂〕西日本~北陸の広い範囲で観測 見通し数kmの地点も 岡山

〔黄砂〕西日本~北陸の広い範囲で観測 見通し数kmの地点も
岡山 天気 Livedoor


・視程6km    長崎
・視程7km    下関(山口県)
・視程10km以上 福岡、佐賀、大分、鹿児島

・視程8km    鳥取
・視程10km以上 広島、岡山、松江

・視程10km以上 高松、松山

・視程10km以上 大阪、神戸、京都、彦根(滋賀県)

・視程8km    金沢
・視程10km以上 福井、富山


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