今日 秋篠宮さま、佳子さま倉敷へ 来岡 =岡山=

秋篠宮さま、佳子さま倉敷へ 来岡 =岡山=
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佳子さま スケッチ
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Mr. Akishinonomiya and Keiko, to a storage charge Okayama.

On the 23rd, Kurashiki-shi announced for a local inspection of circumstances, that Keiko of Mr. Akishinonomiya and the second daughter visited the said city esthetic area by a schedule on the 28th and March 1. You appreciate the "flower
of Kurashiki Daniel and OSUTO and heart" exhibition begun for 1 day. It's my first time for Keiko's who became majority royalty in December of last year visiting an area by public duties.
You enter Okayama by an air route and inspect Ohara Museum of Art (the said city center) in the afternoon on the 28th. You appreciate an installation using Belgian flower by a flower artist and vegetation (spatial art) and return to Tokyo from Okayama Airport in the afternoon at a national important cultural asset, old Ohara family housing (said address) and the said art museum courtyard in a douten meeting place for 1 day.
The whole country urban afforestation cogon by which Mr. Akishinonomiya's formal next hill is April, 2009, oh, since fair.
秋篠宮さま、佳子さま倉敷へ 岡山

倉敷市は23日、秋篠宮さまと次女の佳子さまが地方事情視察のため、28日、3月1日の日程で同市美観地区を訪問されると発表した。1日開幕する「倉敷 ダニエル・オストの花と心」展などを鑑賞される。昨年12月に成年皇族となった佳子さまが、公務で地方を訪れるのは初めて。
<皇室>秋篠宮さまと佳子さま、倉敷に 28日から /岡山

倉敷市は23日、秋篠宮さまと次女佳子さまが28日~3月1日に同市に訪問されると発表した。大原美術館などで開かれるベルギー出身の世界的フラワーアーティストによる「倉敷 ダニエル・オストの花と心」展(3月1~4日)鑑賞や地方事情視察のため。佳子さまは成年皇族として初の地方での公務となる。

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シーガルズ アタッカー 山口.jpg
SHIGARUZU "I fight it out by the union power."

A press conference by a director and a captain of each team was held at the Osaka-shi center gymnasium which becomes a meeting place of the first match on the 27th with the start of the playoff with which I argue about 6 teams of regular round dominance of volleyball V and a premiere league girl "final 6" (28 days) at the front. Kawamoto director and Yamaguchi captain told Okayama SHIGARUZU about a decision.
SHIGARUZU is summed up, 13 win passes a 3rd place of the said round in World Cup point 38 of 8 losses. About state of battle to here, Kawamoto director, "Potential energy has risen more than last season. Each, I'd like to utilize the additional value I got by the thing confronted with a problem by a playoff.", I made a confidence spread.
1st game of 6 team takes on at having no losing tickets in final 6. A durability point of 5-0 is given according to the order of the regular round, and SHIGARUZU has it and starts by point 3. Hisamitsu Pharmaceutical by which a partner of the important first match was defeated in the final last season by a 1st place of the said round. I stare at a war for 4 weeks until March 22 including crash with an old enemy, Yamaguchi captain, "I think it'll be a severe war, I'd like to fight it out until the end by the union power of the team.", a decision was described.
It's 3 teams of dominance that final 6 can be won. I advance 1st place towards a final (April 4 and Tokyo gymnasium), hang Japanese best with a winner of a semifinal by 2 or about 3 "final 3" (March 28 and Xebio arena Sendai) and fight.


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がんばれ! 受験生!
かんばれ! 受験生.jpg
受験 サポーター
Prefectural high general entrance examination and an average of 1.14 times

Okayama prefectural education board announced the application situation of the general entrance examination in fiscal year 2015 that 55 school public high schools put it into effect on the 27th. 9320 people apply for 50 school prefectural full-time schooling systems to recruitment of 8210 people except for pass personnel unofficially decided of a special entrance examination. 0* fell below next to 14 times of 1* and 16 times of the previous year's 1* 02 points for the average competitive rate.
Only 2 and 30 times by which it's an interest positive department of home domestic science that the competitive rate exceeded two times in a prefectural full-time schooling system. Ko Matsuno food science family and total of 3 family of an information technology family of Okayama artisan and Mizushima artisan continued and lined up 90 times of Okayama southern international economy family 1* and 85 times of Mizushima artisan construction family 1* with 1 and 80 times.
The one the competitive rate wasn't to reach the capacity lowest at 31 family of 19 school is 0 and 17 times of Katsuyama Hiruzen school land general course. Next Ihara gardening flirting, Takahashi Jonan general information flirting and Maniwa general course were 0 and 55 times both.
A system changes from an entrance examination to a prefecture in fiscal year 14, and only 3-the 5th and once can change the application destination in March during a tour of a general course and a general course, science and mathematics, international information flirting and carrier search flirting. A prefectural education board announces the competitive rate of the last on the 6th. There is interview in a scholastic achievement test and 13 days on the 12th, and a successful candidate announces it by each school on the 20th.
The general recruitment capacity of the prefectural full-time schooling system is 11,960. 3750 people coagulate by pass personnel unofficially decided and going persons inside the medium high consistent school of the special entrance examination performed already.
Prefectural, as well as, for, Koraku house integration department of Okayama municipal school was most expensive by 2.17 times.

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県立図書館の図書購入費確保へ 岡山

県立図書館の図書購入費確保へ 岡山
okayama 図書館.png
To book buying expenses securement of prefectural library Okayama.

A regular Okayama prefectural assembly resumed a plenary session on the 27th in February, and I entered representatives' interpellation. To secure the book buying expenses of the prefectural library (Okayama-shi Kita-ku Marunouchi), Ibaraki Ryuta governor expressed the idea that it's reserved periodically from fiscal year 2015 to the special purpose fund assigned to funds.
Answer to Mr. Manabu Amano of LDP (Kasaoka-shi). Because the number of visitors and the loan to individuals number of books of the prefectural library were about 1 of the capital way central prefectural library for 9 years continuously, a governor stated "It was very important to be responding to the expectation of inhabitant of a prefecture continuously. He'd like to reserve periodically to a fund from now on so that stable resource acquisition might become possible."
A fund saves and provides 2,400,000,000 yen, and demolishes 170,000,000 yen a year as after fiscal year 04 when prefectural library opened and a principle and assigns to book purchase. The balance is less up to 1,060,000,000 yen by 14 end of the fiscal year possibility because I'm serving only by free investment profit and a donation, and exhaustion is expected in fiscal year 23.
The policy a prefecture is based on having passed for 10 years from opening, and which compresses the buying expenses into 120,000,000 yen from fiscal year 15. The collection rate of the new publication book is the possibility to go down to about 50 % from about 70 %, but I say to the 2nd that it's expensive following Tokyo by the capital way central prefectural library.
Democratic* questions Ms. Masako Nakagawa of an inhabitant of a prefecture club (Okayama-shi Higashi-ku) about grasp method of area needs about prefecture edition integrated strategy of local creation. We assumed "I exchanged views with a city, a university and NPO, and an investigation with a fieldwork (field research) and an analysis were also put into effect." for a governor.
県立図書館の図書購入費確保へ 岡山

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