アジア最大級の望遠鏡組み立て 京都大 岡山

アジア最大級の望遠鏡組み立て 京都大 岡山
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Telescope assembly of the Asian maximum level Kyoto Ookayama

When it'll be completed, on the 2nd, caliber 3 of Kyoto University which becomes the Asian maximum level and a system of 8 meter optical infrared reflectiveness telescope have started at a temporary dome in Asakuchi city Honjo, Kamogata-cho and a municipal Okayama astronomy museum parking lot. Assembly is completed in the moon and each part after April, is adjusted.
Total of 6 people of the university person concerned and traders work. I was adjusting slightly and was assembling a part of the structure with which a center mirror is supported on a plan street so that the octagonal infrastructure which puts a telescope (5 meters of diameter) might become level.
Such as adjusting the focus of 18 of segmented mirror used for a center mirror from April, I adjust slightly and aim at test observation starting in fiscal year 2016. I say that the observation equipment installed in the telescope has been developed at present.
Nokami masterpiece practical professor of Doshisha University graduate school (stellar physics), "After putting together, there are a lot of hurdles which are still passed, but a local expectation is also felt. I'd like to make it the observatory where an exhibit considered and was held.", I was speaking.
Original Daum is planning to begin a hill in about 50 meters of northeast in fiscal year 15 and within from a parking lot. As soon as it'll be completed, a telescope is taken apart again and it's relocated. The possibility an authentic observation becomes in fiscal year 18.
アジア最大級の望遠鏡組み立て 京都大 岡山

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小学校教員採用に「英語枠」新設 岡山県教委と岡山市教委

小学校教員採用に「英語枠」新設 岡山県教委と岡山市教委
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"English frame" is established in small schoolteacher adoption Okayama prefectural education board and Okayama municipal board of education.

Okayama prefectural education board and Okayama municipal board of education provide "English frame" newly by the elementary school employment test for teachers in fiscal year 2016 put into effect jointly in this summer. The talented-people reservation which was equipped with leadership of the English teacher level of the junior high school and the high school because it was being considered that the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology makes English a formal subject in an elementary school for 5 or 6 years from fiscal year 20 is an aim.
English licencee of a junior high school or a high school as well as a teacher license of an elementary school (including acquisition possibility) are a target. Even if I don't have that about an English license, it's passed more than English proficiency test second kyuu, and when applying to one of more than 57 points of TOEFL and more than 520 points of TOEIC of English capacity test, makes the subject.
An adoption test selects other each teachers of an elementary school, a junior high school, a high school and special support school, special education teachers and nutritional teachers. A frame of science and mathematics, a junior high school and a senior high school have special selection by sports results in an elementary school.
A meeting place out the prefecture where a prefecture meeting place holds the first test for Takamatsu-shi and Yonago-shi, Tottori on the 11th or 19th and 20th in July both is 11 or 12 days. A secondary test is August 22nd-the 26th. The number of acceptance is announced at the end of April.

小学校教員採用に「英語枠」新設 岡山県教委と岡山市教委

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Suicide 4 year continuation decrease in Okayama-ken

32 suicides in Okayama-ken in 2014 decrease continuously for 4 years with a little 326 people more than last year, in the past for 10 years, least, it was separated by a summary of a prefectural police (the newsletter value).
A breakdown, 229 men (15 people less of year-to-year comparisons) and 97 ladies (17 people less). The number of suicides who are per 100,000 people of population by data of the Cabinet Office (the suicide rate), 10 and 4 people (3 and 6 people less). I fell below a national average (16 and 6 people), and there was in the 4th according to the urban and rural prefectures following Ishikawa (8 and 1 person), Hiroshima (9 and 5 people) and Kumamoto (9 and 8 people).
484 people in 98 are most in after 1978 when a record is left for the number of suicides of the prefecture according to a prefectural police. After whether economic conditions such as collapses of bubble economy and Riemann shocks was reflected, was changing by 400 dress forms of high level, 97-in 2011.
I settle on a prefecture suicide measure master plan in fiscal year 11, am grasping a prefecture, the publicity of inquiry counter a non-governmental organization holds and a sign of the person's self-murder who worries and am working on the upbringing of "gatekeeper" connected with a specialized agency in a prefecture.
A prefecture suicide prevention information center (Okayama-shi Naka-ku Furugyocho) supposes "When it's also affected by the case that inquiry counter has been learned about as well as a recovery of business conditions." about suicide's decrease. We assume "I'd like also to make an effort from now on built with the mechanism to support the person who has worries in the area." ■ To multiple debt prevention, enlightenment panel exhibition? 4 days and JR Okayama station

The enlightenment panel exhibition to stop the multiple debt which becomes self-murder's cause (Okayama of Department of the Treasury, Local Finance Offices and prefecture sponsorship) is held at "St. festival square" of the 1st floor of 4 days and JR Okayama station.
Related event of suicide measure reinforcement monthly (March). A special cheat trick as much as 22 ways is indicated clearly by a cartoon using 66 other A-3 size drawing papers which explain a point of a multiple debt measure by about 50 panels. A consultation section about management of money trouble and household budget is also held.
A question, the said office general affairs department (086 223 1131).

 問い合わせは同事務所総務課(086 223 1131)。
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