岡山市が超小型EVの実証実験 =「イオンモール岡山」周辺連携は? 観光地は? =

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なかなか いい発想だが・・! 
ももちゃりより、観光的にいいかも・・・ 岡山の歴史ある街(古代から近世 めぐりに・・いいかも)
岡山中心街(「イオンモール岡山」 や 天満屋 周辺など ナビ付き:大学生の観光案内連携 おもてなしなど  回遊性促進になれば・・・いいが・・)
The demonstration experiment by which Okayama-shi is an extraordinarily small EV

Mayor Omori Masao Okayama was without charge and borrowed 3 from a vehicle manufacturer about an extraordinarily small electric car (EV) by 1 per 3 days-2 seater, and the policy which does a demonstration experiment of use for about 2 months from the end of March was indicated.
I answered Takatori Kiyohiko who asked time of the demonstration experiment by the city council personal question. Mayor Omori stated "You could contribute to invent room in road space with total volume restraint of a car by introducing in the town. He was thinking a demonstration experiment is performed for the purpose of grasp of the problem for using it." about an extraordinarily small EV.
"COMS (KOMUSU" where an extraordinarily small EV is Toyota Auto Body (Aichi-ken) (4 meters of the full length 2*, 1 meter of width 1* and 5 meters of height 1*). It's suitable for about 5 kilometers of short distance movement and is watched as means of transportation at the uptown with the small road width and a center city.
A demonstration experiment puts 3 in the basement garage in Ichimoto government office building according to city Telecommunications Policy Division, and a municipal officer uses it as an official car. I have the NPO corporation staff stationed in a ESD citizen activity promotion center in this government office building use it, too. A use area assumes about 5 kilometers of radius from this government office building both.
A city is collaborating a utilization plan of an extraordinarily small EV Okayama University. Doshisha University, like, I'm planning to deploy 5 extraordinarily small EVs in Tsushima campus (in Kita-ku Tsushima) within this month and work on the demonstration experiment a student and a teacher use from fiscal year 2015.

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関西圏以外へも大学協定拡大検討 岡山 関西圏以外へも大学協定拡大検討 岡山

関西圏以外へも大学協定拡大検討 岡山

To all except for the Kansai area, university agreement expansion consideration Okayama

A regular Okayama prefectural assembly entered a general question on the 3rd in February, and 4 family of Hasuoka Yasuyuki (LDP and Kurashiki-shi Tsukubo-gun), Ujihira Mihoko (community of goods and Okayama-shi Naka-ku), Koichiro Kobayashi (LDP and the said city Minami-ku) and Etsuko Yokota (inhabitant of a prefecture and Midori the said city Kita-ku Kaga area) took the platform. The idea that expansion to a university in an other area is considered was indicated about the agreement formed with 5 universities in the Kansai area for Ibaraki Ryuta governor to support student's returning to hometown for employment.
While Mr. Kobayashi asked about an agreement with a university in a Kanto area area, a governor answered "He'd like to take the number of students from the prefecture and will of a university into consideration and consider as the need arises."
It's about 2000 to go to among about 9000 university going persons and a university in the Kansai area in Okayama-ken. For a prefecture to support a student of a U-turn request, Tatsutani closes with each university in Kansai, Ritsumeikan University, Doshisha and Kansei Gakuin University. The policy towards which you can advance conference so that prefecture small and medium enterprises will aim at the talented-people reservation with which prefecture industry is supported from now on, and can participate in an explanatory meeting of a university.
Mr. Hasuoka asks a canceled plan about the thing a prefecture is calculating as a test when a revenue shortfall at total of 30,600,000,000 yen per 5 years forms from fiscal year 2015. A governor stated "He didn't depend on a special revenue measure and answered to the lack of income and expenditure by choice of business and concentration.", and staff's salary cut and borrowing from a special purpose fund made the intention to avoid clear.
Mr. Ujihira points out that a city needs financial base reinforcement about the national plan from which operation of carried National Health Insurance (National Health Insurance) is moved to urban and rural prefectures from fiscal year 18. After assuming that a country scheduled financial support at 340,000,000,000 yen a year in urban and rural prefectures from fiscal year 17 for a governor, we assumed "Growth was expected and the medical expenses would like also to appeal for national certain support from now on."
When an accident occurred at Chugoku Electric Power Shimane nuclear power plant (Matsue-shi), Mr. Yokota took up the plan from which about 100,000 refuges are received by 27 cities of prefecture and corrected the correspondence situation. A country and Shimane-ken were based on consideration of the refuge route which is being advanced and the transportation means, and a governor stated "He'd like to show an average acceptance manual to a city."
関西圏以外へも大学協定拡大検討 岡山

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