3・11仙台の星空 8日から再現  = 岡山で東日本大震災を偲ぶ=

3・11仙台の星空 8日から再現  = 岡山で東日本大震災を偲ぶ=
祈り 震災20年 a.jpg
Starry sky in 3. 11 Sendai = which remembers an eastern Japan great earthquake at reproduction = Okayama from the 8th

The planetarium program to which expectation of a victim of an accident is handed down "with starry sky" (about 40 minutes) is shown in Okayama and Kurashiki-shi from the 8th while reproducing a night sky in Sendai-shi on March 11, 2011 an eastern Japan great earthquake generated.
Sendai-shi observatory made so that I didn't make a memory of an earthquake disaster weathered. A starry sky in the whole sky which spreads on the town where the light went out is reflected and the message that a victim of an accident concerns the starry sky which informed a local newspaper is introduced. "When it was the led light so that a deceased man can't be lost and can go to heaven." "It was light of a big request and lit it up." etc. and reading aloud flow.
It was opened only at the said observatory, but I have a public response by the Japanese planetarium conference national tournament held in Tokyo in June, 13, and says that I came to be introduced at all part.
A life park storage charge (Fukudachokoshinden, Kurashiki-shi and 086 454 0300) is from 11:40am on the 8th or 11th or 14th and 15th for a showing, 200 people of first arrival. A person and the scientific future house rhinoceros peer (Okayama-shi Kita-ku Ishimacho and 086 251 9752) are from 11:30am on the 14th and 15th from 1:00pm on the 11th, 132 people of first arrival. The two meeting places are free and I apply and it's unnecessary.
3・11仙台の星空 8日から再現  = 岡山で東日本大震災を偲ぶ=

 上映は、ライフパーク倉敷(倉敷市福田町古新田、086 454 0300)が8、11、14、15日の午前11時40分からで先着200人。人と科学の未来館サイピア(岡山市北区伊島町、086 251 9752)は11日午後1時からと14、15日の午前11時30分からで先着132人。両会場とも無料、申し込み不要。


岡山大学 2次試験.jpg
Okayama University and 1629 people, with the evangel in the hand.
On the 6th, a successful candidate of a general entrance examination first term schedule was announced at Okayama University. 11 departments of 1629 people had an evangel in his hand and partook of delight with the family and my friends.

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地域の個性を磨いてこそ成る「地方創生」 岡山県真庭市「里山資本主義」/人口ビジョン策定へ独自推計 定例岡山県議会

地域の個性を磨いてこそ成る「地方創生」 岡山県真庭市「里山資本主義」など
A subsystem for which I don't depend on money is reorganized.

This handwriting calls the present global economy the "money capitalism" which is "macho economy". And the alarm is given in becoming this thought wholehearted devotion to one side and the "Satoyama capitalism" which is "flexible economy" of this and an opposite side is advocated.

"Satoyama capitalism" is defined as "the way of thinking which will reorganize a subsystem by which circulation of money doesn't depend on money for anything secretly next to the built economic system of "money capitalism" by the decided premise".

Even if it becomes scarce in money by utilizing property from the previous modern times called Satoyama specifically, I say the practice for which we'll prepare the mechanism to keep getting water, food and fuel necessary to live beforehand as so-called insurance.

And I make anxiety, dissatisfaction and a distrust to the future born in "money capitalism" get over "Satoyama capitalism", and explains that it'll be a countermeasure to a decline in the number of births and aging.

This note describes several cases in detail, and develops such way of thinking. For example talk of the sawing company which rearranged management by using the junk of trees from a sawing factory for generation of electricity by Okayama-ken Maniwa city as well as processing it into fuel as a woody pellet and selling it. Talk of the jam seller who is making the profit while building a relation between local fruiter producer and win - win at Suo-oshima in Yamaguchi-ken. Inmate's fun is also the fact of a social welfare corporation that it was taken back by utilizing a vacant house as a day service center by Shobara-shi, Hiroshima as well as using the vegetables an inmate makes by facilities, planning for curtailment of expenses.
地域の個性を磨いてこそ成る「地方創生」 岡山県真庭市「里山資本主義」など


















口ビジョン策定へ独自推計 定例岡山県議会


津山 鶴山公園 春.png

赤木野々花アナ、NHK大阪の夕方ニュースの顔に 岡山出身

赤木野々花アナ、NHK大阪の夕方ニュースの顔に 岡山出身


赤木野々花アナ  岡山出身.jpg
赤木野々花 アナ スケッチ
Akagi Nono flower, in a face of the evening news of Ana and NHK Osaka From Okayama.

Akagi Nono floral (red the one of* one or =24) announcer at the entrance for 2 years was chosen and on the 5th, held a press conference by the said Osaka Broadcasting bureau in "face" of news the evening in NHK Kansai area.

Ana Akagi appears on "news relieved Kansai" in a NKH Osaka Broadcasting bureau (the moon-Friday and 6:10pm) as a caster from the 30th this month.

"I thought it was a harpist until college days.". The 22nd "time harp contest" by which Ana Akagi who was applying herself to a harp from child's time to Keio University age is 10 years (advance section), then, about 5. The harp was continued eagerly, "It's also close also to express that I appear on the stage as HAPISUTO and express with voice as an announcer.", as, in a hurry policy conversion. I entered NHK in 13 and was assigned to Tokushima broadcasting station.

Such as a study was eager from the character full of curiosity, and also appearing on a caster of a soccer World Cup related program and "news watch 9" last year, I expanded the width of the work and was chosen by a face in the evening by reorganization in this spring.

Ana Akagi, "I'm emulous for myself from the past. I don't want often not to know and to be defeated by oneself lack of study. I'm defeated by myself.", a target is put up.

I assign to birth place-upbringing and Osaka for the first time at Okayama. "I don't know Osaka, so, a broiled cutlet on a skewer is also well-informed about Takarazuka theatergoing and Koshien, and I'd like to study." and, I was speaking.
赤木野々花アナ、NHK大阪の夕方ニュースの顔に 岡山出身






赤木野々花 アナ スケッチ00.jpg

赤木アナは岡山県出身(岡山市立京山中学校、岡山県立岡山城東高等学校 Wiki)慶應義塾大学総合政策学部卒業後、2013年入局。で、慶応大学総合政策学部卒。学生時代は日本テレビイベントコンパニオンとして活動した経験を持つ。平成25年に入局。徳島放送局を経て、今回の大阪局勤務となる。
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岡山の大学生が「センキョ割」活動-「学生投票率100%」目標に =クラウドファンディング=

岡山の大学生が「センキョ割」活動-「学生投票率100%」目標に =クラウドファンディング=
桃瀬美咲 スケッチ よ.jpg
Okayama's college student, in a "considering SENKYO" activity - "student voting rate 100%" target = cloud funding=.

The "considering SENKYO" activity that Okayama's 3 college students had young people's voting rate improvement for their object at present is being performed.

The meeting landscape of "considering SENKYO"

The mechanism that service is got when the said activity developing for the 18th time nationwide local elections on April 12 shows the voting certificate that it's issued to the young people who went to election at a cooperation store.

The "SENKYO percentage" by which a model of the said activity is performed in Yokohama from the House of Representatives general election in 2012. The voting rate was recognized by many young people by Yokohama and gathered participants, and improved.

I say Okayama University of Science was 1st grader and he became a priest in order to have made the future with the hand taking the held "UNESCO world conference about" ESD as a start at Okayama last year, and to make it the town where young people have the interest in politics and go to voting, that Mr. Kajihara, the leader initiated the said new project.

Negotiations to a "considering SENKYO" cooperation store and the negotiations which establish a polling place in each university of a prefecture are being developed at present, and several stores in Okayama Omotecho shopping area have decided participation.

"The forum I tell about young people and Masaji" also opens to have a reliable idea in election and politics on March 21.

Project members are enthusiastic with "by Okayama's student election voting rate 100%, target". Active support of funds through cloud funding is being also appealed at present.








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