震災4年 岡山でも地域防災考えて 「イオンモール岡山」1F

震災4年 岡山でも地域防災考えて 「イオンモール岡山」1F

祈り 震災20年 a.jpg
An earthquake disaster for 4 years also considers area disaster prevention at Okayama, and, "Okayama of AEON Mall", 1F

On the 11th, the eastern Japan great earthquake out of which a victim beyond 20,000 people was taken including related death met a day in 4 from occurrence. Okayama of AEON Mall (the said Shimoishii) opened the 1st floor of reconstruction aid event "3 and 11, he forgot it and opened NAI!" at a central future square the Japanese Red Cross Society Okayama-ken branch (Okayama-shi Kita-ku Marunouchi) stopped weathering of a hit memory on the same day as well as in order to think about area disaster prevention.
The picture panel which introduced a change in a disaster area and activity of the Japanese Red Cross Society (A2 and an A-3 size) exhibits total of 60 points. It was dispatched to a disaster area and you could carry it into the telecommunication dispatching car which is communicated to the member who collects the damage and information on refuge and hits support by a radio and a site and inflate aerially, and the air tent which becomes a special medical office (6 meter square and 3 meters of height) was arranged. There was also a charity section in meeting place one corner, and a goods was sold to the wooden coaster a victim of an accident in a reception desk of a contribution and Miyagi-ken Minami Sanriku-cho made (250 yen for 1).
The university 1 year girl who visited in shopping (19), "I think many people passed away once now, and would like to be of assistance to a disaster area even a little.", I spoke and donated.
A silent prayer was performed according to the earthquake disaster occurrence time (2:46) from the afternoon.
震災4年 岡山でも地域防災考えて 「イオンモール岡山」1F













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震災4年 岡山県内1120人避難 / 田舎暮らしは? 先輩移住者と交流

震災4年 岡山県内1120人避難
Earthquake disaster 4 year 1120 person refuge in Okayama-ken

The latest total of the rehabilitation agency (current as of February 12) showed that a refuge in Okayama-ken with an eastern Japan great earthquake also reaches 1120 people via about 4 years from occurrence. 74 people increased in this 1 year, it's minute from August of last year which was a peak (1137 people), decrease. The person who returns to the original residence where rehabilitation is developed is judged as increasing purpose according to a prefecture.
A city will report the refuge who had registration at the desk to rehabilitation agency every month through a prefecture. The refuge total number of the whole country decreases peaking in June, 2012, but little of the accident and the mild climate are estimated, and Okayama becomes most at a prefecture west of the Kinki area from October, 13.
The details of the former address of the refuge are injured according to a prefecture, 3 prefecture (Iwate, Miyagi and Fukushima), to 392 people (35%), others, 728 people (65%). The most part is from Kanto area and independent refuges are pressing a number up.
A refuge place, in 18 municipalities of prefecture and, 635 people in Okayama-shi are most. Kurashiki-shi, Takahashi-shi follows 104 people of 157 people and Soja-shi with 31 people of 41 people and Kasaoka-shi. I say that it's chosen from autonomous body support to a move as well as a living convenience of traffic.
A prefecture predicts "They may turn to sideways crawl or decrease." about a change in future's refuge. We assume that the case by which a refuges of mother and child have financial difficulties and return economically by prolongation of a double life as well as the increase of return with rehabilitation aren't also little.
A prefecture is planning also to continue inquiry counter in the crisis general engineering and facilities division in fiscal year 15. We assume "Cooperation is strengthened with a city and a private support group, and would like to take aid package according to the needs." for the same department.
震災4年 岡山県内1120人避難

田舎暮らしは? 先輩移住者と交流

祈り 震災20年 a.jpg
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岡山への震災移住ニーズ依然高く 東日本大震災後の岡山県内への避難・移住支援 /東日本大震災と原発事故発生から4年 風化を懸念

岡山への震災移住ニーズ依然高く 東日本大震災後の岡山県内への避難・移住支援
東日本大震災と原発事故発生から4年 風化を懸念
Refuge in Okayama-ken where earthquake disaster move needs are still after an eastern Japan great earthquake highly and move support to Okayama

On the 10th, the one-stop consultation organization 10 groups which participate in refuge in Okayama-ken after an eastern Japan great earthquake and move support made start in June of last year
"popular insertion network relieved Okayama" held an activity report meeting in Okayama-shi. Among 70 people who brought consultation near by the end of February and a move applicant accounted for 64%, and move needs still made them ask a high thing, but also I also had a lot of contents to which the person who has moved already complains of anxiety to the future and also hit upon a problem for settlement.
Ms. Ikuyo Hattori of Okayama secretariat (43) spreads and explains about the consultation 291 cases were here relievedly. Kanto area accounted for half mostly with 49% Tokyo, Kanagawa and Chiba-ken for residence of person who wants to have counselling and a home town, and Fukushima-ken was 32%.
Dwelling, a work search, child's nurture and economical support are various for the consultation contents. A life is poor, and you can't match an area, and I say it was isolated, and that there was also a serious case by which a mind and body loses its balance.
A result of the questionnaire Mr. Kiyotaka Ogata, the Okayama University of Science part-time lecturer (70) did in November of last year targeted for 90 households which took refuge in a prefecture will be reported. It was mentioned that the living degree of satisfaction could judge the tendency in which anxiety to a life will be so strong in the future that a refuge life fell and was longer than an investigation, from a mother and child and a refuge of father and child the previous year, and pointed out "A living problem diversified. Child care and the thing which is working for takuji and is supporting housing finely by the area were needed."
39 people participate in a report meeting from a composition group. Each group mentioned on the theme of securement of activity funds. Mr. Hattori, "Even if it has passed from an earthquake disaster for 4 years, the needs of support are high. I'd like to make mechanism of the support which can be a model of other prefectures in Okayama with the most refuges at western Japan.", I was speaking.
岡山への震災移住ニーズ依然高く 東日本大震災後の岡山県内への避難・移住支援

東日本大震災と原発事故発生から4年 風化を懸念



「でーれー」映画製作委に感謝状 岡山

「でーれー」映画製作委に感謝状 岡山
感謝状 スケッチ.jpg
"DERE" in a filmmaking committee, a letter of thanks Okayama.

We assumed on the 10th, that a making committee of a movie "DERE girls" advertised charm in Okayama-shi in the whole country, and you presented a letter of thanks from a city. A member of a making committee, "The work which has not been completed without cooperation of Okayama's people. It's the feeling that I'd like to present a letter of thanks from here conversely.", delight was told.
The presentation system is a city office and 5 people of star Momose Misaki who appeared by the classmate role of the main character (22), Tsushima Keisuke Executive Officer of the entertainment branch office and HORIPRO which planned a movie (Tokyo) (51) and Hiroshi Shiraishi rape producer (26) visit. Mayor Masao Omori handed over a letter of thanks to Tsushima Executive Officer, and "Thank you very much for making the fascinating movie by which Okayama's charm is filling." was stated.
Mr. Momose showed "I could receive a letter of thanks from Kori, and, honor" and a smiling face, and talked with violation "the landscape of the home was left in posterity as a picture work. Very happily" in Tsurumi-bashi's near Korakuen, Okayama-jo's and Hokancho shopping area's appearing on a movie.

「でーれー」映画製作委に感謝状 岡山

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岡山県 GPS活用で道路情報管理 など 定例岡山県議会

岡山県 GPS活用で道路情報管理 など 定例岡山県議会
images kouraku.jpg
Okayama-ken By GPS utilization, road information management Regular Okayama prefectural assembly.

On the 10th, a February regular Okayama prefectural assembly resumes a general question. 3 family of Tsunehisa Kato (LDP and Tamano-shi), Yoshiyuki Watanabe (dou and Katsuta-gun) and Shinbo Kenichi (dou and Setouchi-shi) took the platform. To consolidate road management information on a road surface collapse, Ibaraki Ryuta governor made it clear that introduction of a sharing system in the agency which utilized a satellite use positioning system (GPS) is being considered.
While Mr. Kato introduced a practical use example of a road information sharing system in Aomori-ken, a governor answered "Quick location specification and information sharing on the map were done and led to more accurate road management. He'd like to consider system maintenance in order to indicate necessary information unitarily on the electronic map."
A national prefectural highway of prefecture management is about 3700 kilometers. Information is being managed by a paper base except for the part at present. I make sure that a site photograph, the repair history and information such as request from inhabitant of a prefecture and a complaint can be indicated on the electronic map by a sharing system. I make sure that the traders who entrust a repair will be seen, too and use it for quick correspondence.
Because the suffrage age is the perspective reduced to "more than 18 years old" from next summer's Upper House Election, Mr. Watanabe requests educational substantiality about political participation. Kengo Okamoto prefecture election administration chairperson explained that the delivering class is being developed by elementary and junior high schools in fiscal year 2014, and we assumed "It was opened to the high school from fiscal year 15. I was also thinking the supplementary material which can feel politics and election close is made and it's utilized by the session."
Mr. Shinbo points out that scholastic aptitude improvement and the class executive ability which spites and it's a teacher in school phobic prevention are important. Takei one thousand storage superintendent of educational affair "is important to the thing which plans for improvement of the class management power through practicing", recognition is indicated, as well as a present starting worker and training every 5 years, "The model business which plans for substantiality of a student council and class activity at a junior high school from fiscal year 15 was put into effect, and worked on improvement of practicing leadership about group organization." was stated.
岡山県 GPS活用で道路情報管理 など 定例岡山県議会

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新幹線40周年 岡山駅で「感謝」

新幹線40周年 岡山駅で「感謝」

okayama 駅.png

ドクターイエロー 初期.jpg

I "am thankful" for the 40th anniversary of Shinkansen by Okayama station.

Is Sanyo-shinkansen Shin-osaka? 10 days when 40 years were met from the opening of whole lines between Hakata and the board staff of JR West group recorded with "thank you very much, 40th anniversary" on the Shinkansen platform for Hakata district by JR Okayama station were put up and gratitude was handed down to a user.
About 60 station employees, staff of a group company and railroad former meeting members participate. When "light number" (for Hakata) and "No. fresh ears of rice" departing at 39 minutes (for the Kagoshima center) at 8:25am from Okayama entered a home, I put up a board, met, waved the hand at the time of departure and saw off. Fujiwara kikan Okayama stationmaster, "It was achieved with voice from a staff. Stable transportation will be also performed now, and would like to be trusted transportation.", I spoke.
The "commemoration admission ticket" which made an admission ticket of all Sanyo-shinkansen 19 stations a set was sold at the said station, and about 200 people made a line at the time of starting at 9:00am. The female of Okayama-shi (24), "The dignity of the commemoration, so I'd like to keep importantly at a house.", I spoke.
Sale of a commemoration box lunch also started at a stand of station yard, and the "tour box lunch" in which the taste of "inside strait weather" (one thousand yen) and Inland Sea of Seto which used the ingredients made in Okayama-ken abundantly was packed (1050 yen) was put on sale.
A large truck and a train collided with a ceremony by JR Sanyo line crossing in Kurashiki-shi on February 13, and 18 people received and canceled an injured accident.
新幹線40周年 岡山駅で「感謝」



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渋川をビーチスポーツの中心地に 岡山

渋川をビーチスポーツの中心地に 岡山
ビーチ バレー.jpg

ビーチ バレー スケッチ
Shibukawa, in a center of the beach sport Okayama.

On the 10th, the establishment plenary meeting of "a cogon, oh, beach sports society" by which Shibukawa coast in Tamano-shi aims to become a center of the Japanese beach sport was held at an industrial development building of the said city harbor. I work on classroom holding for the spread, volunteer activities and upbringing of a Japanese representative player.
When a society didn't want to bring held protuberance of "the whole country beach soccer meeting" to an end transiently for the first time at the said coast in September of last year, a tournament representative moves. Participation was appealed to the beach sports fans who come into action at the said coast and a neighborhood.
I compose in 5 classes of the beach volleyball, the beach tennis, the beach soccer, the beach yoga and the beach fitness. The activation by which the improvement by which young people's sound upbringing is▽ competitive ability and technical power is a▽ area? The bottom of the idea which is so and colorful activity are advanced. A secretariat puts it in the city.
A group executive of each play, a representative of all kinds' city group, an administrative person concerned society official and total of 35 guests attend a general meeting. Everyone and Ms. community building Meister Sadako Miyake who assumed a chairperson, "Suitability and an athlete are highly regarded in a beach sport for the quality of sand of the Shibukawa coast. I'd like also to achieve invitation of Tokyo Olympic beach volleyball play in 2020.", I greeted.
渋川をビーチスポーツの中心地に 岡山

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