毎月15日、イオンで健康チェックを イオンモール岡山

毎月15日、イオンで健康チェックを イオンモール岡山
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By 15 days every month and an ion, a healthy check Okayama of AEON Mall.

Okayama-shi establishes the section which can receive health consultation and blood pressure measurement for free of charge for Okayama of AEON Mall (Kita-ku Shimoishii) on the 15th. To be independent and put the "healthy life expectancy" which indicates the period you can spend healthily off, it's also provided for 15 days every month after April.
I assume a posture around the west side entrance and exit way at the said mall at 1:00pm-at 3:00 each time. A preservation of health teacher in the city and a dietician meet the consultation about appropriate movement and absorption of vegetables. Measured equipment is also equipped with body fat, the blood vessel age and the grip.
Match based on the inclusion cooperation agreement a circulation major ion (Chiba-shi) formed with a city in March of last year before opening at the said mall (December of last year). An overall super ion Okayama store in the said mall was developing the promotion which made more than 55 years old per 15 days every month the subject, and a city planned according to the promotion.
毎月15日、イオンで健康チェックを イオンモール岡山

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スマホ適切利用へ行政保護者連携 岡山県教委と県PTA連合会

スマホ適切利用へ行政保護者連携 岡山県教委と県PTA連合会
To SUMAHO appropriate use, administrative guardian cooperation Okayama prefectural education board and prefecture PTA joint association

On the 13th, Okayama prefectural education board and a prefecture PTA joint association opened a skull session for appropriate use of children's smart phone cellular phone in Okayama-shi. A guardian cooperates with administration and I plan for the first time in order to stop children's internet trouble. A guardian was identical by the recognition that he should deepen his understanding about risk with SUMAHO cell phone use.
8 people of Takashi Tsuchiya and the said joint association chiefs attend Akio Nakamura and a prefectural education board compulsory education section chief. The home which set up a use rule is filled with a junior high school student in 40 percent based on a result of the use actual condition survey about the SUMAHO cell phone performed in November of last year, and the prefectural education board side explains that the setting rate of the filtering to which a connection is restricted to TAZU and the harmful site stops at a little more than 30 percent. "Such as complaining of necessity of a rule and filtering, I'd like to make enlightenment to a guardian enrich." and, I spoke.
On the other hand the PTA organization concerns the PTA side at all part, and it's introduced that an original match such as use rule making and enlightenment leaflet making is developed. Chairperson Tsuchiya stated "A parent didn't often know about a SUMAHO cell phone yet, study was more necessary.", and the idea that workshops for guardians are performed by the said joint association sponsorship in fiscal year 2015 was indicated.
The match with which a PTA and city School Board cooperated at all part introduced the "unification rule" to which elementary and junior high schoolers' SUMAHO cell phone use is restricted after 9 o'clock p.m. in November of last year according to a prefectural education board, and gets active in after a while. Child independent rule making makes an original rule in Satosho-cho, and is developed in Bizen-shi.
スマホ適切利用へ行政保護者連携 岡山県教委と県PTA連合会

ネットトラブルは親や先生に相談 岡山 小学校


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旧閑谷学校 紅白の梅鮮やか 岡山備前市

旧閑谷学校 紅白の梅鮮やか 岡山備前市
Old Shizutani School It's Okayama Bizen-shi whether red and white ume sen isn't liked.

Red and white plum has begun to bloom at a national special historical site and old Shizutani School (Shizutani, Bizen-shi). "Of Shizutani's early spring, the meeting to which Ai (rather) goes out" is opened around it with the said school on the 14th and 15th, and an event can be enjoyed variously.
About 30 plums are planted in the historical site inside and outside of the country, and I bloom from around 2nd as an ordinary year this year. It blooms so that a flower of dark pink may compete with white in front of Tsuru Naruto at the said school, and a vivid contrast is catching tourist's eye. About 400 of YABUTSUBAKI was also best time in Tsubakiyama on the historical site reception east side.
Then the "meeting a historical site old Shizutani School preservation meeting of honors sponsors especially which loves opens the threefold door of "library" in which a book at the said school was stored especially. The strong make can be visited. An image of an ancestor and Confucius of the Confucianism deified in a sanctuary (mausoleum) is also exhibited.
There are also a concert of an erh hu and a koto and a lecture from which how to put it in green tea is learned (needing and entrance fee of 800 yen).
The historical site entrance fee is an adult of 400 yen and elementary and junior high schoolers of 100 yen. A question, historical site reception (0869 67 1436).
旧閑谷学校 紅白の梅鮮やか 岡山備前市

 史跡入場料は大人400円、小中学生100円。問い合わせは史跡受付(0869 67 1436)。
旧閑谷学校の樹齢100年「楷の木」、クローン再生に成功 岡山







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にぎわう街なかへ出かけよう 岡山、倉敷で催し =花・緑ハーモニーフェスタin西川(3月)=  

にぎわう街なかへ出かけよう 岡山、倉敷で催し =花・緑ハーモニーフェスタin西川(3月)=
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・西川緑道公園 10:00から16:00 ※雨天決行
 有機生活マーケット いち
・下石井公園 11:00から17:00 ※雨天中止
【同日開催】 米粉フェスタ (11:00から17:00 下石井公園)
にぎわう街なかへ出かけよう 岡山、倉敷で催し

日中はあたたかい日差しが降りそそぎ、お出かけしたくなる季節になりました。今週末は、岡山市中心部の西川緑道公園で「花・緑ハーモニーフェスタin西川」が開かれます。倉敷市では、JR倉敷駅南の商店街で毎月第3日曜に開かれている「くらしき朝市 三斎市」が10周年を迎え、多彩な催しが企画されています。不思議な“体験型アート”が楽しい展覧会も開催中です。にぎわう街なかへ足を運んでみませんか。





 ちょっとユニークな展覧会が岡山シティミュージアム(岡山市北区駅元町)で開催中です。「ふしぎの迷宮! トリックアート展」は、目の錯覚を利用した“だまし絵”の世界が楽しめます。26点が展示され、カメラを忘れずに持っていきましょう。午前10時―午後6時。観覧料は一般800円、65歳以上・高校・大学・専門学校生700円、小・中学生400円。4月5日までです。

(2015年03月13日 )




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