ファジ、2戦連続で無失点勝利 ファジアーノ岡山

ファジ、2戦連続で無失点勝利 ファジアーノ岡山
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2 games of FAJI wins point lost-lessly continuously FAJIANO Okayama.

FAJIANO Okayama begins the Meiji Yasuda J2 2nd clause (15 days and Oita Bank dome and others= 11 games) with Chiba who shook Oita off by 1-0 by an away and refused Iwata and Mito where Kyoto was passed in 2-0, 2 straight wins were displayed. Kanazawa of the first promotion wins easily over Tokyo V and gains the first victory. Sanuki was defeated by Gifu in 0-1. C Osaka FAJIANO receives into the next chapter home passed Omiya and mentioned 1 chance of winning for a confrontation of J1 demoted set. 2 win (6) loses 2 a lot, Okayama 1-0 Oita first half 0-0 second half 1-0 Okayama (0).
[Criticism] FAJIANO Okayama who completed one chances begins, 2 straight wins. Fighting, MF Kaji who invaded in the second half for 30 minutes and before a goal when one time continued called a pass of MF Watanabe and made a decision machine, and FW Oshitani kicked vividly. The struggle of the defence group which didn't permit decisive destruction by persevering correspondence is excellent. DF Iwamasa and goalkeeper Nakabayashi could clip 2 games by continuous point lost-lessness, and a victory was called.
Oita was forced overwhelmingly, but the cross precision and the last bit of contrivance were chipped.
ファジ、2戦連続で無失点勝利 ファジアーノ岡山

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無事故・無違反達成率 初の62% 岡山県警と県 /<交通事故>コンビニ店内にワゴン突っ込む 客2人が軽傷--北区 /岡山

無事故・無違反達成率 初の62% 岡山県警と県
/<交通事故>コンビニ店内にワゴン突っ込む 客2人が軽傷--北区 /岡山
「一日警察署長」 桃瀬美咲 スケッチ.jpg
The first 62 % of having no accident and violation achievement ratio without Okayama prefectural police and prefecture

Okayama prefectural police and a prefecture gathered a result of having no accident by which a team of enterprise and resident group are 200 days for 10 people and the "challenge for 200 days" in fiscal year 2014 aiming at violation-lessness. The achievement ratio was 62 and 0%, began a match and was results of the past best beyond first 60 % of after a while.
I improve road safety consciousness in aim from fiscal year 1993 every year. 3851 teams competed from June 15 of last year to the end of December this time, and they were having no accident and violation-lessness during 6210 teams of participation. 58,927 people achieved by an individual.
There are 3052 violations and a speed violation is most at 871 cases. It followed with 430 cases of 453 passing prohibited violations and time's stop-lessness, and there were also 367 prohibited violations of a cellular phone.
I apply to having no accident and violation-lessness for a driving record by Japan Safe Driving Center (Okayama-shi Kita-ku Mito Nakayama) and prove it, but driver's license renewal forgetting of 9 people is found by its process, and I say that relief measure was received because it was within 6 months from the expiration.
無事故・無違反達成率 初の62% 岡山県警と県

<交通事故>コンビニ店内にワゴン突っ込む 客2人が軽傷--北区 /岡山


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