<岡山ビブレ>35年の歴史に幕 類似の店舗間競争激化 ( 明日 )

<岡山ビブレ>35年の歴史に幕 類似の店舗間競争激化

明日、岡山ビブレ に行こう! 
The intense competition between stores similar to the curtain of history < Okayama Vivre > 35 years

The 11th , commercial premises of JR Okayama Station East Exit " Okayama Vivre " ( Okayama city north district Saiwaicho ) is closed . Such as clothing and sundries shop for young people gathered , since the opening of the predecessor institution in 1979 of " Nichii Okayama store" , it has been popular . However , store customer base overlaps around increases , competition between stores is violently , closing was decided .

2 Hall configuration , Okayama Vivre is ( 16,000 m2 total to store part ) 5th floor first floor basement . Stores operating the current 34 stores to be about one- third of the peak . Employee management company "ion retail " of Chiba 52 people , about 180 people are working on the tenant . Of the retail employees , who wish to , that change in ion Group stores nearby.

According to the same group , and renewal in the " Okayama Vivre " in '86 . In 1997 , sales reached about 10 billion yen , but was limited to about half that in recent years. The group of " has been popular to use in 80-90 's , etc. Some shoppers visit at Lone in recent years ." However , trade area remains in the prefecture center , based on the and the impact that such similar clothing store of JR Okayama Station has increased , it was determined that " can not respond to changes in the lifestyle of young people , business continuity is difficult " he said.

For use the site after the closing , the group did not disclose the policy . Has been conducting large-scale construction of commercial complex scheduled to open this fall in " Aeon Mall Okayama " It is opposite the road and Vivre , redevelopment integrated with the facility has also been studied .
<岡山ビブレ>35年の歴史に幕 類似の店舗間競争激化





進むイオン対策 2013年4月24日(水)放送 NHK から・・・

Large-scale commercial installation and one of the largest construction of " Aeon Mall Okayama " started in April in China Shikoku which opened in November next year is scheduled to JR Okayama Station , the 24th , is groundbreaking ceremony officials to attend was made .
" Aeon Mall Okayama " the thing is headquartered in Chiba City " Aeon Mall " is scheduled to be opened in November next year to JR Okayama Station of Okayama city north district , sales floor area if completed in 88,000 m2 it is the largest in China Shikoku .

Construction of the facility you are starting from April 1 , the safety during the construction period about 70 people interested parties such as Takaya mayor of Okayama and Okazaki bi- president of Aeon Mall is attending the planned construction site is the 24th groundbreaking ceremony to pray have been made .
Okazaki president held a press conference in the city after that , eight floors above ground and two underground floors , in addition to miscellaneous goods and fashion brand , it is opened and food court , facilities the 6th and 7th floors until the fourth floor from the first floor it was explained that revolves around the restaurant . In addition , it offers to commercial facilities not be placed or television studio rare in the country , a multi-purpose hall of approximately 600 people occupancy on the fifth floor .
In addition, we showed the idea to promote the establishment of a system for each other or to the PR store of each other in consultation with the shopping street of the city , and you can open the event jointly .
Okazaki president had said, " in conjunction with the existing mall , you want to rank raise the whole city of Okayama " he said.

[ President spring look Okayama Takashimaya Koizuka ]
We are thinking, " competitiveness is called into question . Synergistic effect of 20 million people to be received , and that will go to Okayama Takashimaya customers , to be the one of choice , it was we are the shop making a present value I believe intended "

[ Tenmaya Okayama shop Namba , Yasuhiko deputy manager ]
I have the sense of crisis ion 's you can, so the " front of the station , attract customers to the station that Na increases . However we come to buy the daily food for generations because we have been doing business in this table town for a long time I think for those who have gotten , but also to the person who can come to shopping at a critical moment with them, and want to enhance such satisfaction sincerely , and services assortment of products "

[ Owner ]
That it does not know how to sell , even to create a new " products I was big best . Something young audience because now me coming towards the shop , that it was really good to have you guidance I think "

[ Small business consultant Mr. Kenji Kodama ]
"I think therefore I think if I polish something personality always in the shop each , one of the shop only by , and wonder if not I can . I want to continue to find together . To be there always "

[ Okayama Chamber of Commerce and Industry Mr. Yamagata Akihiro ]
And I think our customers are pleased very much by the opening of " ion , and charming shops would come out , but I wonder what about really in terms of activation of the central urban area and become a city it will end just there I think charming shops one one go increased , a small shop in the area also . Ukato is , gotta Ika so able to excursion the city "


【岡山高島屋 肥塚見春社長】
「競争力が問われると思っています。2000万人の相乗効果が受けられるように、 お客様に岡山高島屋に行こうという、選択肢の一つとなるように、存在価値のある店作りをしていきたいと思っています」

【天満屋岡山店 難波康彦副店長】


【中小企業診断士 児玉健治さん】

【岡山商工会議所 山形章弘さん】

2013年05月01日 (水)
進むイオン対策 2013年4月24日(水)NHK 放送



(岡山駅前商店街あたり、「もんげー」神社をつくれ!?「妖怪ウォッチ」の里に? 「桃太郎」の里に?)


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