岡山 山陽マルナカの挑戦 デジタルサイネージの情報発信でスーパーや放送局、通信など連携 !デジタルサイネージとは・・ (岡山の商店街に欲しいね!) 

デジタルサイネージの情報発信でスーパーや放送局、通信など連携   デジタルサイネージとは・・
Cooperation and broadcasters super , such as communication in the information dissemination of digital signage

May 8 , regional consumption information distribution services using digital signage Sanyo Marunaka , Street Media , NTT West is a supermarket that ground Okayama Broadcasting Fuji TV series (OHK), Okayama Prefecture, the " OH! Marunaka TV" it has announced it will start from may 9 . In addition , Street Media , also announced that due to the start of this service , including funds of 200 million yen total energy investment environment , DBJ Capital , from SMBC and venture capital .

I promote " know-how and management technology of digital signage ," the " reliability of local information " that OHK terrestrial TV has , street media has cultivated , aimed at the creation of new life culture in Machinaka "Smart light Town Concept" the combination of NTT West "Network" , and to provide information delivery service for consumers in Sanyo Marunaka all 54 stores in Okayama area . The video and audio , community information for each store around the installation services and information products and digital signage in super , program of OHK, content to be delivered , he and local information . In Marunaka TV, and that in the field of consumption where there is pedestrian traffic of tens of thousands every day , anyone , easy to understand , and to provide information easy to use , and that aim to contribute to the revitalization of behavior and consumption of local .

In addition, the plans in order to achieve a more convenient , more fun shopping , and will continue to expand as well as services that have linked the smartphone and signage in the future . Then, it will promote the Omni channelized to achieve an environment that is allowed to cooperation with local information programs online supermarket or O2O, of OHK signage , you can buy items in the same way from anywhere according to the situation of the consumer .



Digital Signage : The ( British Digital Signage = digital signage ) , it is an advertising medium that displays images or information by such as a projector or flat display with the help of digital technology to communicate with the display .
That the reception is possible at any time the display content in digital communications, such as a moving display to switch the display content in seconds if necessary by holding the display a lot of information in the built-in storage device , to deploy a variety of video advertising I could .

And , rather than passing a same ad in an unspecified number as TV CM, to set the audience target that takes into account the regional characteristics of the site , advertising messages that focus on that particular layer can be outgoing .
Operation real time is possible using a communication network , the distribution and changes may be needed ad what is displayed . Therefore, the gaze of the audience increases for up-to-date information can be provided. In addition , information such as the delivery of real-time campaign in line with the geographic region is possible.
Time of replacement of printed material such as roll- screen posters and billboards is not applied .
In order to be able to display video , attention of the audience increases .
To multiple advertisers , I can peddle in seconds advertising display frame display in a single machine .
It is possible to develop as well as the use of the illumination and video wall .
In view of the above , compared with the video display ( on a small screen relatively ) only played repeatedly roll screen sign of just switching the same still image posters and conventional paper , the same motion video , advertising excellent effect but I can be expected .

Installation site
The location , on a wall of the building , department stores , supermarkets, banks, hotels , movie theaters , amusement spot ( pachinko parlor ) , hospitals , airports , stations , and museums , and the like . It has been established as a general system already in Europe and the United States , can be found here and there everywhere in the city . In addition , the range is not limited to only public , its application range is expanding as a digital bulletin board in the office of the company from the campus Information highway SA, university .
In the example of Japan , there are a huge street vision of four facing the scramble crossing in Shibuya , the train channel in the car of JR East Yamanote Line , etc. .

Use in other than advertising
It is used as promotional tools and advertising of commercial applications primarily , guidance and counseling tool hotel concierge like ( usher ) , guide plate at the airport or train station , a communication tool within a company or school , in the local community use is possible even as .

Digital Signage recent
In addition to the digital signage function of conventional , and the AR process in real-time HD camera footage , by the face recognition technology , to decide, on the fly, age and gender , to generate an instant video that matches the viewer . Digital signage which can display the items suitable for viewers has increased .

Use of new technology in the future
Not the flat-screen TV , likely to be a testing ground for new technology is high. Device which emits a scent that matches the video and stereoscopic video technology contrived to change the display content are detected by image recognition the number and presence or absence of a viewer , and coordination information of the mobile phone is planned . Since it is an advertisement , has the advantage of catching it only if there is a novelty in the art . You are selling 4,000 units a year towards the global market of 3D display products in the U.S. NewSight Corporation.


デジタル・サイネージ(英: Digital Signage=電子看板)とは、表示と通信にデジタル技術を活用して平面ディスプレイやプロジェクタなどによって映像や情報を表示する広告媒体である。


設置場所としては、ビルの壁面、デパート、スーパー、銀行、ホテル、映画館、アミューズメントスポット(パチンコ屋)、病院、空港、駅、美術館などがあげられる。 欧米では既に一般的なシステムとして成立しており、街の至るところで散見できる。また、その範囲は公共だけにとどまらず、高速道路SA、大学のキャンパス・インフォメーションから企業のオフィスにおけるデジタル掲示板としてその活用範囲は拡大している。




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