岡山の教育の危機!? 学校選びの参考に・・・?  (「英検幼児のお受験過熱」、 文化は「教育」、「親学講座」もある学校もよいのか?わるいのか?)

岡山の教育の危機!? 学校選びの参考に・・・?  (「親学講座」もある学校もよいのか?わるいのか?)

I think for the private school as a " misunderstanding " and " prejudice "

Do you know the difference between public schools "and" private schools " .

We have grown up hearing and their local -born , and " where the rich go ," " private place where people can not go to public go " or . High school , sorted " National humanities course " and " National science course" is 90% how almost automatically in Shingakuko local .
However , it moved to Tokyo at the university , their becoming parents , with the opportunity to visit a private school in an interview , I knew the first time that a " misunderstanding " such images was " prejudice " full .

Is there anything to misunderstanding and prejudice against private schools . Also , why was born . Private school in Tokyo junior high school association executive director , I was asked to Tetsuo Shimizu of Tokyo teacher private school education director of the Institute .

● prejudice and misunderstanding " private school where the rich go " and
If you look at the percentage of high school graduates of " fiscal 2012 , about 30% in the private school in the country , 70% is public . Percentage of private lot in Tokyo , about 56 percent also . 'm A private and public schools to " is often have the image of free " , but it has paid taxes all , and tuition free system disappears from ( fiscal 2014 cost of 1.3 million yen per year is taking in per pupil in the Metropolitan high School , it has been one of the system to pay a " school support funds " regardless of national, public and private ) . In contrast , the annual average amount applied to the per capita less than one million yen are private schools . In fact , more of the public schools I often also about 300,000 yen "
Eye does not go only to money to go out directly from the bosom of their own , but, in fact, is it money at stake than in the private education of the public .

● misunderstanding " budget is there are a lot of private schools " and
It is said to be " I may be a lot of budget " , " private schools , but public schools while done in tax but also to build a school building , as well as donations , private schools do not Ika set aside basically it is not built . is the reason may also be said to require collateral to borrow money , require collateral of 3 billion yen , for example, to borrow five billion yen "

Unlike public schools , for performing " school management " , president - principal of the private school must think about the money . Or composition must be made ​​at the stage of the prior year required to pay a bonus of summer teachers to " balance brought forward " , " depreciation period from approaching the end , such as air conditioning also CREUSOT backlash soon We believe that such " , yes or composition must be started a review of the reserve .
In addition , " Board of Education " has a considerable power in the case of public schools , but the management of the Board of Education is also made ​​up of tax , of course. Private school 's own too.
In other words , private schools rather than to be " doing for the benefit " , better public schools that " have to do it without thinking about the money " is be right .

● prejudice " private schools are the same as the private sector " and " is doing for the benefit "
In the . Countries based Did you know that there are grants to " private schools , and are distributed in each province in bulk as " local allocation tax " now , but by only Tokyo that it is a wealthy municipality there is no subsidy , we are doing on their own . it is said that " private schools are looking for profit the same as the private sector " or , but , in fact , even cases where children can not go to public schools to go to private schools in rural areas but it is often "

Indeed , cases murmur " Ienoko there is money , but good if you tell me to private " in such as a home you've fallen in public schools are many it is . However, home and I was not " choose a private school because there is money " , but there are many realistic .
If you think so , it is understood well that there is a lot of sense to grants to private schools .

There is a reference to " in view of the important role to play in school education and the nature of the public with the private schools " in the Article 8 of the Fundamental Law of Education , but in , ... and its " important role " .

If you have a chance , I would like to think the difference between the role of " public schools and private schools ."










What is the real difference in the public schools and private schools ?

For misunderstanding and prejudice a number of " private school where the rich go ," " there are a lot of budget to private schools ," and " is doing for profit private schools " , and as has been discussed in previous connectionless article .

So, I wonder if a "What is the difference of private schools and public schools " actual .
Private school in Tokyo junior high school association executive director , I was asked to Tetsuo Shimizu of Tokyo teacher private school education director of the Institute .

● public national , " locality " as " experimental school "
It is a school with strong " experimental schools " specific color . , For example , is allowed to enroll in preference to twins , and go research on the relationship between the gene and the development process , " National studied the problems and possibilities of elementary, middle and consistent education , also . has a purpose and or announced to the public , there is a regional uniformity and that takes into account the population , local public administration will say " school in the communities . '"

● There are educational philosophy of its own private schools
And national and public schools , a big difference most of private schools ?
. Someone that you have the spirit of the " founding " the educational philosophy "and" unique raise your hand to be "the kind of education if " I , Te agree people outside in it , big difference of " private school , students there Te people outside you want to entrust , school can be for the first time "

In addition to " what is theory-based education scholars world-renowned (such as Montessori ) ," " evangelism , missionary ," " religious mission " , eg, " child you did not Ukara to the public " , which is more common in a rural to founding during accept the " complementary schools ' role is also a so certain .
However , there is also a surface that has changed in response to changing times such principles .

● private schools exist to meet the " diversity"
So, I wonder to all countries of the world private schools . The answer , " some countries and there , there is no country ."
" Private schools it is the existence first place someone with a strong feeling that " to educate this if " I raise your hand , go to disseminate " philosophy " to the under . However, in dictatorship , dictatorship , these who will become the troublesome presence . there is also " academic freedom " to one of the fundamental human rights , it's being able to disseminate freely to education other than those " nation decided that . democratic nation only with that said right " , I have responded to " diversity " of the people that make up the democracy "

Since countries are large households , in order to do something , there is a need for such make laws and time effort also take .

However , if the population of a certain scale , for zippy , can last even expertise , and may be addressed in an attempt advanced .
" The country will ensure the minimum rights to education of the people. Means that , where an attempt to Sumo , what even would be state of the economy , so that it is possible to receive an education of the same quality , the tax of all levels of civil society I make the education system using . Therefore , assuming that there is a philosophy in public , it should be the " thing to provide equal educational opportunities . '"

On the other hand , with respect to private , without private schools , which is backed by Political Rights and a variety that has the public is present, and is limited to the Ministry of Education , etc. , private schools with a unique lot of responsibility to the public directly it is said that education continues to own activities while bear .
"And I think for the development of democracy , that a variety of education has been carried out as a whole is a very important . For the development of democracy , the country , the private schools along with public schools must also be protected , it is not doing support financially to private schools for the "

Come to think of it , you ask well in public schools from the old phrase "Where a child that can be can be carried out , or may be left alone " and " or closer to the middle how the children of the lower" . " Middle " , you might say , is the education to make the M size of ready-to-wear , to cover out there and "L size" " S size " , " shop " is it that private schools , so to speak country . Reason to think so , that we need the financial support to the private schools also nod .

● if there is a change of teachers , not?
Teachers will change in the years basically . Though , because there is no change to private schools , there are teachers even after 10 years after I graduated . So , " public school is plenty to attend the same school in parent and child There is enough in some cases three generations together Nantes say . and are you talking about " alma mater home port ," but , if you come back , can have the same properly teacher , that there is a school , also private schools . , and of founding I think philosophy is also unchanged , new educational practices tailored to the era have always done , and continues to have the spirit of immutable epidemic 's also very private schools "

You feel like " educational philosophy " and " school spirit " is , people high school was the first time or will not be many for provincial especially .

But , school district system is running out also local now and " go to school in the neighborhood and is automatically allocated " public junior high school even has become not the era in Tokyo . It was from being acutely aware of while this late hour , the importance of school chooses .








「国は、国民の教育を受ける最低限の権利を保障します。つまり、どこに住もうと、どのような経済状態であろうとも、同質の教育を受けることができるよう、国民各層の税金を使って教育体制を作ります。 そのため、公立に理念があるとすれば、それは『等しい教育機会を与えること』であるはずです」






英検幼児のお受験過熱 10年で5倍の2500人
2,500 five times in '10 your exam overheating of Eiken infant

■ During the test , also crying child ... Association embarrassment and start walking

Do not walk standing during the test - . Examination of the infant found practical English skills test to measure the level of English ( ESOL ) , and received a bilingual education has become popular. According Foundation for the implementing agency to the " Society for Testing English Proficiency " , examination of the application ( preschooler ) ( applicants ) have about 2,500 hits five times in '10 before 5 years of age last year . But cage also infant to walk Standing during the test , in part, it is also in the way of test . The association is struggling to support such as website and examination application form notes juvenile exam .

Required . Course , small child also I take the test in one person waiting room of the parents to the test center now " , but walking or standing on the got bored in the middle , ... . Problem is not can either Sawagidashi Because it is a long test of time talk Some children cry Te . past few years , the impression " that examination of a small child has increased by university students mingled and Teenagers , Minagawa Hideaki 's the association public relations manager survey .

Year takers Eiken about 2.36 million people . It is on the decline due to the influence of such examinations and other declining birth rate . But 1.8 times at 22 million people , volunteers in elementary school was increased to 2505 people 5.2 times from 477 people five years of age that corresponds to the pre-school last year from 125,000 people in fiscal 2003 . It is assumed to take the exam from a junior high school students learn to read and write English grammar in public education , Eiken is a university level equivalent to primary school , and the quasi- Grade 1 Grade 2 junior high school , and the quasi-two Grade 5-3 class . Such as phonetic is not written in kanji problem statement of Japanese quasi- Grade 2 or more , but last year was increased to 11 times ( 32 people ) in '10 before preschooler 361 people volunteered . I found the order for the development of global human resources , bilingual education in English and Japanese from childhood in the home of some is overheating .

I found the results of the test , the youngest successful candidates such as " second class pass at the age of five ," also has been updated. But the association does not publish the youngest successful applicants . For Some children do not properly filled out and date of birth "age and , written as 0 years . This is not to check the age and health insurance card , The truth , of how old the child has passed about why Minagawa 's reveal the " not sure are .

For examination of preschoolers , how to complete and address . Age to be a nuisance other candidates , of course, practice enough using a sample of the answer sheet in advance , the association is real and Dari clamoring to " test and has called it a " want to receive in helping you assess whether you can take on .
英検幼児のお受験過熱 10年で5倍の2500人






Forest education school to talk about philosophy in the " respectable Japanese training " protection we have parent Laboratory Okayama

The 10th , intended for protection have Okayama Museum curator high , the museum AoShigeru junior and high school , " parent Laboratory " was held in Baihua Plaza Okayama Higashi-ku . Forest Yasushiki president of the school corporation forest education school which operates two schools is a lecture on the theme of " educational philosophy of this school ," " Under the philosophy of fostering a good Japanese , I am in contact with the children " I said .

In 2007 , the course is offered protection authors of both schools . For human formation education , it is opened as a place to think about what parents think and how and whether to act , eighth year , this is the 52 th time this year .

Forest Chairman raised the issue " concept to support the educational philosophy , keyword there are two in the historical perspective " he said. I discuss two points " or continuation of the tradition of Japan , or break ", " or war of self-defense , the Greater East Asia war or war of aggression " of .

The terms " rather than condemn the past values ​​of current , what people at that time in the situation , to learn how from , or thought is important ," and about the history education , light and shadow in the "History I said Yes , postwar Japan and " teaches only part of the shadow . Thereupon I stressed the importance of conservative educational philosophy " and proud civilization of Japan , the development of a fine Japanese based on the tradition " and .
「立派な日本人育成」保護者らに理念語る 森教育学園が親学講座 岡山




" Very different " culture The second "education" . Surprised if there is no array in Japan ! Difference of Japan and China visit Chinese felt it? - China net

According to the Chinese media of multiple , Programme for International Student Assessment Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development that targets the 15 -year-old around the world and regions (OECD) in (PISA), Shanghai who participated in the survey of 2012 and 2009 are both I have met and become top in mathematics , the excellent results .
According to the survey results of 2012 the OECD announced in December last year , 6374 people in 155 schools participated in Shanghai , record ( overall average is 500 points) 613 points in mathematics . Became leader of the countries and regions 65 who participated in a large margin of 40 points in Singapore at the 2-position . Japan was seventh in the 536 points . " This result shows that Shanghai is committed to education that is balanced , was successful in raising the level of the student body " China media or " has focused on education in China is the world " are reported .
On the other hand , on April 30 , a Chinese man who visited Japan recently announced on the Internet text entitled the "Japan should learn ."
The men 's had an interest in Japan in the novel Lu Xun I read when I was young , this time came to Japan for the first time. With friends , I was around the Shizuoka and Tokyo in Japan guidance of Chinese guide .
Men , as compared with China Japanese culture that you experience on the trip , will be introduced separately into three "common ", " different " and " very different " .
First , I'll give " kanji " , " Confucianism " , " calligraphy " , the " tea ceremony " as a cultural "common" . In addition, it is introducing " transmitted from Wu Yue area of ancient China to Japan , is called" dry goods " " and also " kimono " .
It's listed as " different " as the point " security door is not in Japan " and . After describing the impressions " and windows gate of the glass with bare , the first floor of a house in rural areas felt strange ," said "When this year , opened the room a month or more at work , I forgot to close the key introduces with great surprise , the experiences you've heard the guide but nothing has happened , " I was parked for four hours on the road to forget the wallet in the basket of " bicycle , purse that " was as it is when you return have .
Men was introduced as " very different " to two points .
The first , was " clean " . Wrote , "I never though they do not see a cleaning person , and very clean everywhere you look , you see the garbage in rural as well in urban areas " , and the height of environmental awareness of Japanese , and recovery and recycling of waste will be introduced that is made up as a stable industry .
" Very different " culture The second "education" . Men surprised how the elementary school students to and from school in Japan to create a column in only children . And , to know the rules of the population commuting to and from school group is created for each region living children , that will lead to a small child child older has become a leader , how the team spirit of " child , foster fraternity spirit I applaud the " . I also appreciate " obesity is small Japanese children " or sometimes children have a favorite sport under the guidance of coach and volunteer teacher after school .
Finally wrote "Japan may have lost to China in mathematics of children , but the results if . Nobel Prize winners natural sciences , but 0 Chinese to have 20 people near the Japanese " and , and is suing the need to learn in Japan .

中高一貫入学者選抜に1755人 岡山県/私立中学入試に英語、首都圏で30校以上に「グローバル入試」

株式会社の学校、苦境…定員割れも 岡山 私立中高一貫

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ベネッセ、大リストラは失敗する? エリアベネッセ
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