マルナカ VS 天満屋ストア (イオン VS セブン&アイHD の地域戦か)

マルナカ VS 天満屋ストア (イオン VS セブン&アイHD の地域戦か)

Marunaka VS Tenmaya Store Co., Ltd. (Or region against ion VS Seven & I HD)
◇ Seven & I HD / 5 trillion trillion 6318/3396/3 5360
◇ ion / 6 trillion 3951/1714/9970

Ion is to integrate the three companies food supermarkets in the Kanto

It was found on the 19th may embark on management integration of the three companies supermarket ions , funded . I integrate the prospect next spring and subsidiary Maxvalu Kanto 100% ion , Maruetsu that ground in the Tokyo metropolitan area , the three companies of Kasumi revolves around Ibaraki Prefecture . Strengthen cooperation and logistics products and procurement , to increase the competitiveness of the metropolitan area for the super and other convenience stores .
Kasumi and Maruetsu Listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange of the three companies . The company plans to open the Board of Directors on the 19th , to be announced in the afternoon the same day .
Integrated form , established a holding company three companies Maxvalu Kanto , Maruetsu , first of Kasumi . Marubeni to invest about 30% in Maruetsu , it plans to ions to establish a joint investment company and, at the same time a majority of the investment holding company , is listed on the holding company . About 70% of the ion , I have adjusted by Marubeni to invest about 30% for the joint venture .
Their respective companies survive after integration , to continue operations in existing brands . You can store under the umbrella is approximately 470 stores , to promote cooperation and large-scale use (PB, voluntary plan ) of the product private brand of ion group , logistics , and the like product procurement , cost reduction can be achieved.
Integration of this time , first step forward in collaboration with Marubeni ion of " metropolitan area super vision " . In addition you have invested in Inageya and Berg , ions , are capital tie-up with Marubeni also Tobu Store Co., Ltd. . Future , there is a possibility to involve the super with a capital these relationships .

From " metropolitan area super vision " , what will Okayama .

In Okayama Prefecture ,
Seven & I HD, Okayama Prefecture, is accelerating the M & A strategy such as Tenmaya Store Co., Ltd. of the ground .
And we are accelerating the M & A strategy such as Marunaka of ion .

In relation to sister company rather than a parent-child relationship as " Marunaka " and " Sanyo Marunaka " , both of which become the company of ion group is currently in the capital on . " Marunaka Holdings " itself is one company of the corporate shareholder that which you have the stock ion the other hand .
The two companies had a supermarket group of originally local , but a subsidiary " Marunaka " , ions are a wholly owned subsidiary " Sanyo Marunaka " on November 25, 2011 .

From being whispered in the market , it's sales reversal of ion and Seven & i . Ion 's in Japan now, but " and Nissen of mail order , Seven & I we are accelerating the M & A strategy such as Tenmaya Store Co., Ltd. of the ground is Okayama Prefecture . Rival reversal might be near" Sugimura Tomio (Economic critic called Mr. ) . Operating income of Seven & I is about twice the ion , market capitalization is more than three times . Only sales are lost to ion . Reason alone , even voice came out " Abduction sales top becomes a runway Toshifumi Suzuki, CEO (81 ) " Nantes ( Financial Analyst ) .









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