なでしこサッカー! 中国戦 宮間のコーナーキックで勝利! 


中国戦 宮間のコーナーキックで勝利! 
Won the corner kick of the match against China Miyama!
CK the competence difference with China , Miyama is showed ( corner kick ) ... dramatic winning goal

The 22nd , the semi-finals is made and Women's Asian Cup soccer tournament in Vietnam , and defeated China 2-1 at the end of overtime , Japan ( Nadeshiko Japan ) played the finals of the tournament the first time 5 .

51 minutes , Japan took the lead in conjunction with SAWA head to the left of CK Miyama , but the tie is decided the PK 80 minutes . Iwashimizu is headed in a shot of CK extension just before the end , I was Tsukihanashi .

Iwashimizu were combined in a head injury time of extra time , to the left of CK Miyama . For Japan , a dramatic winning goal to break the wall of the semi-final , which has been hampered by four consecutive tournaments . Iwashimizu said with a smile " in tough , good to be given a kick in the game everyone " he said.

The Miyama which was in the run-up , Iwashimizu that run into the space that I saw . " Kicked the fast ball that ( the ball of the end of the game while it is in the air ) do not blow the whistle . Besides, a set play up to it , it was confirmed opponent GK would not come out to that place "

Even exhausted fighting the more than 120 minutes in a hot and humid , competence that can be analyzed calmly war situation , to send the ball on-target has become the difference with China .

Game that lacks the force to attack partly absence of Ogimi ( Chelsea ) Ace FW, burned hand to dribble breakthrough sharp opponent . If Japan opened the scoring with a header shot Sawa , China also became a close game and tie the game PK, like the confrontation between the powerhouses of Asia in 80 minutes .

Miyama "I think for the young players , this uphill battle and was a good experience ." Multiplied by checkmate in Asia domination is the first I show at the last minute the strength game , such as when you have won the women's W Cup in 2011 , it was targeted .









Sawa opened the scoring, the victory at the head of the Iwashimizu just before the end of the extension

The 22nd, the semi-finals is made and Women's Asian Cup tournament Vietnam [Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam) = Yahagi Masato] of soccer, defeating China 2-1 at the end of overtime, the finals of the tournament the first time in 5 Japan (Nadeshiko Japan) I played.

51 minutes, Japan took the lead in conjunction with SAWA head to the left of CK Miyama, but the tie is decided the PK 80 minutes. Iwashimizu is headed in a shot of CK extension just before the end, I was Tsukihanashi. Japan, which aims to first win, will face defending champion of Australia in the final of the 25th.


18.5% dramatic victory 120 minutes Nadeshiko extension ! 31.4% up to the moment

That women's soccer Asian Cup semi-final TV Asahi aired on the 22nd , " Japan × China " ( after 7.11 to 10.00 ) has recorded 18.5% ( examined Video Research , the Kanto area) high ratings of but the 23rd , I found . London Olympics since the 2012 that won the silver medal , the highest number of women's football as a relay .

Moment highest audience rating of 31.4 percent the same 58 minutes and 21:56 of the game immediately after the end . It was like the scene ( 35) to answer interview MF Homare Sawa listed the first goal .

The game takes place in Ho Chi Minh City of Vietnam , Nadeshiko Japan , which aims to Asia for the first time the Queen is defeated by China 2-1 at the end of overtime . Sawa is opening goal together with the head left to CK 6 minutes into the second half . Was plunged into overtime by being caught up in the score the equalizer , DF Iwashimizu Azusa ( 27) gave the go-ahead goal in the second half injury time . Japan finals for the fifth time the first time in five tournament . I do finals and Australia in the 25th .



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