来年の「おかやまマラソン」 県警が「待った」 イオン周辺の渋滞懸念

来年の「おかやまマラソン」 県警が「待った」 イオン周辺の渋滞懸念
Congestion concerns of next year " Okayama marathon " prefectural police " waited " of the ions around

Citizen participation type full Marathon to be held November 8 next year for the " Okayama marathon " will be closed to traffic for a long time national road No. 30 and JR Okayama station that congestion is expected to open large-scale commercial facilities Police in Okayama City you have questioned the course setting . Reluctant " problem of ensuring safety is very large ," said I have requested a review course in the Preparatory Committee to make stakeholders prefecture , and Okayama .

Prospective participant is a 10 005 thousand people , the marathon becomes a citizen participatory full marathon of the largest in the Chugoku region . Course setting reciprocating to the start finish line Kanko Stadium ( city north district ) . The southward from the city hall station before muscle through the Momotaro avenue , is folded back in the reclaimed land of the city , Minami-ku, the National Highway No. 30 , the forward path to the north Asahikawa cherry road on the opposite shore of the Okayama Korakuen return .

However , on a highway that large-scale commercial facility to open in November this year , " Aeon Mall Okayama " ( city Kita-ku ) is facing , traffic there are many city hall muscle . The overlap in the opening time is 10:00 am runner before and after it passes through the same store before , police to " to suspension of traffic regulation 's inappropriate " he said.

In addition, in order to round trip the National Highway No. 30 ( Minami-ku, Okayama ) , full road closures of about 5 hours is required , the police questioned this point is about 20 km of the middle . 10 005 thousand of running the ion before the road a " serious congestion is expected . National highway No. 30 issue . Course blocks the traffic ( detour ) path is small detour , forcing a significant burden on local residents you have should be re- examined with a view to change " and ( police traffic Regulation Division ) .

In contrast, the preparation committee secretariat negative " If you change the centerpiece . Ions before the tournament and will capture the course and Momotaro boulevard with no opportunity for the general runner is running normally , and the impact of the tram is large" and . You are puzzled , " It has to simulate the effect is small compared to other roads , is not considered a suitable route , even as change " and also for the national road No. 30 .

For runners to participate , the marathon is set scheduled for 7 hours time limit . Road closures and traffic control will be essential in all parts of the city . Police chief to issue the permission to use the road course .

Ahead the opening of November this year of " Aeon Mall Okayama " , according to the traffic forecast study police went , " It's to eliminate fundamentally difficult " and for the congestion that is expected to Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays in the surrounding roads such as city hall muscle . You have " trouble comes out to passage of emergency vehicles and logistics , impact is a concern to civil life " he said.

■ " drastic resolved difficult "

Private car use is calculated to be about 28% of visitors per day is about 70,000 people , and has in place the parking lot of 2500 cars to stores in traffic volume prediction of this shop . But , according to the original questionnaire police went in January this year , 73 percent of respondents want the " will use the private car " , the difference of more than double came out . When the ion mall has opened its affiliations shop Saitama , and Chiba Prefecture , there was a traffic volume amounting to about three times the expected .

It was also a result private car use would be 50.6% in a survey of Okayama Economic Research Institute of the private sector.
来年の「おかやまマラソン」 県警が「待った」 イオン周辺の渋滞懸念












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