移住者が絶えない岡山? (岡山ローカル番組の震災移住者特集に大きな反響)

移住者が絶えない岡山? (岡山ローカル番組の震災移住者特集に大きな反響)

どのように、アピールしていくか? 移住者のフォローなどの課題があるかな?
Big response to the earthquake migrants featured in Okayama local program

Okayama after the Great East Japan Earthquake , immigration consultation from outside the prefecture is increasing . April 30, 2014 , I have focused on providing support and assistance to settle council of public-private partnerships for the first time as a government-designated city .

May 15, 2014 , and in close contact with the mother and child set of local stations such Okayama , the evening news of KSB · Setonaikaihoso , looking to emigrate to Okayama , and reported the current state of immigration . Video published on YouTube , is being played close to 9000 times until the 27th .

(Shooting xiquinhosilva 's , from Flickr) Bic Okayama Ekimae

Migrants die out Okayama

April 21, 2014 , one clinic was opened in Naka-ku . Director has just moved from Kodaira, Tokyo in March . I went to check on radiation exposure to more than 2,000 parents and children were afraid of the health damage caused by radiation in Tokyo . You have a reservation examination of corresponding exposure limit 4 family one day in Okayama .

Mother came from Kanagawa Prefecture (34 years) girl came there (2 years) . This makes it a rash throughout the body of the child , mother suspects " exposure is the cause ," but the teacher talk to be " not sure if there is exposure relationship ." Test results were normal .

It came all the way to Okayama It is not only for receiving a diagnosis . In fact she , he thinks to emigrate to Okayama .

2013 , immigration consultation to Okayama at 294 , the number is about nine times that of the previous year . Feared Kanto , the so-called radiation 60% 's " voluntary evacuation " . The council , which was established last month , in cooperation Real Estate Association and immigration support groups in the private sector , etc. Hello , it corresponds at the window of one immigration consultation .

Mother and child visited the city to " immigration - settlement Support Office " . Actual situation is not able to provide specific information easily in a position of government . So city officials have had to introduce , was the organization to help the migrants . Maternal and child visited and apartment immigrants live with their staff. The " tut Okayama let your genetic " support groups the program has interviewed , in response to the immigration consultation of more than 600 since the earthquake , about 300 cases had emigrated actually them .

When the mother and child is bother you in your house two years ago , it was moved from Tokyo , the face of the mother heard the words of the following is a burst of light .

" I'll have done well , in Tokyo" The ( staff )
"We also return this week also " ( migrants )
" I 'm such a feeling everyone " ( mother )
" It's changing the Garatsu suddenly , there is also a difficult place after all " ( staff )

Mothers who visited the nursery also said, " It is the perfect place in private ." On the other hand , I also speak to the regret of Kanagawa .

" To tell the real intention , If it were not for nothing , you do not want to emigrate "

KSB · Setonaikaihoso (from YouTube) " immigration consultation ... the current state of Okayama to increase it? "

Voice of calm surprisingly local

Including this mother and child , since the earthquake , Okayama are gaining popularity as a " voluntary evacuation " destination appreciable and overheating . Even to put the story of the voluntary evacuation commenting , Okayama is easy to live for those who lived in the metropolitan area it would be sure . Possibility of weather fit the natural disaster mild is relatively low .

250,000 square meters of total floor area "ion Okayama Mall " is open in November this year . About the same " Aeon Lake Town " and (Saitama Koshigaya ) is said to be Japan 's largest . Terrible is not the only size . Tenant collected is rumored products comparable to Tokyo and Osaka on track is lined .
Also known as an avid community education , the number of private school of the Edo period in Okayama Prefecture was Japan . There is a head office of Benesse Corporation , known for communication education in the city .

Or that of a person who after the occurrence of the Great East Japan Earthquake , was concerned about is information exchange , and was attracted to Okayama It was originally attractive . Still mother as leaked , where it was born and brought up for the most is probably an all together .

Viewers who watched the program has received posts such as the following to Twitter . Opinion towards the local 's surprisingly calm .

Will it do a Okayama KinositaKouta what? It is a simple question as Okayama people . I also happen to think better of Kyushu is good I think .
- Save the Ocean (kunarusurf1185) May 26, 2014

The " Okayama , south to Shikoku Mountains , north is protected by the Chugoku Mountains , the effects of heavy snow and typhoon is small , less earthquake date of clear and also . Many . People moving to Okayama in Japan Meteorological Agency official who retired for the KinositaKouta nomoretokyo kunarusurf1185 is those urban legend that " many in the original ?
- Valvane (valvane) May 27, 2014




















KinositaKouta 何で岡山なんでしょうか?岡山県人として素朴な疑問です。私が思うに九州地方の方がいいと思うんですけど。
- Save the Ocean (kunarusurf1185) May 26, 2014

KinositaKouta nomoretokyo kunarusurf1185 「岡山は、南は四国山地に、北は中国山地に守られ、台風や大雪の影響が少なく、晴れる日が多い。また地震も少ない。そのため退任した気象庁職員で岡山に移り住む人は多い」という都市伝説的なものが元では?
- valvane (valvane) May 27, 2014

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