岡山・高松城址公園きれいに (秀吉が官兵衛に“疑念”と“恐れ”を持った「瞬間」)


In Okayama, Takamatsu Castle park clean
  (Hideyoshi with a "fear" and "doubt" to Kanbee "moment")
In Okayama, Takamatsu Castle park clean

Warring States period , Takamatsu Castle of Bitchutakamatsu castle ruins that were in the Mizuzeme ( boss ) Park ( Okayama city north district Takamatsu ) , Shinobu opened the lord who own blade in Mizuzeme on June 1 is " Soji-sai " . Before the same festival , the 30th , Sanyo newspaper millet Group and the elderly club Takamatsu Shinseikai of the city , Kita-ku, Takamatsu district was cleaning the Takamatsu Castle park .
About 50 people participated . In addition to about one hour at the park , and cut the grass in the mower , you can remove the grass around the neck several Soji , was raking leaves or rake .
Said, " seems to be able to be in the park is beautiful , and commemorate the outstanding virtue of Soji in refreshing feeling " is ( 77) Omori Munehachi chairman of Takamatsu Shinseikai .
Sanyo newspaper millet Subcommittee , organized by Sanyo newsagent and Soja city and Northwest . As a social contribution activities , you are cleaning the park in the spring and autumn every year since November 2007 with Takamatsu Shinseikai .

Hideyoshi had a " fear " and " doubt " to Kanbee " moment "

Strategist Kuroda Kanbee When was shining most or was the time. There will be a variety of opinions , but I think whether not the time was close to big Tenkabito Hideyoshi "The Chinese University ebb " .

May 1582 , Hideyoshi down the Tottori after Harima had attacked Soji Shimizu ( Muneharu ) Btsutyuu ( Btsutyuu ) Takamatsu Castle ( Okayama ) In response to the life of Nobunaga .

Kanbee also participated , and cough and to build a long embankment on the river near the castle , and any proposed strategy to " Mizuzeme " the castle , had committed its completion in ( Kansui ) . Midnight June 3 , urgent message has arrived from Kyoto there .

The " Kuroda Jehu ", the face-to-face directly Yoshitaka ( Yoshitaka ) to ( Kanbee ) and has Kitari express messenger Shi is in the "Kyoto Minister of Nobunaga , Hasegawa SoHitoshi than ( N to do so ) , your in Kyoto last the 2nd it is a sacrifice ( bamboo ) ingredients " the ( secret letter ) Akechi Hinata protect pine killed Nobutada Lord Nobunaga and the public ( today ) on the I ( TATEMATSU ) Ritaru reason , like I say secretly .

Is " Honnoji Incident " .

Nobunaga , age at death 49 . Where Kanbee reported immediately to Hideyoshi , Hideyoshi " Tamau home as amazed ( stunned ) stunned " . I sat down with stargazing .

The Kanbee and Tokyu Fuheki ( after all ) , Kenpei of climate ( climate ) world ( military police ) and ( political power ) after all this world also "Now after comfort as" climate proposes to ( squeezing ) the most vitally your sorrow " I know what to climate " . What you should think with people who fit in one hand the world in this world now . It's a roundabout way , but it was said, "It's your chance ."

< Book of the Edo era do you wanted to not interesting in this , Kanbee that said " when it should Tamau let punched your lucky bamboo basket have come . Something then I let not well " and it seared the knee of Hideyoshi smiled novelist us , " the old man I often quote the story of Zatsuwa " >

Kanbee continue . Akechi Mitsuhide is Ranshin that killed husband , scourge will go down . May be Tatere the son of our public Nobunaga destroyed Akechi . But , there is no the stature to son ,誅罰if supply and ( Chubatsu ) is made strong spirited climate shalt Tamau responsible for the rights of the world naturally the "It lords running in ( rebellion ) rebellion because , you will get an I said " .

Whatever the case may be , as soon as they heard the death of Nobunaga , Hideyoshi was with fear and suspicion as if Misukashi the hearts of the people , to Kanbee that threw up the words of the " let alone " so to speak , is it is said that it was from this time .

I must go back to Kyoto as soon as possible . Kanbee was hit in peace negotiations with Mori on how it's Ushirodate Shimizu . Drinking conditions " ceded . Soji Shimizu is the seppuku Btsutyuu several countries , such as Mimasaka ( Mimasaka ) " of , Mori do not know the death of Nobunaga signed a Seishi of reconciliation and how Hideyoshi .

Night of the 4th of Soji has seppuku in boat of the lake around the castle , Mori also know the change finally . Is too late . It is a victory of intelligence Hideyoshi ( intelligence ) and information warfare ( intelligence ) and Kanbee that Hitokawamuke survive in captivity from Ariokashiro .

< Negotiating role in how Mori was a monk called Ankokuji ( Ankokuji ) Ekei ( Ekei ) . I excelled in diplomacy . A few years ago , three years have " five years ( is ) , after weather and Ku Motaru Allowed ( snip ) left Te ( the ) weather , climate and my name appeared for an climate cheat it is to fall to except near fell high that Nobunaga " . Nobunaga era will continue for some time , but it was predicted then that it would perish fell on his back .

I'm looking forward of Hideyoshi " Tokichiro ( Hideyoshi ) , Saritote weather in Hano 's " he added . For every (Western Army) Ishida Minari-kata in Sekigaharanokassen , after the war , and executed by the Tokugawa how >

Yoshikawa and Motoharu one of Mori where both rivers ( ridge line ) insisted the battle with Hideyoshi reconciliation in just will take effect . But , Kobayakawa Takakage brother thoughtful , objected that it would be to break the more you have the reconciliation it rebelled against Tenri , to deceive Shinmeicho . Can not be obtained the trust of the world if Ute by multiplying the misery of the other party , you will pass a bad name for ever . To be , or not to have been the commandments " lined up in hopes of world " father , the Motonari ( Motonari ) .

Mori did not and kill Hideyoshi towards Kyoto . After that , Hideyoshi wearing to turn it on to deepen fellowship with Mori .

The 6th , Hideyoshi troops left the Bitchutakamatsu castle . ( Cough ) is turned off weir of Mizuzeme , per was flooded . The tail end of 20 005 thousand troops withdrawal , Kanbee served as the most dangerous " gluteal ( buttock )" on .

When I resulted in Himeji , Kanbee were run just was break the soldiers , and to have arrived ( at the foot of the showdown ) Yamazaki in the border Osaka and Kyoto in 12 day and night . Akechi army surprise "China University of Hideyoshi -back too fast " , upset , and the results are as history shows . It was " short-lived rule of Akechi " . The perish Mitsuhide , age at death 55 .

When you withdraw from Btsutyuu , and borrowed the flag of dozens of Mori , from Ukita both families , we have set high towards the Akechi troops in Yamasakinokassen field , Kanbee that took the fight of the other " Mori also 're coming " he said. You wrote the scenario of " China big -back " is it nice to see the prime of life 37-year-old , and Kanbee .






















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