サッカーの話題 (グローバルとグローカル)岡山県内も日本ドローにため息・初の「瀬戸大橋ダービー」PR・『妖怪ウォッチ』

サッカーの話題 (グローバルとグローカル)岡山県内も日本ドローにため息・初の「瀬戸大橋ダービー」PR・『妖怪ウォッチ』

Because of the specter is dank rainy season?

Children of football lovers in the neighborhood says. "Japan is representative not win, blame? Specter of" that it is.

"Yokai Watch"
"Yokai Watch" is a concept of "the work of ghost all strange what goes on in the world."

"Yokai Watch" The (dissolved watch), for exclusive use of Nintendo 3DS game software was released on July 11, 2013 from level five.
Media tie-up is made of Shogakukan and "Monthly comic flop" and "Chao" mainly, it is also responsible for the series of Komikaraizu version of both. TV anime version is also being broadcast, it has become a popular anime, which records a 5.4% average household audience share.
Specter medal of toys on the market, the epidemic around the elementary school, it became popular to the extent that goods become scarce, it also became a social phenomenon.
The popularity of ghost Watch holds the promise could even does not know the place to stay, spread to the world not only in Japan only.
 It means that I met Whisper, to experience the mysterious specter world that I had it in my hand the specter watch.

Okayama related
The "ghost watch" boom buzzword of this year Okayama valve "Mon-ge" is? !

By all means, in Colombia, I want you to win. (So as not to be blamed on monsters ...)





20日のギリシャ戦 岡山県内も日本ドローにため息 /初の「瀬戸大橋ダービー」PR
Okayama prefecture in Japan also sigh draw
To the primary breakthrough league football World Cup (W Cup) Brazilian tournament, against Greece in the 20th expectations of victory is applied to the Japan representative. At the venue of the prefecture MF Aoyama Toshihiro player was representative entering for the first time as Okayama Prefecture's alma mater, Sakuhi high (28) and (Tsuyama Yaide), watch the event was held, supporters from a large number of juniors and is desperate I cheered. However, a draw result. Sigh leaks, disappointment spread.

In Sakuhi high, 700 people from a total faculty and students sent a cheer from the hot gymnasium. The students call to Japan before the big screen from the gym before kick-off of 7:00. Loud cheers went up as "Ike" every time that Japan Semekomu early on. Wishing the participation of players Aoyama, was sang fight songs of J1 Hiroshima belongs in the half-time.
Was closing in on goal again and again also the second half, but the shot of Uchida Atsuto players and Yoshito Okubo player is out, sigh leak, also the figure of students who suffer from head. While there is no chance to play in Aoyama player, I was a goalless draw. Colombia following game. "What next asked to participate in the Aoyama player, I want you to win absolutely" one year male (15). Said, "I want you to do that (in Aoyama players). That I want you to fight like Japan in the team united and out, regardless of the not come out, it is possible for the team" [47] Nomura Masayuki director of soccer were.
The sports bar in Okayama city north district Saiwaicho, uniform in appearance, about 400 people were subjected to, such as paint on the face of the Japanese flag gathered. On the screen of 100 inches, I repeated the hot Japanese call.
And give a glimpse of the high expectations and some people rushed in attendance before, but how I was extremely disappointed to see uniformly in the results. The "because there is a desire to. Knockout stages a real shame not completely win, no choice but to win the Colombian war" (20) Men Kurashiki, Kawasaki Medical Fukushidai two years you cheer wearing the uniform of Japan representative and four friends . Wake-cho, Okayama Prefecture, had said, "It was a little more to the goal, but I was impressed by the players who fought to the end," said (23) Employee woman visited at rest.
Also, since the game started overlaps with the commuting time zone, or towards the company by train early, people who watch a smartphone also was observed in Okayama Station.

First "Seto Ohashi Derby" PR

In an attempt to heap up will be the first football J2 "Seto Derby", (5 day, Kanko Stadium July) Fajiano Okayama versus Kamatamare Sanuki game, the 20th, Fajiano Okayama medium fishing ads that PR game to train in the JR I started posting.
On this day, workers boarded (47 minute arrival 8:00 am) Marinraina No. 12 of Setoohashisen they arrived at the Okayama station, was hanging posters and writing in large letters or "VS Okayama Kagawa". Posting one by one to a total of about 350 vehicles that work sequentially, running all 11 lines of JR West Okayama branch pipe.
In derby, battle heated at position 21 Sanuki there while increasing the tone while J2 and his first Fajiano of fifth in 10 races without losing current is expected. Masahiro Ogawa headquarters length of Fajiano is said, "I want to boost the players in the stadium. Packed historical battle of prefectures, which led in the Seto Ohashi Bridge".
Etc. to organize a support tour with Shinkansen, Okayama branch cheer Fajiano. It plans to tour by special train in Sanuki game away is Marugame Stadium Marugame on August 31, you are going to "want to buy part in heaping up of inter-regional exchange."