W杯 青山先発高まる! (「僕なら使いたい」 闘莉王、コロンビア戦に青山敏弘を推挙)青山敏弘(岡山出身)

W杯 青山先発高まる! (「僕なら使いたい」 闘莉王、コロンビア戦に青山敏弘を推挙)青山敏弘(岡山出身)

「サムライブルー ブルーの「山」を 青山を」

The recommendation Toshihiro Aoyama and "I want to use if I" Tulio, Colombia against

Japan representative to participate in W Brazil Cup tournament 1 loss 1 minute after finishing two games group stage. Qualification of their own was no longer possible, but I sake of victory in Colombia against the 25th over slight hope. Then, broadcasting the 22nd, former Japan national team Tanaka Marcus Tulio has made an outlook for the same game in TV Asahi "Yabetchi FC".

"How is the starting lineup out of Colombia" Tulio was expected to win in Japan as "expected score is 1-0, but what" he said. I supplemented "has been dropped by the starting lineup of Columbia is in the best member, a little motivation could be breakthrough. Chance of Japan comes out only in there" he said.

In addition, Tulio is one shot to delay the Rodriguez and even crash the counter because it is the players that represents the presence in front of the goal quickly player. Jumping out quickly when the players "No. 10 has become. Attack key man is. Rodriguez watch out When you send the advice in the defense establishment to protect surface shape in like not to go is if possible and "go up, and made a name of Toshihiro Aoyama appointment as a player to win.

To win. Ran and should not to be won by all means, "so is, and Aoyama-kun has issued the results among the J-League If you do think about the people who put out the path before, and it is do move the ball just before the defense Tulio, which explains why not, and "have the path, such as take the back of the defense was pushing again added," want to use "If I decide the starting lineup.
「僕なら使いたい」 闘莉王、コロンビア戦に青山敏弘を推挙





Through the pep rally, Japan representative is also the possibility of a member change in the adjustment ... against Colombia for the final battle

Alberto Zaccheroni Japan coach that made the decision unusual before the final battle with Colombia 24 days (Cuiaba), and turn off the training of three days ago. I went a pep rally at Churrasco shop Ito~u city day and night 21. The entire team with the exception of Hiroki Sakai (Hannover) of poor physical condition to participate in the meeting, and nourished the excellent talent to eat meat with all one's might. Was there also the effect, in the training that took place from 15:30 on the 22nd, scene smile refreshing Yoshito Okubo (Kawasaki), Toshihiro Aoyama (Hiroshima) Lacarra spillage was also observed.

However, Keisuke Honda mainstay of the (Milan), that you have a severe expression still in many cases. The representative of Japan on this day, 23 people Anyone, including Hiroki Sakai participated. They went to training turning ball in five pair, from practice and shoot from the build-up, but the Honda was poking white teeth between them only a fraction of the time you are touching the ball. It will be that sees the team seriously state that much of today.

Honda that appeared in media-after practice, it is no longer possible to break through the "self, but yourself believe in miracles now, and it aims to. Above you are focused on to win in Colombia have been remark I'm not going to bend the belief was, and believe. myself work hard, but there was something that it, to believe the fellow, added, "I think it 's time to return to the base simply because it is now, he is the culmination of his career Colombia against In order to, you have to mouth a strong resolution that exhausted all out.

Led by Honda, the Japanese national team that you are going Tsukisusumo to believe may have been limited. When it As far as the first part of the practice of the day, there may be a further member replacement. The bibs set (Stuttgart), Yamaguchi firefly (C Osaka), Aoyama, Okubo, Honda, Shinji Kagawa (G Osaka), Maya Yoshida (Southampton), Takanori Sakai Atsuto Uchida (Schalke), Yasuyuki Konno (Manchester U), the day Kakidani Ichiro (C Osaka) has entered, there is no small possibility that this lineup is the base of the next race. Yuto Nagatomo (Internazionale) will come out in due course but for Takanori Sakai, the potential for Kakidani is appointed Aoyama, the top 1 to volante's likely enough.

In fact, these two people are the driving force of (South Korea) won the East Asian Cup last summer, it is not funny Zach director also hopeful to sharpness to their vertical. Aoyama Kakidani combination would Motaraseru the move toward the back and deployment, quick commanders fear "Speed ​​is not enough tournament" and seek.

No wonder at all Zack director in against Greece, it is removed from the starting lineup Kagawa has continued laid the axis of the attack so far, even if the decision to remove the (Mainz) Shinji Okazaki of two games shoot zero so far. It's that want to do anything team if changes in a positive direction even in place of a central player, would not the state of mind of the commander of now.

For that matter, temperature is high enough not to be able to compare with the Ito~u to Cuiaba. Temperature of 16 o'clock kick-off is expected to reach 33 degrees to be the 24th of game day, the power of fresh blood which can run is coming is needed no doubt.

Who Stray commander was forced to the last minute, whether you picked really. Lucky Boy ...... to save Japan representative or appear. Anyway, Honda As highlighted, in order to cause a miracle to them, I want you to fight the best.