Okayama OPA9 Mon closed

The 24th, I found that the "Okayama OPA (OPA)" (Okayama city north district Honcho) is closed also in late September commercial premises of JR Okayama Station near Tokyo operated distribution large and Daiei. In addition to sales have been sluggish in the competition from surrounding facilities, a large shopping center (SC) "Aeon Mall Okayama" has opened in the neighborhood in November. It is determined that it is not expected to be business recovery.
The tenants on the fourth floor above ground from the first floor of the basement (2 floors above ground 9 basement) commercial and office building Tenmaya (same table Town), which is owned by the OPA Okayama, sales floor area of ​​about 3,000 square meters. Wholly-owned subsidiary of Daiei "OPA" (Tokyo) is operated by tenants of 38 clothing, general merchandise, such as CD store to enter.
1966, opened as Daiei Okayama Ekimae super. The business format conversion of fashion professional "ZAP" in 1985, was changed to the current shop name due to the large-scale renovation of '94. Had sales of about 2.8 billion yen in fiscal 2006 peak, but fell to about 14 billion yen in 2001.
I was told the policy of closing at least 24 days to employees and tenants. Tenmaya proceed to attract tenants successor in office or commercial premises.
August 13, Daiei became a subsidiary of the ions. Ion group closed in May of Okayama near OPA "Okayama Vivre" is also (same Saiwaicho). It is considering in the direction of re-development as a commercial facility the site, there is a possibility that part of Okayama OPA tenant moves.
Person in charge of the OPA has been "struck a variety of hand and refurbished, but full of shame I think the only facility that has been popular for many years in. City center that has not been subjected to stem the downturn" he said.

岡山大がバカロレア入試 27年度から全学部学科に導入へ

Okayama is to introduce to all undergraduate departments from 27 in fiscal Baccalaureate entrance exam

The 24th, Okayama (Okayama) announced from 27 fiscal year, to be introduced into all undergraduate department admissions that target students who have acquired the "International Baccalaureate (IB)" eligible for admission to a university in Japan and overseas. As it gives eligible for admission only document screening, and that nation's first attempt at national universities.

All of our departure from the entrance examination of knowledge overemphasis type memorization center of conventional, admissions to IB acquirer was decided to introduced as admissions of problem-solving with an emphasis on ideas and thought process university. IB education program, aims to train people with excellent communication skills, such as people and with excellent international sense, consistent with reform plan of the university.

Some introduced in the science and engineering departments from 24 in fiscal already. The first year to recruit people slightly all departments. Kiyoshi Morita, president of the university said, "Of the children of Japanese expatriates, to open its doors to people to wish to go to college in Japan studied at IB schools" he said.

He studied education programs, such as International School (Headquarters Switzerland)-approved International Baccalaureate, IB is given a university entrance qualification if they pass the final test. Many universities are utilizing to such acceptance in each country.
岡山大がバカロレア入試 27年度から全学部学科に導入へ




パスポート早期発給に問い合わせ相次ぐ 企業など高い関心 岡山

High interest Okayama organizations that successive contact the passport issuing early

Query is one after another from companies such as Ken start from next month in the "early passport issuance system."

It is necessary to add 6,000 yen fee was (10 years lifetime) 10 006 one thousand yen conventional, but there is a faster up to five days is of great interest to organizations that use is expected in the overseas employee travel . The introduction of the second nationwide next to Hiroshima. Accepted only window of the International Affairs Division of the prefecture (Okayama city north district) Okayama International Center.

Same division query (electro) 086.256.1000.
パスポート早期発給に問い合わせ相次ぐ 企業など高い関心 岡山



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